vendredi 31 décembre 2010

mercredi 29 décembre 2010

Steven Tyler singing a Beatles' medley @ Kennedy Center Honors: The video

Remember a few weeks ago we were telling you that Steven Tyler was to perform a Beatles ' Abbey Road medley at the Kennedy Center Honors for Paul McCartney's induction?

Here is the footage:

feat. Kenny Aronoff on Drums

Norah Jones & Dave Grohl on " Maybe I'm amazed"

Here's the Final with James taylor, Mavis Staples & Steven Tyler on " Let it be":

Let it Be !

lundi 27 décembre 2010

Best shows of 2010 Part 4 with Guns N Roses , Prince, KISS, AC/DC, CSN...

Best of Gigs 2010 Part 3
click on links for lots of Pictures for each artist + setlist, review & videos)

Our BEST show for 2010 was GUNS N FUCKIN' ROSES @ L'Arc Club (Part 2) in Paris, not only it was a great show, it was also very exclusive only 200-300 people but conditions were perfect : 1st row in front of Axl , great setlist, Axl was having a lot of fun and something that would have been unbelievable a few years ago, everybody... I mean EVERYBODY was taking pictures in front of him ( including Patrice Guino our photographer) he didn't say a word, he even did a few jokes. Seeing Guns N Roses in a club was a dream come true.
The show in Lille a few days later was also great. Check our Pics from Paris @ Bercy (Part 2, Part 3 )

Prince @ Grand Palais last year(left) Le Parisien newspaper cover(center) GUNS @ Lille (right)

Prince @ New Morning was also a dream come true, it wasn't our favorite Prince show (La Cigale last year was better) but getting into the tiny New Morning to see Prince was an Experience.Almost 5 hours for this gig, my longest ever beating the likes of The Cure & Bruce Springsteen and First time ever I was getting out of a concert at past 6:00 AM with the sun shining as if it was 3:00PM ( sorry no Pics for this one LOL)
We spent a fantastic 2 days @ Hellfest ( We were @ Ac/DC @ SdF the first day). We didn't see many bands, only a handful but we had a great time. Once again conditions were top,The weather was sunny but not too hot, we saw Mondo Generator, Motorhead & Slash ON the stage as we had All Access passes.Alice Cooper did his usual stuff, Twisted Sister did the BEST show of the Festival followed closely by KISS (Part 2) headlining the last day.

AC/DC @ SdFrance with Slash opening (Part 2) Great show by the boys the only problem is the setlist : same shit from beginning of the tour in 2009 to the end in 2010. So sad !

Old folk rock geezers of Crosby Stills & Nash @ Olympia (Part 2) divided over two sets, one electric and one acoustic, hard to believe these guys are so good even though they all could be my Grand-Father.

Peter Doherty & Charlotte Gainsbourg on the set of "Confessions d'un Enfant du Siecle" first footage

The shooting of Sylvie Verheyde's " Confessions d'un Enfant du Siecle" with Peter Doherty & Charlotte Gainsbourg is starting today in Paris.
Here are a few images of the "essais" on camera with both of them a couple of weeks ago.

Check our reviews of ( all but two) Peter Doherty's solo shows for 2010 in Paris:
Pics & reviews : 1) Fleche d'Or 2) Joseph Store 3) Truskel1 4) Truskel2 4) Truskel3 5) Maroquinerie

dimanche 26 décembre 2010

Best shows of 2010 Part 3 with Stevie Wonder, Deep Purple, Steve Miller, Suzanne Vega, Air

Best of concerts Part 3
click on links for review , setlist,Lots of great Pictures & Videos

Stevie Wonder @ Paris Bercy. Lots of "smashing" songs for this Motown legend. Some parts were a bit average when he played his mid-80's & 90's songs but we had Prince & Sheila E as special guests on "Superstition". That was breathtaking (Check our video on link above)

Deep Purple @ Zénith (Part 2) Full House for these English veterans and no new album to promote, a Best of... setlist with a couple of rare tracks. Hard to believe they are still so popular. Everywhere they've played in France ( a dozen shows) it was packed.

Steve Miller Band @ Zénith, first gig in Paris for probably 20 years and first time we were seeing him LIVE, So many fantastic songs. Hard to believe that the Zénith was 3/4 empty, great show and we met him afterwards , the guy is SO nice. Hope he will be back in Paris soon.

Suzanne Vega @ Théatre Marigny, once again Suzanne proved that you have perfect songs you don't need a whole band to play them, she just came with Gerry Leonard on guitar nad the show was perfect. Check her cover of Serge Gainsbourg's "Bonny & Clyde".
AIR @ Cité de la Musique performing "The Virgin Suicides" soundtrack with The Hot Rats, This record is one of my alltime favourite so seeing AIR performing it in its entirety was a dream come true.

The Best is yet to come with Guns N Roses @ L'Arc Club + Prince @ New Morning and some more great shows including The Hellfest... so stay tuneD to ROCKERPARIS;

samedi 25 décembre 2010

Listen to an unreleased version of Serge Gainsbourg's "Comme un Boomerang"

click on pic above to listen to it.

Serge Gainsbourg wrote the song " Comme un Boomerang" for french singer Dani, at the time of recording in 1975 he recorded himself a "vocal track" to help Dani, this version will be out next year with recently added music . Dani's version never saw the light of day but she recorded a "new" version in 2001 with Etienne Daho
It will be part of a Box-set of unreleased songs to be out in February 2011.
This version will be sent to the media on January 7th.
Enjoy !

Best shows of 2010 Part 2 with Foreigner, Europe, Scorpions, Johnny Winter, Clapton/Winwood

Some more of our best shows for 2010
Click on links for review , setlist, Pics & VIDEOS

Foreigner @ Grand Rex (Part 2), first time we were seeing this AOR band, I thought it might bit a bit soft for us in fact it was ROCKING, a very nice surprise (check video for this one).

SCORPIONS @ Olympia, last tour for these german veterans, in fact they will be back in Paris @ Bercy on Nov 23 2011. I don't know about their last albums but LIVE they're kicking asses and as it's the last tour they're playing all the hits.

EUROPE @ Cigale, first time we were going to their show, soft rock ? No, It was smoking John Norum is DA man on guitar.
Veteran Blues Rocker Johnny Winter @ Bobino, I've heard so many bad things about his performances (poor guitar playing... when he was playing) , very good surprise he's half blind and is seating on a chair for the whole gig BUT he can still deliver great licks on guitar. A great surprise including for people who had seen him these last few years when he was in very bad shape.

Clapton/Winwood @ Paris Bercy (Part 2). Fantastic double bill with Eric Clapton and Steve Winwood, lots of guitars from both. First time they were playing together for a whole show and a whole tour for ages. Everywhere they went it was a massive success including in Paris.
One of the best show this year.

Best shows of 2010 Part 1 with Peter Doherty, Bands of Horses...

ROCKERPARIS and its team of Rockers have been to more than 200 shows this year.
We've done a small selection of some of our best gigs:
*We're gonna start with the artist we've seen the most this year Mr Peter Doherty from Babyshambles & Libertines. We've been to 5 of his acoustic solo shows between January & May 2010 we didn't go the Cité de la Musique ( we were at The Stooges @ Olympia ) and we've missed his secret gig @ a clothes store in the Marais district recently.
Check for Pics & reviews : 1) Fleche d'Or 2) Joseph Store 3) Truskel1 4) Truskel2 4) Truskel3 5) Maroquinerie

*There's another "new" band that we've seen 4 times this year and each time they were great, it is Band of Horses : 1) Album de la Semaine 2) Fleche d'Or 3) Rock en Seine 4) C'est Lenoir Black Session.

* We don't go to see many French rock bands but we were glad to see the comeback on stage of French Dandy-rocker Jacques Dutronc @ Zénith

Some more tomorrow with Europe, Johnny Winter, Scorpions, Foreigner, Clapton/Winwood...