mercredi 27 juillet 2011

Rock en Seine Festival @ St Cloud, August 26-27-28 2011

ROCKERPARIS will be back at the end of the month
for the

Jerry Lee Lewis on August 27 in Bethune ( Near Lille)

Stanley Kubrick Exhibition @ Cinémathèque, Paris July 27 2011

Stanley Kubrick Exhibition @ Cinémathèque
Paris July 27 2011

"Paths of Glory", costumes for "Spartacus"

Last week for the Stanley Kubrick exhibition @ Cinémathèque next to Bercy Arena, it's closing on July 31.
If you like Kubrick's movies , it's a MUST SEE.
Lots of Pics of his career, posters , paper work, costumes, memorabilia 95% of them originals some reproduction.
"Lolita" "Dr Strangelove" & "2001..."

Everything from the beginning of his career as a photographer for Look Mag, some of his early documentaries, his first movies to the big time with Paths of Glory... to what he couldn't do : Napoleon, Aryan Papers & AI Intelligence Artificial.

"2001..." :academy award for special effects (far right)

The biggest room is the one dedicated to "2001..." with lots of drawings, Pics, costumes, slides for special effects...
"2001..." & "Clockwork Orange"
"Barry Lyndon" & "Shining"

Smaller rooms ( too small for me) for "Full Metal Jacket" & Eyes wide shut" on the second level
There's also a corridor filled with flight-cases, cameras & lenses.
Small rooms for unrealized projects.
"Full Metal Jacket"

"Eyes Wide Shut" & Audrey Hepburn's letter turning down Josephine for" Napoleon"

cop car on Ile St Louis

Now ROCKERPARIS is enjoying some well deserved holidays

mardi 26 juillet 2011

Amy Winehouse @ Eurockéennes Festival 2007: entire footage of performance available for streaming

Rockerparis will be shortly on holidays so , in order to keep you busy here's the entire performance of Amy Winehouse @ Eurockéennes Festival in 2007
That's our tribute to Amy, ENJOY!

Amy Winehouse - Concert aux Eurockéennes de... par DirectStar

We'll be back for the Rock en Seine Fest between August 26-28 & Jerry Lee Lewis @ Béthune Retro on August 27.

Ben Harper footage of entire performance @ Festival de Fes, Marocco June 12 2011

Arte TV is streaming the entire performance of Ben Harper @ Festival de Fes des Musiques sacrées in Marocco recorded on June 12 2011 : ENJOY !

1h45 min show

lundi 25 juillet 2011

Thin Lizzy footage of entire performance @ Hellfest in Clisson, June 18 2011

The entire concert of Thin Lizzy @ Hellfest in Clisson on June 18 2011 can be viewed below:

Catherine Ringer + Florent Marchet @ Festival Fnac Live @ Parvis Hotel de Ville Paris july 24 2011

Catherine Ringer + Florent Marchet @ Parvis Hotel de ville
Paris July 24 2011
Another busy day for ROCKERPARIS & friends, we went to check the Tour de France arriving in Paris, as they were riding nearby our home sweet home. It looks like they were late so we waited for an hour and we saw them less than 20 seconds. I don't understand how can people travel long distance and wait a whole day for that.
We wanted to go to the nearby Cinématheque for the Stanley Kubrick exhibition that is closing at the end of the month, we left as we didn't have the courage to wait in line for an hour to get tickets, we'll go later this week.

We did a bit of sightseeing like tourists and then headed to the Hotel de Ville for the last day of the Festival Fnac Live. Several bands were playing everyday from July 21 to 24. Free fest
Today is the last day.
We arrived just in time for French singer Florent Marchet, enjoyable chanson française.
We missed new sensation Selah Sue ( we saw her @ Album de la Semaine Canal+ tv show in May ) who was playing earlier as we were having diner at a nearby restaurant.

Much more people are here today mostly for former lead singer of french rock band Rita Mitsuko: Catherine Ringer who has released a solo album a few months ago.
We also saw her @ Canal+ tv show L' Album de la Semaine in May.

Cool set between pop-electro-chanson Française & rock.
Nice ending with Rita Mitsuko's "c'est comme ça " here on video.

"C'est comme ça":

dimanche 24 juillet 2011

Amy Winehouse, death of a star

It's better to remember Amy Winehouse with her show @ Zénith in Paris on Oct 20 2007 than her last performance in Belgrade this year:

We were lucky @ Rockerparis to attend her very first concert in Paris @ L'Album de la Semaine tv show in front of less than 200 people for Canal+ on Jan 29 2007.
At the time she was unknown, 6 months later she was a superstar.
She also performed a private short set @ Bobino club in Paris on June 28 2007.

Oh La La @ Festival Fnac Live @ Parvis Hotel de Ville Paris, July 23 2011

Oh La la + Luce @ Festival Fnac Live, Parvis Hotel de Ville
Paris July 23 2011
Luce ( far left) and Oh La La

Another day, another free gig @ Hotel de Ville, we had a quick look as we had a busy day with the "marathon Photo".
First artist on stage was French pop singer Luce : well not our cup of tea so we left for a nearby restaurant and came back for former AS Dragon lead singer Natacha Le Jeune's new band Oh La La ( any relation with The Faces ?!?).
Maybe not as good as As Dragon but enjoyable. Nice cover of a Run DMC song.
We couldn't stay for the other bands : Brigitte & Mlle K, sorry !

Natacha headbanging

samedi 23 juillet 2011

Marathon Photo Fnac Paris Plages July 23 2011

Marathon Photo Fnac Paris Plage July 23 2011

our Pics for each subject : (1) far left, (2) center, (3) far right

Fnac store is organizing a "Marathon Photo" in Paris which is a competition : by team of two, I was with my "assistant" Julie F., we were given a subject every two hours and we had to bring back a couple of pictures for each subject.

Subject 1) "j'ai 10 ans" (I'm 10 years old)
Subject 2) "Padam padam" ( Edith Piaf song)
Subject 3) "Sous les pavés" ( Underneath the pavement)

(3) far left , photo session on Paris Plages (not part of the competition)
even the cat is having a look at these hot foxes

Lots of walking in the streets of Paris from 10:00 AM to 4:00 PM but that was fun especially when there is a photo session for bikinis. I won't tell you that I didn't enjoy it.

some more from our walk in Paris