dimanche 10 juillet 2011

Metallica @ "Big 4" Sonisphere France, Amnéville July 09 2011

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Updated with links to videos and official videos (on July 25)

@ "Big 4" Sonisphere France
Amnéville, July 09 2011
After a fantastic gig by Megadeth, Metallica is next on the main stage while we're waiting for the show to start we can hear Traja playing on the second stage, symphonic metal, sounds like bullshit to us.

The "golden pit" is more compact than for the other bands hard to secure a good spot down the front as everybody is here for Metallica.

"The ecstacy of Gold" is being played with 10 min late it's 11:10pm, that's the sign of the beginning of the gig, and the beginning of the gig couldn't be better as the first song is " Hit the Lights", then we have " Master of Puppets".
Sound is perfect, not too loud, down the front it's hell but if you're not right in the middle that's ok.

The stage is simple but class with a huge screen in the back (and on both sides as for the other bands ). I have to say that the crew in charge of the footage and mixing of these footage is probably the most pro and arty I have EVER seen at a rock concerts. These guys know how to record a rock concerts and how to mix it. Great Job.
The band is on top form maybe is it because they don't head-bang like maniacs anymore and also because they can secure some breaks every 4-5 songs with a short solo from Kirk or Rob or a intro to a song on which they can relax for a couple of minutes behind the stage without breaking the rythm of the show.

As you can see below the setlist is a "dream come true" for many fans , lots of old songs including "The Call of Ktulu", "Creeping Death" "For whom the bell tolls"or "fade to Black"... Thank god NO "Unforgiven " or "Nothing else matters".

We have a bit of pyro on "One" and another song.
The band is also on stage for quite a long time until 1:30 am

The REAL let down will be the jam at the end before the second encore as Megadeth & Slayer didn't bother coming on stage so we only had Anthrax and Diamond Head on "Helpless" WHAT THE FUCK ?????????????????

The only show on the European dates without the real jam and it's happening in France. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!

SETLIST: 1) Hit the Lights 2) Master of Puppets 3) Shortest Straw 4) Seek & Destroy 5) Welcome Home (Sanitarium) 6) Ride the Lightning 7) The Memory Remains 8) All nightmare Long 9) Sad but true 10) The Call of Ktulu 11) One 12) For Whom the bell tolls 13) Blackened 14) Fade to Black 15) Enter sandman Encore 16) Helpless (With Anthrax & Diamond Head) 17) Damage Inc. 18) Creeping Death

Official Pics from The Festival from Metallica.com

Metallica is smokin'

see ya guys soon
Official video of "Call of Ktulu":

Check videos of "Meet & Greet" and rehearsals in "Tuning Room"

The shitty organisation is keeping the good work as it's taking us two hours to leave the premises, all in the dark and no cops for the trafic.

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