dimanche 31 mai 2009

Next shows in Paris June 2009

June 2nd 2009 :
Morrissey @ Grand Rex CANCELLED
Maximo Park @ trabendo
Snow Patrol @ Elysée Montmartre
Alela Diane @ olympia
Patrick Watson @ Maroquinerie
June 3rd 2009
Kasabian football match in Puteaux + acoustic show Av. GV Paris

June 4th 2009
Neil Young @ Zénith
Whitesnake @ Casino
Jarvis Cocker @ Bataclan
June 5th 2009
Lynyrd Skynyrd @ Zénith ( well only the name there's only ONE from the original band )

vendredi 29 mai 2009

Football tournament ( + Acoustic gig ) with KASABIAN June 3rd 2009


with videos and pictures from the show @ France Inter

All info on poster below :

Unfortunately I couldn't go to the Iggy Pop gig for France Inter yesterday night.

Billboards in front of the Maison de la Radio in Paris this morning

jeudi 28 mai 2009

Bat for Lashes + David Walters @ Bataclan Paris May 27th 2009

Bat for Lashes + David Walters & Caroline Weeks
@ Bataclan Paris May 27th 2009

Marquee & David Walters

The show started too early tonight so i couldn't see Caroline Weeks playing , i was just on time for David Walters.
The guy has skills , he's on his own playing guitar, percussion & lots of samples that he's actionning with his feet to nice effects, but I'm not really fan of his Electro-African-reggae style but he has talent.
The sold-out audience was reticent at the beginning but he won them over in the end.

Natasha Khan & Bat for Lashes have released a new cd with much more electronic than the first one and I really don't like all this electronic shit.
Caroline Weeks doesn't play with BfL anymore .
Now there's a drummer, a female guitar-bass piano player ( Charlotte ), a guy on the computer & Keyboard and Natasha on vocals & Keyboards ( guitar on one song ).
She still has her charming voice but the music is less interesting than it used to be, too much electro for my taste.
She's leaving the stage after just 50 min, Come on baby !
75 min in all that's a bit short.
One more thing that I don't understand is why all those bands are playing in an almost complete dark.
You're ON a stage , Why don't you switch on the lights for fuck's sake.

For pictures go to the Oliver Peel website and HERE. (click on links )

Setlist ( courtesy of Leslie ) & Merchandising stall

mercredi 27 mai 2009

Great lake Swimmers + Amélie @ L' international Paris May 26th 2009

Great Lake Swimmers + Amélie @ L' international
Paris May 26th 2009


After seeing Kasabian @ Canal+ we headed to the , now very trendy , L' International in Ménilmontant.
First time I was getting there. Nice place there is a bar and downstairs is the stage where bands are playing.
First is a funny blonde girl Amélie with a guitarist and drummer , she has a high voice and is acting funny. Nice set.
Then we have Great Lake Swimmers , I have never heard of that Canadian band before and it was a really interesting discovery.
There is a girl on keyboard and backing vocals , a drummer , a guitar and banjo player , a upright bass player and the singer-songwriter .
Typical canadian folkies with the shirt and beard ( except fot the girl of course ).
They made me think of a folk version of Grandaddy with nice harmony vocals and cool songs.

Blood red shoes on my way home

Kasabian @ L' Album de le semaine Canal+ May 26th 2009

Kasabian @ L' Album de la Semaine for Canal+
Paris May 26th 2009

After seeing the Plastic Heroes at the Gibert Joseph store in St Michel we headed north to the shitty Plaine St Denis to see Kasabian playing new songs in front of a selected audience of less then 200 for the Canal+ tv show "L' Album de la semaine".
First time i saw Kasabian I was very impressed it was at the Rock en Seine festival and I didn't know anything about them at all.
Today they're promoting their brand new cd ( they were yesterday at the Trabendo club ) so they're playing mostly new songs.
Usually bands playing live are much more better than on cd but I tonight I thought that Kasabian are much more powerful on cd than live.
There's something missing, maybe more guitars or more backing Vocals.
Even " Shoot the runner" was weak.
So it was good show but it could have been better.
I Guess it's a band you have to see in a festival when 30 000 people are singing along to their songs.

Plastic Heroes @ Gibert Joseph store Paris May 26th 2009

Plastic Heroes @ Gibert Joseph store
St Michel in Paris May 26th 2009

First of 3 shows for me today with London band Plastic Heroes at 5:30 PM.
They've already played a couple of times in Paris already and they're here to promote their new cd.
Nice 30 min+ acoustic show with this rock'n roll band , it's hard to judge a band playing acoustic when they are usually rocking with electric guitars.
The show went really well , I'm sure afetr hearing the songs that they're digging the Stones and 60's rock band.
Hope to see them soon rocking and rolling at full steam..

lundi 25 mai 2009

Iggy Pop @ FNAC St Lazare Paris May 25th 2009

Iggy Pop @ Fnac St Lazare Paris
May 25th 2009
Signing session for the Iguana @ the Fnac store to promote his new cd "Preliminaires" but not only as Gilles verlant was here, so we had a Question & Answer first, people could ask question to Iggy at the end..
Nothing really new, there will be a Stooges album with James Williamson , who's now retired from sony corporation, on guitar replacing the late Ron Ashton.
There will be no future collaboration with Bowie ...and so on.

Then it was time to sign some CDs .
Iggy as always is chatty and smiling and funny ... a perfect gentleman well ...no so perfect as he's saying FUCK at every sentence.
The whole thing lasted for a couple of hours.

Iggy Pop in Paris this Week

Iggy Pop will be in Paris this week to promote his new cd " Préliminaires":

Starting from today @ Fnac St Lazare for an instore signing session @ 6:oo pm

The main event will be his private gig for France Inter on May 28th broadcasted live from the Studio 105 @ 9: 00 PM sharp.

This is a real treat as Iggy has decided NOT to tour for this record.

See our previous review of Iggy Pop's 2 days of recording of La Musicale ( click here for the part 1 ) for Canal+ ( click here for the part 2 ) in March.

Erica Buettner @ Oliver Peel Session # 6 Paris May 24th 2009

Erica Buettner @ Oliver Peel Session # 6
Somewhere in Paris

Erica & the family cat relaxing to her music

Oliver Peel ( & Cécile ) are welcoming us once again in their lovely appartment facing the Eiffel Tower to attend American singer -songwriter Erica Buettner 's private show.

Just read what the Blogotheque is saying about her HERE ( sorry in french ).
Once again Oliver is bringing the best of the new Folk scene ( I Hope she won't mind if I call her music: Folk )
Charming young lady , beautiful voice , playing both guitar and banjo ( though not at the same time ;-).
Erica gaves us a emotional concert with her songs and a couple of covers, one by Elliott Smith and a surprising song by french artist Marie Laforet sung in French ; but the best is to see and hear by yourself by watching the video below : Isn't she nice ?
Things were really relax after the show with a couple of glasses of French Rosé. Won't mention any names.
We ended the evening with some al dente spicy spaghetti.
A sunday that felt like going to the countryside for the weekend.
When 's the next session ?

A video HERE with Erica on Banjo

dimanche 24 mai 2009

Roger Hodgson @ Olympia Paris May 23rd 2009

Roger Hodgson @ Olympia
Paris May 23rd 2009

All Pictures © Patrice Guino

After playing a sold-out show at the very same Olympia on March 24th , Roger Hodgson ( formerly of Supertramp ) is back for another sold-out show.
This guy wrote so many hits with Supertramp it's unbelievable.
Lots of member for the French fan club in the audience.
Difficult not to spot them they're wearing the same ugly t-shirt. ;-)
Well , he played all the hits ( setlist tomorrow ) plus a couple of songs from his last cd " Open the door" and a new song.
This gig was in two parts the first one of 45 min and a second part of 70 min +.
Lots of talking between songs in English and in French.
Roger still has the very same voice as 35 years ago , a high and clear crystal voice that is absolutely perfect.
The only reproch that I would make is that considering the price of the tickets between 60 & 90 euros, he could come with a full band instead of just one guy on brass, woodwind & keyboard.

Part 1
Take the long way home
Give a little bit
Lovers in the wind
Hide in your shell
Teach me to love again
Easy does it
Sister moonshine
Rosie had everything planned
A soapbox opera
Along came mary
The logical song

Part 2
the meaning
breakfast in america
the more i look
child of vision
lord is it mine
if everyone was listening
don't leave me now
fool's overture
-encore 1 :
two of us
it's raining again
-encore 2 :
give a little bit (reprise)
Roger doesn't really need 7-8 musicians to perfectly play his material that is so good even though some songs would have been enhanced with a couple more players.

A very good gig , see you on July 7th for his third show at the Olympia.

" Fool's Overture" :

jeudi 21 mai 2009

U2 Here's the stage for the U2 360° Tour 2009

Here it is :

Lenny Kravitz & Chris Cornell @ Paris Bercy May 20th 2009

Lenny Kravitz & Chris Cornell
Paris Bercy May 20th 2009
SOLD-OUT Bercy for Mr Lenny Kravitz, they even sold tickets behind the stage, Bastards.
Not a surprise it's a Gérard Drouot Production ,
Chris Cornell , formely of Soundgarden & Audioslave , is opening tonight in a half empty Bercy.
Do you remember his horrible show @ La Cigale in February ? : He played his whole new shitty cd produced by Timbaland. ( see review Pics and video from his show @ La Cigale HERE )
Well things haven't really changed , lots of new songs: soooo boring ! Thank God , we had " Black hole sun " ( out of key on vocals ) , a very good " Spoonman" ( soundgarden ) & " Cochise" ( Audioslave ).
Poor guy , he's ruining his solo career.

[ According to Vicky Cornell , Chris' wife , Prince was in Bercy watching the show ]

Lenny Kravitz is back in Paris after playing La Cigale in March 2008 , the show was really kicking ass.
This time he's not here to promote the new cd but to celebrate the 20th anniversary of his first ( and best ) album "Let love rule" .
Not the best start as he's playing mid-tempo songs at the beginning. Then things started to get hot as we had lots of songs from " Let love rule" ( setlist shortly ).
Craig Ross is on fire and to give an extra funky & soul atmosphere there are saxo & trumpet players ( 4 in all ). The bass player has a very groovy sound.

SETLIST : ( corrected )
Freedom train
Bring it on
It ain't over til it's over
Where Are We Runnin’?
I belong to you
Flower child
Dancin' till dawn
I'll be waiting
Mr Cab Driver
Always on the Run
American Woman
Fly away

Stillness Of Heart
Let love rule

Are you gonna go my way

A few songs are streched to more than 10 min ( including the title song " Let love rule " here on video and incomplete, sorry ), Lenny is playing the rock star... maybe too much for me, but the " black jew" as he describes himself knows how to entertain his mainly female audience.
Incredible , ladies are everywhere and all of 'em Hot babes.
Quite a change from the Metallica audience.
He went a couple of times in the pit to sing and check hands with the first row and even take pictures of his fans.
The concert ended with lots of pyro on a rocking version of " Are you gonna go my way".
Back to the basics on this tour for a very nice gig.
It remember me the first time I saw him in Bercy with Keziah Jones opening... a long time ago.

"Spoon-Man with Led Zep's Good times Bad times" :

"Let love rule" BABY !!!

Adam Ficek @ 5e Disque Rue Mouffetard Paris May 20th 2009

Adam Ficek aka Roses Kings Castles
5e Disque Rue Mouffetard Paris
May 20th 2009 6:00 PM

Adam is in Paris to promote his cd so he had a couple of solo acoustic performances organised, one was yesterday @ Motel Bar ( see review , Pics & Video HERE ) which was packed.
Today he's playing in a very tiny record store in one of the most 'pittoresque' street of Paris La Rue Mouffetard.
Very odd choice ( to be polite ) to do a gig in such a small store ( He should have a word with the "Promoter" ) nevertheless Adam took it nicely and greeted fans who came ( mostly the same as yesterday ) with very relax and laid back songs from his back catalogue, including a couple of favorites , with audience participation and some brand new songs to feature on his next EP.
As usual with Adam everything went smoothly.
Strange to see him play in such a small place while the tv screen was playing in the back the Woodstock movie in which John Sebastian & Joe Mc Donald are playing their acoustic set in front of half a million people.
Here's a video from Mathilde ( Not rockerparis ):

mercredi 20 mai 2009

Adam Ficek aka Roses Kings Castles @ Motel bar Paris May 19th 2009

Adam Ficek @ Motel bar Paris May 19th 2009
Escaping from the drums of Babyshambles , Adam Ficek is taking his acoustic guitar and playing in clubs and bars. This time he's @ Motel not too far from Bastille.
Lots of cool and laid back songs in the packed bar , lots of familiar faces here tonight.
We had the primeur of a couple of new songs.

See Ya tomorrow in the record store of Rue Mouffetard M° Place Monge @ 6 :00 PM for another acoustic show.
he will be mixing @ Social Club around midnight

mardi 19 mai 2009

Gossip @ L' Album de la Semaine Canal+ Paris May 19th 2009


Gossip are doing famous Canal+ tv show " L' Album de la Semaine" , they are here to promote their new album .
They've played yesterday a long sold-out gig @ Boule Noire.
In front of a selected audience of less than 200 people , Beth Ditto are friends are only playing songs from their new cd ( see setlist ).
They used to be more rock , it seems that new songs are much more orientated with a 80's sound with weird keyboard and all... not for the best.
Beth still has a voice but the music is less interesting, too bad .
The gig was quite short , around 30 min and Beth came to sing the last one in the stalls with the audience.
Hey guys come back to some real rock'n roll.
( sorry no pictures it's forbidden )

Tomorrow May 20th Adam Ficek is playing another gig in a record store at 6:00 Pm @ -5e disque- Rue Mouffetard M° Place Monge in the Latin quarter. 5e district

Then I 'll go to Bercy for the Chris Cornell / Lenny Kravitz concert.

see ya there

lundi 18 mai 2009

PJ Harvey & John Parish @ Bataclan 2 May 18th 2009

with a link to listen to the WHOLE SHOW ( click ) on Deezer

PJ Harvey & John Parish
@ Bataclan
2nd show Paris May 18th 2009

The Marquee
Hey Boys , It's hard to make a living in Paris these days !

Once again American artist Tom Brusseau opened the show on his own , oh Boy he was alone! Like yesterday many people in the back were talking as he was playing his sweet folk country music.
He thanked the audience a couple of times for listening to him.
The guy has a good sens of humour.
He has the voice of an angel à la Jeff buckley , frenchies only showed him support when he ended one of his songs a cappela.
Fine job in difficult conditions.

Well , What can I say about this gig ?
They played songs from their 2 records ( setlist below ) , she was wearing the same black dress as yesterday , the band wore the same black suits like a country band would do.
I noticed that John changed his horrible brown colour shoes from yesterday to some black ones.

Polly was in fine form , her voice was crystal clear , dancing barefoot ( remember someone ? ).
John was discreet playing guitar , banjo , ukulele ... only singing lead on one song at the end.

The music went from very quiet songs to nice indie rock spat out lyrics.
They could have changed a couple of things as we had the same songs as yesterday in the same order for a too short 90 min show.

Once again great set !