vendredi 31 octobre 2008

I ' m from Barcelona @ Bataclan Paris Oct 31st 2008

I'm from Barcelona @ Bataclan Paris
The doors opened late so the queue was streching very far in the boulevard , but once inside the balcony is closed which is not really a good sign.
I don't really know what they're doing apart from a song that was played very often on the radio, I' ve been told they were a more festive kind-a Arcade Fire.

That's true, they are 15-16 on stage: lots of singers , 2 keyboards , 2 guitars and 1 guy doing all the vocals ( here on the picture )
These swedishs are very entertaining and their Joie de vivre is very communicative, many people came with balloons and their show is a party with confettis and ... huge balloons.
Great gig even though a bit short : 80 minutes. Lots of beautiful girls in the audience.

Setlist and a picture of the Cirque d' Hiver on my way home.

Here's a video, far from being my best but the security was a pain in the ass :

Nadal vs Davydenko Bercy Masters Paris Oct 31st 2008

Went to Bercy this afternoon not for a rock concert but to see some tennis.
Nadal vs Davydenko , They just played one set before Nadal gave up, he hurt his leg.
Straight after this match , Federer officially gave up too because of a backache.
Needless to say that people in bercy were not happy at all. the director of the tournament wanted to say something he couldn't as Bercy was booing him so loud.

jeudi 30 octobre 2008

Brian Molko @ Melody Nelson Cité de la Musique

More than 10 000 hits

Another new picture from the gig

To all PLACEBO fans , once again : THANK YOU VERY MUCH.

More than 10 000 hits on the "Melody Nelson" video featuring Brian Molko on YouTube.
You all love this video and many of you are visiting this site ROCKERPARIS.

I have people coming from all over the world , it was already like this before on Rockerparis , but since i uploaded this video , there are twice more fans coming from abroad especially theses territories :
From South America ( Chile , Argentina & Brasil ) .
Lots of fans are coming from Russia, Ukraine & eastern european countries .
Never had so many people coming from Singapur , Honk Kong , Japan & even South Korea .

Amazing !!!

ps: thanks to Jimmy Barnes fans coming from Australia & New Zealand.
Thanks also to Patrice Guino for providing all pictures for this site.

The Kills , The Virgins , James Morrison + others @ " One Shot Not " Oct 29th 2008

Complete Setlist

James Morrison + The Virgins + Anais + The Kills + Craig david + Randy Crawford & Joe Sample
Live @ " One Shot Not " for French TV Arte.
Complete setlist above with rehearsals sheet.
I've already been there a couple of times and this tv show is always great, around 400 people standing around a stage where bands are playing one after another. This is not technically a stage as bands are playing on the same floor as the audience.
I ' m sitting on an amplifier on the side so perfect view.
There's a 10-15 min break between each band so they can change the set up.

James Morrison is the first to play , he's allright but a bit too soft for me

The Virgins are next , the singer seems to be a funny bloke , they're allright too ...

Then we have French female singer Anais , she had a huge hit a couple of years ago with a novelty song but can she pass the second album ? The answer is yes , she looks more serious and she's singing in English, her new songs folk-rock songs are really good, maybe she should work her english a bit more but as she's only known over here it's not a problem . Will frenchies accept her in English ? Not sure about it.

The Kills were just GREAT , 3 songs and i'm more and more in love with VV. Too bad that i only saw the encore yesterday at the Bataclan.

Craig David has a lovely voice but the music he's playing is complete crap.

Last artist to great the show was jazz-soul black female singer Randy Crawford with Joe Sample on piano and legend drummer Steve Gadd. Hard to believe that i don't know this singer, her voice is fantastic and absolutely perfect when she's singing softly, which is the hardest thing to do.Second song " No regret" is a cover of Edith Piaf 's " non je ne regrette rien " and last song is " Street life" famous to young generations for being included in Tarantino' s Jackie Brown soundtrack.
Then Anais and James Morrison did a jam on a song i can't remember the name but it was a classic.
Great 3 hour and a half show. To be broadcasted next year.

Have a look at their website for previous shows :

Sorry no pictures for this event as it's forbidden and they're checking you as if you were getting into Israel .

mercredi 29 octobre 2008

AC/DC Wilkes Barre PA. " Rock ' n Roll Train " Video

Here's the video from the first (private) gig on Oct 26th 2008 @ Wilkes Barre PA
All videos are from Youtube , unfortunately we're not there.
AC/DC "Rock ' n Roll Train " on the "Black Ice" American Tour:

At last it's been 5 years since the last show at the Hammersmith Appolo in London

Pictures from the first shows here:
Great videos from Oct 28th Wilkes Barre PA:
"War Machine " :
" black Ice ":

from Oct 26th " For those...":
"Whole lotta rosie":

The Kills @ Bataclan Paris Oct 28th 2008

We just arrived at the Bataclan for the encore, as usual it's hot as hell and people are smoking
We saw a good 15 min of it and the only thing that came to my mind afetr a couple of minutes is FUCK !!!
I Should have come here instead.

Live: the Kills are killing the Killers.

There are only two and they rock much more than the 4 guys ( + their 2 sessionmen ) of the Killers.
Anyway the night ended on a very good note as there was an aftershow party at the bar so we met both of 'em , these guys are just great and nice to anyone there.

I love The Kills !
NB : Jamie "Hotel" Hince told me that they were doing two TV shows tomorrow including one for Arte so i guess that they're doing " One shot not" , that's very nice as i've already planned to go there. Santogold ' Franz Ferdinand & Alena Diane are also on the bill.

The killers @ Nouveau casino Paris Oct 28th 2008

Difficult choice tonight : the Kills and the Killers are both playing in Paris on the same night.
We chose the Killers simply because we saw The Kills twice already this year.

The Killers are in Paris for a private gig at the Nouveau Casino to promote their new cd " day & age" . They did french tv show Taratata yesterday .
I've heard some funny review of their new cd , hope it's better than their second album that was very disappointing to me.

The best way to judge a band is on stage and the Killers are doing fine. Brandon is funny with one of his band always in the air, the bass player still doesn't smile at all...
They've played 5 new songs that seem to be quite good ( except for one with a disco beat ),
for a little bit more than an hour ( 15 songs ) and did a good show.
The audience was quiet , the nouveau casino was far from being full as there were lots of space including down the front.
Enjoyable evening but nothing to wake the dead and as we were out by 9:45 we rush to the nearby Bataclan to see the end of The Kills.

Sorry NO picture
for this event as Patrice didn't really bother taking any, we recorded a couple of videos but the sound is so bad ( we were in front of the bass player so there's too much bass on it ) that we honestly can't upload anything.

lundi 27 octobre 2008

Kaiser Chiefs @ " L' Album de la Semaine " Paris Oct 27th 2008

After playing a couple of songs on Taratata on saturday and sightseeing at the Trocadero on sunday.
Kaiser Chiefs are starting this week by a gig in front of 120 people at " L' Album de la semaine " for Canal+.
As usual for this show bands are playing some songs from their new cd plus a couple of hits .
KC are always stunning on stage in front of a wild audience , when they're playing radio or tv shows it's different Ricky has to concentrate more on his vocals and is not fooling around as much as on a real stage.
Anyway this is a special treat as we are hearing the new songs for the first time live and they seem to be as good as the old ones , with some easy to remember melodies and sing-along choruses.
They did the first song twice as Ricky messed up the lyrics ( he wrote them on the setlist to get'em right , see below ) and they added " I predict a riot " at the end.
Very nice set.
Afterwards they went to Taratata to see The Killers ( they're playing a showcase tomorrow at the Nouveau Casino.

Led Zeppelin... without Robert Plant ( 2 )

A couple of weeks rumours that ZEP was ready to go on tour without Plant AND with unknown american singer Myles Kennedy was all over the news . I mentionned it :

A friend from England sent me this :
"Rumours that Led Zeppelin are threatning to go on tour without Robert Plant are increasing with Roberts refusal to get involved.Rehearsals with various singers in Putney now appear to include Aerosmiths Steven Tyler.Hard to believe that one but todays Sunday Mail say he spent a week in London with the band and struggled a bit. "

And here too :

Just hope all this, is a fuckin' JOKE .

Jean- Claude Vannier @ Cité de la Musique Paris Oct 26th 2008

Jean-Claude Vannier ( left )

Jean-Claude Vannier is the composer and the arranger behind masterpiece " Melody Nelson" for which Serge Gainsbourg wrote the story and the lyrics .

As part of a Serge Gainsbourg week-end the Cité de la Musique is playing movies and documentaries and is inviting Jean -Claude Vannier for a conference.
A journalist is asking him a few things about his work as a composer and arranger for different french artists and for soundtracks.

He's introduced as an introvert but he's funny and chatty, it's a very good way to know him better and his work but " Melody Nelson" is not really mention here ( it's only two months of his life and he worked with Serge for only a couple of years ) .

We met him afterwards even though a bitch from the Cité de la musique tried to kick us out.
The guy is really nice and the funny thing is that he watched my video feat. Brian Molko on YouTube from the concert.
The show took a long time to prepare and a LOT of money but no one made any cash on it and the artists did it for free.
The weirdest thing he told me was that Big Jim Sullivan who played hundreds of sessions in the 60's ( he was as well known as Jimmy Page on the circuit ) and who's playing on " Melody Nelson" played soli for the Rolling Stones ( it's highly possible as they've always used sessionmen on their records throughout their career ) and THE BEATLES at the beginning .
Big Jim Sullivan playing guitars on Beatles records without anyone noticing it for 40 years, I just CAN'T BELIEVE IT !!!
So Jean-Claude if you're reading this , tell me where you get that from ?

Contact :

dimanche 26 octobre 2008

Kaiser Chiefs , Franz Ferdinand , Keziah Jones... @ TARATATA Oct 25th 2008

French tv show TARATATA @ Plaine St Denis just outside Paris with many good bands tonight :
1st recording : Keziah Jones, Franz Ferdinand , Katerine , Sporto Kantes , Miliana
2nd recording : Kaiser Chiefs , Amadou & Mariam , Grace , Alister .

Katerine + Franz ferdinand ( left ) Setlist but not in the right order.

Taratata is a french Jools Holland, there is only one set , a band is playing a song or two and while technicians are changing the set up there are interviews.
First on is Keziah Jones playing his new single and then he's playing a couple of minutes of a few songs on his own ( see setlist above ).
I talk to the bass player and he told me that they were going on tour straight after this tv show, the bus is park outside. Hugghhh !!!
Then Franz Ferdinand with " Hulysees", Katerine is doing a duet with them on Blondie's "Call me", Katerine's english is crap but he's a funny bloke so that's ok; The interview with them is also very funny.
French band Sporto kantes are playing their hit song then we have unsigned band Miliana.

There is a 5 min break and they are recording the second show.
Went backstage to meet my friends , Franz Ferdinand & Kaiser Chiefs dressing rooms are next to each other. We don't see FF but the guys from KC are fooling around and playing football, these guys are really nice and you can see that they are really enjoying themselves, and they FUCKING ROCK .

Saw the second recording with the technicians and a few VIPs , big mistake , we are far from the stage with cameras in front of us and the sound is low and shitty. the best seats are with the audience in the stalls.
Kaiser Chiefs are really good with their single but the second song , a cover of MGMT is crap. Grace is a gorgeous woman but her music is really average nevertheless she did a good version of Stevie Wonder's " I wish " with Amadou & Mariam. There is also a stunning black girl doing backing vocals with her.
Last artist to perform is french singer Alister with his latest single ( a good pop rock song ) he then plays a very good cover of " A whiter shade of Pale" on piano with a clarinet (? ) player.

Back to the backstage area for a drink ( or two ) it's past midnight and it's time to go home.
Once again , very nice evening.

More TV shows ( and proper gigs )are coming this week :
Oct 26th Bashung @ Elysée Montmartre .
Oct 27th Kaiser Chiefs @ Album de la semaine
Oct 27th The Killers , Vampire Weekend + others @ Taratata
Oct 28th The Kills @ Bataclan , the Killers @ Nouveau Casino ( Private show ), Beck , Katie Melua + others @ One shot not tv show; The Virgins, Snow Patrol , James Morrison + others @ Taratata .
Oct 29th : Franz Ferdinand , Santogold , Alena Diane + others @ One Shot Not ; Razorlight , James Hunter + others @ Taratata.
Busy week see ya there ...

samedi 25 octobre 2008

" les indépendants montent le son " Free concert Palais Royal Paris Oct 24th 2008

To celebrate the end of "les Arènes européennes de l’indépendance" ( i won't translate i don't know what it is ), the French Ministry for Culture ( Ministère de la Culture ) is organizing a free concert in the gardens of Palais Royal in the heart of Paris.
Tickets were to be collected this morning. there's around 1000 people here.
Each band is playing 3 or 4 songs.

The Courtyard with the "Big Balls" statue ( left ) French band Grégoire ( right )
Grégoire did a very decent job opening the free gigs at 7:30pm on the second stage in the gardens - Jardin du Palais Royal-.
Bloc Party
Bloc Party :1st band on the main stage in the main courtyard - Cour d' Honneur- , they look a bit tired , too much promo for their new cd ? they were ok
Keziah Jones
Very good set ( 4 songs ) then they rush to play Star Academy ( french Pop Idol ) tomorrow they are recording french tv show Taratata
Amadou & mariam ( left ) Time tables ( right )
I didn't really saw them as i was hanging backstage with a couple of friends, just the last song , people like them over here , they are from Bamako.
Time tables for make-up ( left )
The office of the Minister for the Culture Christine Albanel all set up for a performance

Christophe praying the Lord( left )
Wristbands :Red = all access . Black = cocktail upstairs. Yellow =aftershow party upstairs

Christophe did a decent set but refused to play his big hits and stick to the new songs, everything was recorded for a tv show to be broadcast next month on France 2
We missed Vincent delerm as we were having a few drinks upstairs in the main lounge, but i don't give a shit of him at all.
Travis ended the concert ( only 3 songs ) with a couple of new songs .
Then the audience is asked to leave the gardens and we made our way upstairs for the AfterShow in the office of the Minister for the culture and the lounge next door.
Camille performing IN the office of the Minister for the Culture

French singer Camille performed a couple of songs, we were a bit late so we could not get in ( sold -out : 15 people in there ) but we saw her as they left the doors open.
AYO performing in a lounge nextdoor - salon Jérome-

Tv Crew set up the cameras then Ayo rehearsed a bit so we were asked to go on the balcony ( it's getting chilly now ) for 15 min then called back to take a seat ( for only 20 people )and she did ONE song ( WHAT THE FUCK ??? ) All this shit for just one song !!!

Then we went into the office of the Minister for an interview with 2 french shitty writer who are telling us that they are independant because they have signed to a small publisher, so they only have to deal with a couple of people, even tough this publisher is owned by a company as big as Universal and they enjoy the huge distribution and publicity because it's a huge company, but they are still "Indie"
I' ve never heard some much crap is such a short time . These people are in the twilight zone.
Napoléon ( left ) and Julius Caesar ( ? ) were among us tonight !!!
Correction : In fact it's not Napoleon but his little brother Jérome Bonaparte and
the lounge is called - Salon Jérome-

FANTASTIC NIGHT !!! Bands were playing one after another so we didn't wait at all ( well almost ) Nice cocktail upstairs but i missed most of it as i was rocking with the crowd.
Nice aftershow "gigs" upstairs , in a hour we just had 3 songs but you're not invited every week In the office of the Minister for the Culture. So we won't ask for our money back .

vendredi 24 octobre 2008

"Melody Nelson" by Serge Gainsbourg @ Cité de la Musique Paris Oct 23rd 2008

UPDATED OCT 24th with new video featuring Daniel Darc !!!

Jean Claude Vannier conducting the whole orchestra

Special Night @ La Cité de la Musique as we're gonna hear , at last , Melody Nelson by Serge Gainsbourg live in its entirety for the second time.

First time was at the Barbican Center in London on Oct 21st 2006.
In 1971 when the album was released it had no success at all .
This album is credited only to Serge Gainsbourg but it is as much the album of Jean Claude Vannier as he wrote all the music and did the arrangements. Some music were written even before Serge put a pen to paper.

The concert was divided in 3 parts :
1st : 9 songs are played with JC on piano and vocals or instrumentals with JC conducting the orchestra ( see setlist for details ). Instrumentals were top .

2nd : JC is playing his unreleased and now cult album " L' enfant assassin des mouches" for which Serge Gainsbourg wrote a few lines. Some parts were very good others average.

3rd : we had " Melody Nelson".

The whole cast

See complete setlist for details :
French actor Mathieu Amalric didn't sing as he had the spoken parts , his voice matched perfectly the original version same with Martine Topley Bird ( who's playing Melody ).
Brian Molko did the vocals for " Ballade de Melody ..." he sung it his own way ( with his high duck voice ) but did a very decent job on it ( see video )with a punchy version.
French singer Brigitte Fontaine was out of it for " Valse de Melody", sometimes out of key. a let down .
Daniel Darc was Perfect on " Ah Melody" , the best performance of the night for what is probably my favorite song on this album.
French singer Alain Chamfort, considering his voice, did well on " l' Hotel particulier".
Seaming To "sung" like Yoko Ono on "en melody" but the original version has screams and gasps like Yoko Ono would do so it was perfect.
French actress Clothilde Hesme probably had the longest part to " sing" and did well too on " Cargo Culte".
In fact the whole cast did very good apart from brigitte fontaine , they all stick to the original version excluding Brian Molko who sung his song in a different key ( much more higher ).
It's funny to see that 2 years ago he had short hair and was starting getting bald on the top and now he has thick long black hair !

Seaming To , Alain Chamfort, Daniel Darc ,Martina Topley Bird, Brian Molko

Mathieu Amalric, Brigitte fontaine & Clotilde Hesme

" Ah Melody" with Daniel Darc :
Updated Oct 25 th with 2 new pictures below:

Herbie Flowers backstage : Bass on Melody Nelson & countless other records ( left )
Complete Setlist + program signed by Brian Molko , Melody Nelson cd signed by Herbie flowers & JC Vannier (right )

"Ballade de Melody Nelson" featuring Brian Molko" :

mercredi 22 octobre 2008

Jacques Higelin @ Studio SFR Paris Oct 22nd 2008

Private showcase @ Studio SFR in Paris to promote a new book on french singer Jacques Higelin by photographer Laurence Leblanc , words by Clémentine Dérouville.

Jacques Higelin with Laurence Leblanc ( left ) and
Clémentine Déroudille ( right )

First there is an interview, well... hard to say it is an interview as Jacques is fooling around all the time, the girls could hardly say a word. Clémentine is laughing but Laurence is clearly pissed off by the situation .
Note: Clémentine is the grand-daughter of famous french photographer Robert Doisneau.
Then, there is the concert : Jacques is still in high spirit and is still fooling around a lot.
He's playing a few songs in between reading his texts including a very long, and unreleased , one ( 15 min ).
First time i was seeing him and he was fun.
It's not really my cup of tea when he's reading texts but when he's playing on guitar or on piano , he's very talented musically ( and lyrically ) .
Good evening but lousy cocktail after.

"Chinese Democracy" tracklisting revealed ... GUNS 'N ROSES


The album will be out on Nov 24th.

"Chinese Democracy" tracklisting revealed :

'Chinese Democracy'
'Shackler's Revenge'
'Street Of Dreams'
'If The World'
'This I Love'
'There Was A Time'
'Riad N' The Bedovins'

mardi 21 octobre 2008

Lou Reed @ Virgin Megastore Champs Elysées paris Oct 21st 2008

Lou Reed has just released a book and he's here at the Virgin Megastore tonight to sign it , and only the book ... so they say !

A book of his lyrics has already been released a few years ago, how to make something new with something old. The french publisher needs some extra bucks.
This new book is crap , they did some effects on the text , like the one i was doing 20 years ago on my Amstrad computer , COMPLETE RUBBISH .
Lou is very late but is nice and takes time to speak to everyone, you could get your cd or vinyl sign too.

Tomorrow night Private party and concert for the launch of a new Jacques Higelin book at the Studio SFR near Madeleine in Paris.