Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Joseph Arthur @ "L' Album de la Semaine" Canal+ Oct 7th 2008

I've discovered a true artist tonight .
I knew the name but i never payed attention before.

L' album de la semaine is a TV show where bands are playing live their new cd ( at least 6 songs ) in front of a selected audience of 120 people.
So perfect conditions to see a live gig, it's like they were playing in your living room .

Joseph Arthur is promoting his new cd " temporary people" , he was at La Cigale yesterday.
He's wellknown for being an american folk-rock songwriter but his new songs are really rock' n roll featuring a very sexy bassist ( she looks like a model ) and a very sexy blonde girl playing electric guitar. and believe me ! she knows how to play her LesPaul , she has a very greasy sound and knows how to handle a bottleneck .
Songs are catchy and really rock à la Black Crowes for some of them, the others are more laid back but never too slow .
Joseph is on the acoustic guitar ( beautifully painted ) for the whole show, his voice is very low he's a bit like Adam Green less 'fun' but more rock.

Setlist ( see photo ) + 3 other songs ( 1st one had " walking to the city to survive " in the chorus, 2nd had "show a little faith in me" and 3rd is "Cocaine feet" )

Great gig a great discovery for me .

Sorry no pictures for this one as it's forbidden. review by Patrice Guino ( for once ) LoL