samedi 31 juillet 2010

Nada Surf @ Fnac Indétendances festival, Parvis Hotel de Ville de Paris, July 30 2010

Nada Surf @ Fnac Indétendances Festival
Parvis Hotel de Ville, Paris july 31 2010
Every year during mid-july mid-August the Fnac stores with the City of Paris are organizing free rock concerts in order to discover young bands every friday and saturday evening between 5:00 PM and 10:00 PM.
It used to by the river @ Pont de Sully on a very nice spot, they've changed it a couple of years ago to the bigger Parvis de l'Hotel de Ville.
Probably between 5000 and 7000 people.
The Hotel de Ville is the main town hall of Paris, the "legend" is that it's so big that they don't know how many rooms it has ( more than 300 ).
It's also a beautiful spot but less glamour than by the right bank of the river Seine.

We've missed the first two bands Lafayette & Lilly Wood & the Prick ( we already saw them @ La Défense) as we were having an early diner by the river between St Michel & the mighty Notre Dame de Paris.
We arrived just in time to catch... the last song of Lovely Drifter Karen (Blonde girl on Pic above). Can't really judge on one song so check their Myspace for more.
9:00 PM it's time for the main attraction of the evening American band Nada Surf.
There always has been something special between this band & France as the guys are fluent in French as they have study in a French High School.
They also had a couple of hits over here a few years ago ( Both of them on videos here)
Lots of young ladys in the audience and very relax atmosphere, the band can't play over 90db because of the neighbors so for once it's not too loud and the sound is perfect.

Nada Surf has never been a party animal band on a stage but they have some great pop-rock tunes which are really perfect in these conditions ( outdoor , nice weather & summer ).
They have an additional Keyboard & Trumpet player for an extra flavour.
Best of setlist with a couple of covers( They've done an album with only covers recently) including one by Depeche Mode.
Because of time limitations they've just played for an hour with no encore but they've done a very decent set, very enjoyable maybe not the best show i've been to this year but perfect in these lovely conditions.
They ended the set with both their hits( here on video) and " Blankest year".

2 hits on one video : " Popular" & "Always love"

Nada Surf

Pearl Jam official photos from Tour 2010... 2009...2008...

(C) Karen Loria for official Flickr
Pearl Jam & Ben Harper @ Main Square Fest in Arras

Funny what you can find on the internet by just clicking several times on different sites... and you end up on the official Pearl Jam Flickr with GREAT Pics from their lastest Tours.
Don't hesitate to have a look Pics are great.

European 2010 official Bootlegs are for sale on the official site (soundboard and complete show). Bootlegs for US 2010 Tour available here.

Check our review of Pearl Jam in Arras ( & Ben Harper) HERE

vendredi 30 juillet 2010

Wanna buy Ronnie Wood's mansion in Richmond ? Yours for £13m

Ronnie Wood's former home in Richmond is for sale

from the garden & snooker room

Rockerparis is becoming an estate agent.
After telling you about Jimmy Page's former home on sale for £8m or Ozzy Osbourne renting his pad in Malibu. (More details HERE)
Jo Wood, former wife of Rolling Stones' Ronnie Wood, is selling her (their) Richmond Holmwood House for £13m ( they bought it in 1997 for £2m).
The pair divorced a couple of years ago but she kept the house which is now too big for her.
More info and details in the Daily Mail.

jeudi 29 juillet 2010

Smashing Pumpkins performed new song "Blessed mother" for the first time @ Metro club in Chicago

Smashing Pumpkins performed a charity show @ Metro Club in Chicago on July 27.
They've played a new song " Blessed mother" for the first time
Here's the video ( music starts @ 3 min)

Paul McCartney's concert @ White House broadcast

Paul McCartney @ Paris Bercy 2009(click for Pics , review , setlist & video)

Paul McCartney played a show @ White House in front of president Obama on June 2.

Other Performers included Herbie Hancock, Dave Grohl, Jack White among others.
This performance will be broadcasted on local PBS stations across USA.
Here's a couple of extracts with Dave Grohl ( Performing "Band on the Run") and Jack White performing "Mother Nature's Son" HERE.

You can watch the entire show online beginning Friday, July 30.
Check HERE soon , a Paul McCartney interview is already online.

Heaven & Hell entire audio of DIO tribute concert @ High Voltage Festival available

You can listen to the entire concert of Heaven & Hell @ High Voltage Festival in London's Victoria Park July 24 HERE
It's a song by song available on YouTube feat. Jorn Lande & Glenn Hughes on vocals
Setlist HERE with links to videos

Check our review of Heaven & Hell's last gig in Paris HERE with Pics & Video

French Rock band Téléphone to reform ?

There were rumours a couple of months ago that french Rock band Téléphone will reform for a series of concerts.
This has be denied officialy, even though i've been told that there talks.
But ... a few days ago in an interview for a local newspaper ( Var Matin) Louis Bertignac said that there were talks and that they may reform before 2013.
Read the short interview (in french) HERE

Arcade Fire to broadcast Madison Square Garden 's show on Youtube LIVE on august 5

Arcade Fire will play New York's Madison Square Garden on August 5.
The show will be broadcasted LIVE on YouTube @ 10 PM Local Time.
The director will be Terry Gilliam.

Arcade Fire was playing The Casino de Paris on July 5, check ROCKERPARIS for the setlist and links to Pictures & 11 great videos from the show.

mercredi 28 juillet 2010

PRINCE @ New Morning Part 4 More video footages available

4 more video footages are available for the gig @ New Morning
Top quality

"Cool" song :


2 min of the first song "Stratus"
Another extract with "Baby Love"

A big Thank U to the video recorder

Don't forget to check the setlist , other videos & links to audio available for the show (scroll down this page) Thanks again to the people who are sharing all this...

mardi 27 juillet 2010

Ben Keith ( Neil Young Band) RIP 1937-2010

Ben Keith 1937-2010

Ben Keith on Keyboards ( left pic) second from right ( right Pics)

Ben Keith one of the most famous pedal-steel player who played on numerous Neil Young recordings and who was part of Neil Young's touring band has died.
He has also worked with Terry Reid, Todd Rundgren, Lonnie Mack, The Band, David Crosby, Graham Nash, Paul Butterfield, J. J. Cale, Linda Ronstadt, Warren Zevon, Ian and Sylvia, Hungry Chuck, Emmylou Harris, Willie Nelson, Waylon Jennings, Anne Murray and Ringo Starr.
He produced Jewel's first record that went to sell 10 million units.
Last show in Paris in June 2009 HERE

AC/DC's BACK IN BLACK , it was 30 years ago...

On July 25 1980 BACK IN BLACK was released.
30 years later it sold more than 22 million units in the USA alone and more than 50 millions becoming the second best selling record of all time after MJ's "Thriller".
Check The official website for a story with Pics & videos and of course lots of merchandising to buy as Sony wants to have its investment back.

Other AC/DC News:
After 168 shows, with an attendance of nearly 4.9 million and a gross of roughly $441.6 million, AC/DC's 2008-2010 "Black Ice" tour is said to be the second-highest-grossing concert tour in history, behind THE ROLLING STONES' 2005-2007 "A Bigger Bang" tour, which grossed $558.3 million from 147 shows.
source: Blabbermouth & Billboard

Mia Doi Todd & Odland @ L'International, Paris July 26 2010

Mia Doi Todd & Odland @ L'International
Paris july 26 2010

The girls of Odland

Special night Mon Petit club #2 with French band from Lyon Odland and L.A. folk lady Mia Doi Todd.
We are in the middle of July and on a monday night (the quietest of the week) but the International club is packed like on a saturday night.
It's also a special night as it's Oliver Peel's birthday ( and also Mick Jagger's, but that's another story).
This is the last show on their European Tour for the frenchies of Odland. 3 girls (beautifully dressed) and a man , on piano, violin & "Toy Instruments".
Between Folk & Classical with some crazy lyrics, they've stormed the International.

Then we have Mia Doi Todd, the music is more quiet , she's alone on the acoustic guitar (with the help of a percussionist on a few songs).
If you're visiting ROCKERPARIS from time to time you already know her as she's played a few shows @ Oliver Peel's.

Mia Doi Todd

Cool evening with lots of well-known faces in the audience including Coeur de Pirate, Saul Williams & Charlie Winston.

For a lover:

In Paris

lundi 26 juillet 2010

The great Rock'n Roll swindle : Plastic Bertrand

Plastic Bertrand is famous in the whole world for singing the "Punk" hit " Ca Plane pour moi". It's been known for years that the real singer is the Belgian producer author & composer of the song : Lou Deprijck.
In 2006 Plastic Bertrand is sueing Lou Deprijck because he's fed up of hearing Lou telling everybody he's the real singer
The Belgian justice with independant experts have analyzed the song and they've just reach a verdict : Lou is not only the original singer on "Ca plane pour moi" but he's also the only singer on the first 4 records by Plastic Bertrand.
Why's that ?
Because the record Cie thought Plastic was a lousy singer and that Lou should keep on singing on all songs

The great Rock'n Roll swindle !!!

dimanche 25 juillet 2010

Heaven & Hell @ High Voltage Festival, London July 24 2010 Tribute to Ronnie James Dio

Heaven & Hell performed their last ever show as a tribute to the great late RONNIE JAMES DIO @ High Voltage Festival in Victoria Park, London yesterday.
Glenn Hughes & Jorn Lande helped out on the vocals for the gig .

SETLIST: This time it's the CORRECT sorry !
E5150 (Intro)
The Mob Rules (Jorn Lande)
I (Jorn)
Country Girl (Glenn Hughes)
Children Of The Sea (Glenn)
Turn up the night
Voodoo (Jorn )
Bible Black (Glenn)
Falling Off The Edge Of The World (Glenn)
Die Young (Jorn )
-Wendy Dio speech-
Heaven and Hell (Glenn & Jorn )
Neon Knights (Glenn, Jorn & Phil Anselmo)

"Heaven & Hell" (incomplete):

RIP Ronnie

samedi 24 juillet 2010

Prince @ New Morning Part 3, Audio available (first 40 min)

Some more :
The first 40 min from the show are available here on audio:

Sorry links to audio streaming has been removed but... you can download the whole gig on the same link.

Cheers Purplekisstwo !

Prince @ New Morning Part 2 a few videos... at last

Cool videos :

Another one with guitar solo:

"Miss You" from the Rolling Stones:

More videos here

Metal hammer 3D Iron maiden cover

Well You can't see it's in 3D but if you click on the link HERE You'll see it looks really cool.
Up the Irons.

Next month’ s UK Metal Hammer will also come packaged with a free Iron Maiden ‘The Final Frontier’ mousemat!

vendredi 23 juillet 2010

Prince @ New Morning, Paris July 23 2:30 AM

UPDATED July 24th :
With link to short videos in Part 2
with link to the first 40 min of the show in Audio in Part 3
& Correct SETLIST

The only Pic for tonight (LOL)

WOW !!! What a night !!!
After seeing a legend: Booker T Jones from Booker T & The MGs, it's time to see PRINCE for a "midnight" show @ New Morning club 400 capacity.
Here @ Rockerparis were lucky to see him playing @ Grand Palais , La Cigale & @ RTL radio in front of 200 people ( he only played 3 songs in 9 min).

It's a fucking mess to get in, the organisation is complete shit, it's like the moshpit for a Sepultura gig, anyway after paying 80 Euros cash only ( i'd like to see how they're gonna declare this gig to the local IRS) we could find our "seat" into the inner sanctum.
It seems that 50 people could not make it because they had an argument with the security even though there was still room in the club. Morons.

It's hot as hell in there but luckily it's not completely packed.
the gig is starting very slowly as Prince doesn't really take the mic straight away but stays in the back even playing guitar facing the back wall.
The backing singers are the stars and are taking the lead.
slowly Prince is getting down the front for some soli and finally is singing lead.
Erikah Badu is here.
Lots of slow songs and other very funky in fact with had a bit of everything tonight including Disco.
Hard to believe he's there a few meters in front of us in this tiny club.
Of Course our photographer Patrice tried to take pictures for the encore and was caught and chewed out by security.
He was back two minutes later and found the perfect spot on the right of the stage with Prince's friends and family (it's useful to have a varilight) just next to the dressing room door.

Setlist:(from FunkHome) After a few corrections THIS IS THE CORRECT SETLIST
02.Brown skin
03.I've never loved a man
04.Baby love
05.Beautiful strange
06.Sometimes it snows in April
08. 2045 Radical Man w/Uptown interpolation

-----Encore 1------
09.When will we b paid?
10.Que sera sera
11.Controversy w/Housequake chants

-----Encore 2-----
12.I love u but i don't trust u anymore
14.The ride
15. Blue Motel Room ( Joni Mitchel)
16.Miss you (rolling stones)

-----Encore 3-----
19.How come u don't call me anymore? w/Please please please

-----Encore 4-----
20.Shake your body
21.Everyday people
22.I want to take you higher

-----Encore 5-----
23.Purple Music / All the critics love u in New Morning
24.Dance (disco heat)

------Encore 6------
Piano Set
25.Diamonds & pearls
26.Raspberry beret
27.Starfish & coffee
28.Venus de Milo
29.Still waiting
30.Future soul song
31. "Oh New Morning" - Purple Rain
-synth outro

What's nice with Prince is that the encores are longer than the "normal" gig.
Great atmosphere, fans know all the lyrics and prince is having them sing many times during the concert
The only thing I don't really understand is why he's playing so many covers with the catalogue he has. Nevertheless it was really cool to hear The Rolling Stones' "Miss you" specially with Prince impersonating Keith Richards (& Mick jagger) on the guitar.
Prince showed us that he can play on anything Guitar Bass ( for a couple of songs) and few other songs on the keyboards, he even asked a fan ( "a girl only") to hold his mic for a song.
Best job in the world for tonight

I'm probably not the N°1 Prince fan but I know for sure that i've witnessed an exceptional gig.
2:30 to 6:15 AM

Congratulations to Patrice who could shake Prince 's hand when he left the venue going through the audience straight after the last song.Leaving the venue by the main door. A Prince.

Funny to leave a club and to see the sun shining and even more funny to see the faces of people in the tube going to work.

In fact the news that Prince was supposed to play the New Morning was circulating a couple of days ago ( July 20) it was confirmed that day but he was to play on the 21st but was pushed back to the 22nd on the afternoon ( of the 21st).
do you get me ?

jeudi 22 juillet 2010

Booker T Jones @ New Morning, Paris july 22 2010

Booker T Jones @ New Morning
Paris July 22 2010 9:30 PM


Rehearsals bis

SETLIST :Harlem House,Pond it out, Warped Sister(one of the first 3 songs may not have been play),Green Onions,Born under a bad sign, Hold on I'm coming,Prety Woman, Ain't no sunshine, Dock of the bay, Take me to the river, Patato Hole,Soul Limbo, Hip hug her, Melting pop, Time is tight Encore Hey Ya, I'vebeen loving you too long.

The drummer Darian Gray did rap on a couple of songs for some reworking of classics 90's style.
Great guitar soli by Troy Gonyea & Vernon Black.

Great gig by Booker T Jones , he's on Keyboards but not only , ha can play the guitar too.
Down & soft Soulfull voice that remembered me of Tony Joe White.
As you can see on the setlist lots of covers.
Shorter set (90 min) many songs were left out from the original setlist probably because Prince is playing a secret show after this one.

"Green Onions"