dimanche 30 octobre 2011

Coldplay @ Cigale, Paris Oct 31 2011

Coldplay @ Cigale, Paris Oct 31 2011
It's a gig that a lot of people are waiting for: Coldplay @ the tiny Cigale.
There was a time a few years ago Coldplay was playing theatres like the Olympia in Paris, they are so popular that they are playing arena size venues ,@ Bercy in December, and probably next year @ Stade de France.
So we know that we are very lucky to see them live in such a tiny théatre.
No tickets were sold for this event only competition winners in the pit downstairs and guests of sponsors ( Orange, Nrj radio ) plus record executives & journalists at the balcony.
We didn't go to the pre-show cocktail @ The Boule Noire nextdoor as we just had dinner so we took a nice spot on the left and waited for the gig.

It started at 9:00pm sharp, I don't know what's wrong with this band but they always had a funny look, for this tour this is worse than ever: there is paint everywhere , on the backdrop, on the piano, on marshalls on the guitars and on their clothes. It looks really awful.
The lightning's not that great either but they do have lasers to great effects.
First time I'm seeing lasers @ Cigale.
Chris Martin is a great showman with a nice voice alternating on the acoustic guitar and the piano, he still has a funny way of dancing but that's ok.

We had their first two records which were very good but after that, this band turned into crap with many "stadium songs" with lots of "OOOHHs" &" AAaaAAhhHHs" to sing to.
Lots of girls in the audience tonight and great atmosphere with lots of singing along and jumping.
In fact they turned into a second rate U2 with the same kind of silly songs, they probably won't care as they are surely laughing all the way to the bank.
The set was very short, they left the stage for the first time after just 60 min, for the encore they played a couple of minutes of Amy Winehouse's "rehab" as a tribute between "clocks" and "Fix you" (here on video).
We have mixed emotions: it was a good gig but ruined by too many average songs
See ya @ Bercy in December !

We went to the after-show cocktail @ Boule Noire, the band didn't turn up but we didn't stay that long. We spotted French director & Producer Luc Besson in the corner.
Pass-sheet & setlist

"Clocks" + Tribute to Amy Winehouse with "Rehab" + "Fix You":

Check our reviews of their show @ Bercy in September 2008 & @ Tv Show for W9 in June 2008

Next gigs for November in Paris, France

Next gigs for November:
Nov 02
Ryan Adams @ Trianon
John Cale @ Centre Pompidou (sold out)
Selah Sue @ Olympia (sold out)
Inrocks fest @ Casino de Paris with Agnes Obel, Florant Marchet , Other Lives
Inrocks Fest @ Cigale (sold out) with La femme, Wu Lyf
Nov 03:
Inrocks Fest @ Cigale with Timber Timbre, Saul Williams
Other Lives @ Studio 105, Maison de la Radio (invit ? )
Nov 04
Patti Smith @ St Eustache church (sold out)
Alter Bridge @ Zénith
Inrocks Fest @ Cigale with Laura Marling, Cults
Nov 05
Inrocks Fest @ Cigale (sold out) with Miles Kane, Friendly Fires, Foster the People
Nov 07
Inrocks Fest @ Olympia with Anna Calvi, Le Prince Miiaou, Dum Dum Girls
Nov 08
Alice Cooper @ Zénith
Anoushka Shankar @ Cigale
hard-Fi @ Fleche d'Or
Nov 09
Smashing Pumkins @ Zénith
Metallica @ Taratata recording (?)
Nov 10
Lou Reed & Metallica @ Album de la semaine (???)
nov 11
Paul Di Anno @ Divan du Monde
Nov 12
The Kills @ Olympia (sold out)
Nov 13
The Kills @ Olympia (sold out)

Alice Cooper + Arthur Brown ( & New York Dolls) "Halloween Night of Fear"" @ Alexandra Palace, London , Oct 29 2011

Alice Cooper played an" Halloween Night of Fear" with New York Dolls supporting @ Alexandra Palace in London on saturday night. There was also a Dance troup doing a show.
After the NYD 'gig ( 75 min) there was a competition for the best audience outfit and then ALICE COOPER for a full 1h40 min set.
Last song featuring Arthur Brown himself on lead vocals for a smoking version of "Fire" (here on video), Pics from the show HERE.

SETLIST: (click for videos)
The Black Widow
Brutal Planet
I'm Eighteen
Under My Wheels
Billion Dollar Babies (another video)
No More Mr. Nice Guy
Hey Stoopid
Is It My Body
Halo of Flies (with drum solo and ... more)
I'll Bite Your Face Off
Muscle of Love
Only Women Bleed (Orianthi guitar solo as intro)
Cold Ethyl
Feed My Frankenstein
Clones (We're All)
Wicked Young Man
Killer / I Love The Dead
School's Out (another video)

Check our reviews of Alice Cooper @ Montereau , outside Paris, on June 11 2011 & @ Hellfest in Clisson last year on June 19

ALICE COOPER will play a few shows in France this week: @ Lille Nov 03; Toulouse Nov 05; Lyon Nov 06; Paris Nov 08; Rouen Nov 09; Rennes Nov 10.

vendredi 28 octobre 2011

The Who's "Quadrophenia" Exhibition Launches At Pretty Green Carnaby Street, London, Oct 27 2011

Last night saw the launch of The Who's Quadrophenia exhibition @ Pretty Green store on carnaby Street.
The night kicked off with a scooter rally down the famous Carnaby Street walk after which guests were allowed into the store to explore the never seen before exhibition.
The Pretty Green Carnaby Street store showcases Pete Townshend's archives of notes, desk diaries, photos and original lyrics from the making of Quadrophenia alongside album artwork and outages. Also a replica Vespa PX has been made to look like the legendary GS from the album shoot.

The exhibition is now open to public (free entry) at the Pretty Green Carnaby Street store (57 Carnaby Street, London, W1F 9QF) and will be available for viewing until 31st January 2012.

The Who's Quadrophenia exhibition opening times:
- Mon, Wed, Fri & Sat: 10.00 - 19:00
- Thu: 10:00 - 20:00
- Sun: 12:00 - 18:00

Check out the THE WHO'S QUADROPHENIA EXHIBITION GALLERY over on the Pretty Green Facebook page.

Quadrophenia - The Director's Cut is scheduled for release on 14th November.

jeudi 27 octobre 2011

Vernissage Exposition Yann Tiersen " Skyline par Frank Loriou @ Galerie Chappe, Paris Oct 27 2011

Vernissage Exposition Yann Tiersen "Skyline" par Frank Loriou
@ Galerie Chappe, Paris Oct 27 2011
We arrived there just in time for the 30 min set of Yann Tiersen & Band on the stairs of the Galerie Chappe, Lots of people as you can see on the pictures. Sound is quite loud, I'm surprised the neighbours didn't complain, I guess they're used to.
Sorry for the lousy pics it was too dark to do anything good. Sorry no video either.
Remember Jarvis Cocker played a whole week there a couple of years ago.(click for pics).
Cool set.

Then people tried to fit into the tiny galerie to have a look at Pics from Franck Loriou.
Hard to make a move but it was fun as all those hangers on were very disciplined.

Yann (center)

mardi 25 octobre 2011

Steven Wilson @ Bataclan, Paris Oct 26 201

Updated Oct 27 with links to videos from the show:

Steven Wilson
@ Bataclan, Paris Oct 26 2011

Lead singer from Porcupine Tree is playing a solo show, the balcony is full but lots of empty spaces in the pit downstairs.
The stage is hidden behind a very thin white veil on which is screen some home movies.
The gig is starting on time but with the worst way possible: musicians are getting on stage one by one with drummer first.
Have you ever seen a rock concert starting with a (small) drum solo ? We did tonight.
First song is a jazz rock instrumental... humm well...
Then we have some proper songs if we can say that.
After a few songs the white veil is down and the projections are now on the backdrop.
The Music ? A kind of heavy rock version of the Pink Floyd with some jazz rock thrown in.

We don't know any of the songs played tonight as we only have a couple of Porcupine Tree albums but we liked what we heard.
Technically it's perfect, Steven is really into his music for the whole set playing keyboard or guitar and of course singing.
The show ended with a 20 min song from the new album.
If you're really into that kind of music it was probably a fantastic if you don't know any of the songs it's more difficult to get into it, even though it was a good show, a 100 min was enough for us and the end of the show was welcomed.
The audience kept asking for more so Steven went back on stage just to say that they've played everything and thanked the audience.

SETLIST (TBC): click on links for videos
1) No Twilight... 2) Index 3) Deform to form a star 4) Sectarian 5) Postcard 6) Remainder the black dog 7) Harmony Korine 8) Abandoner 9) Like dust i Have... 10) No part of me 11) Veneno para las hadas 12) Raider II Encore 13) Get all you deserve

The Management of Steven Wilson is erasing all videos from YouTube but we've been sent these links to videos from Paris'Bataclan. ENJOY !

Thanks to Live Video Bootlegs for all the videos

Joseph Arthur exhibition @ Galerie Chappe, Paris Oct 25 2011

Early Morning breakfast in a very cool palace on Boulevard Haussman.

Jardin d'hiver (far left) Dining room (center) Stairs (far right)

St James Club Paris: fantastic Napoleon III style by designer Bambi Sloan.

Joseph Arthur @ Galerie Chappe
Paris Oct 18-25 2011
Before going to The Do playing @ Studio SFR, we went to the Galerie Chappe for the last day of the Joseph Arthur exhibition of his paintings some of them used as a cover for his albums.
Cool stuff
The brightness spots on paintings is due to lightning.

The Do @ Studio SFR, Paris Oct 25 2011

The Do @ Studio SFR, Paris Oct 25 2011


The Do is playing a private show in front of 250 people @ Studio SFR, Rue Tronchet near Madeleine to promote the brand new album.
Broadcasted live on OUIFM for the sound and on SFR Live for the video (& sound).

Not really our cup of tea, we tried to listen to their first album and it's a real pain in the ass apart from the single that was a huge hit a couple of years ago.
Would it be different in vivo ? We hope for the best.
In fact no, it's as boring Live than on cd.

DEUS @ Trianon, Paris Oct 24 2011

DEUS @ Trianon, Pris Oct 24 2011

1) Slow 2) The Architect 3) Constant Now 4) Second nature 6) Instant street 7) If you don't get...8) Dark sets in 9) Magdalena 10) Little Arithmetics 11)Ghost 12) Keep you Close 13) The end of romance 14) Bad Timing
Encore 15) Sister dew 16) WCF 17) Morticia chair 18) Suds & soda

lundi 24 octobre 2011

Happy Bithday To Patrice ! 33 years old

Happy Birthday to our photographer Patrice Guino
33 years old !

DEUS @ Trianon tonight (Oct 24)
Oct 25:
The Do @ Studio SFR (invit only)
Oct 26:
Steven Wilson signing session @ Gibert in St Michel 12:00pm
Steven Wilson (Porcupine Tree) @ Bataclan
Imelda may @ Cigale
Oct 31:
Coldplay @ Cigale (Invit' only)

samedi 22 octobre 2011

Saturday afternoon in Paris, Oct 22 2011

Saturday afternoon in Paris, Oct 22 2011

Wild Animals - You talkin' to me ?

Wild Animals - You talkin' to me ? (Part 2 )

Wild Animals - You talkin' to me ? (Part 3)
Space Invader (far left) Fiac Hors les Murs (center) Shop window (far right)
Musée Orsay (left) Chess-Hot Chocolate @ Lancaster