jeudi 30 septembre 2010

Billy Corgan from The Smashing Pumkins @ A Tout Livre book store in Paris, Sept 30 2010

updated Oct 2nd with new links to videos
Contact: irockinparis((@))yahoo((dot))fr

Billy Corgan
& Claire Fercak @ A Tout Livre book-store
Paris , Av Daumesnil, Sept 30 2010
A dedicated audience of less than 200.

Billy Corgan is in Paris to promote a book he co-wrote with french girl Claire Fercak.
Yesterday night he played one song "Spangled" @ France 3 tv show " Ce soir ou jamais".
Scroll down this page to view video of performance
Tonight he's @ " A Tout Livre" book-store on Avenue daumesnil for a musical-reading.
A small crowd is gathering in front of the closed door of the store , Billy is already in doing an interview for rock & folk mag.
8:30PM doors are opening.
You had to book in advance on first-come first-serve basis.
Less than 200 people here in a cool and relax atmosphere.
First they started with the book reading ( click for short video) in french by Claire with acoustic guitar provided by Billy Corgan. It lasted 40 min+

Billy & Claire during the " Lecture Musicale"

Then Billy Corgan played 8 songs on acoustic guitar ( see picture for setlist)including a brand new song ( here on video) that he wrote a few days before and that is performed for the first time ever.

SETLIST: (click for videos)
Stich in Time (new link)
Song for a son
Freak (new link)
In the arms of sleep
To sheila
Jesus needs a hit (new song performed for the first time ever)
Tonight tonight (new link sorry for quality)

This lovely evening ended with a signing session of the book "Chants magnétiques" or records for the fans.
Billy was nice and chatty to everyone all along these 2 hours, making jokes about French Rockers Johnny Hallyday and Plastic Bertrand.

Great moments with Billy in such an intimate setting, we're lucky bastards once again.
setlist & signing session
New song "Jesus needs a hit":

Performed for the first time ever.

Another video of the reading :

feat Billy & Claire

Tony Curtis RIP 1925-2010

It's with great sadness that we've been told that Tony Curtis has just died today
As kids (and still today) we were all fans of The Persuaders with Roger Moore.

mercredi 29 septembre 2010

Billy Corgan Live on French Tv show "Ce soir ou jamais" on France 3 tonight 11PM, Sept 29

Updated : Sept 30
Video from Billy Corgan yesterday at tv show performing "Spangled" HERE

Billy Corgan
( Smashing Pumpkins) will be the guest of Frederic taddei's tv show " Ce soir ou jamais"on France 3.
He's here to promote a book written with Claire Fercak called " Chants Magnetiques" and the Smashing Pumkins' boxset.
" spangled" will be played on acoustic at the end of the show just before midnight.

When The Smashing Pumpkins released "Adore" in 1998, they played a showcase for 200 people on the rooftop of the Fnac Ternes store. ROCKERPARIS was there.
Can you spot The Angelo M in the first rows ?

Blonde Redhead played there yesterday night ( watch video at the end of the show by clicking on the link above)

mardi 28 septembre 2010

Aloe Blacc @ L'Album de la semaine, Paris Sept 28 2010

Aloe Blacc @ L'Album de la Semaine Canal+
Paris Sept 28 2010

Young soul man Aloe Blacc is playing famous Canal+ tv show to promote his new album "Good things".
We already saw him at another Canal+ tv show La Musicale where he played 4 songs on the piano.
This time he's with a full band (drums, bass, keys, guitar and sax) all dressed in black.
Aloe is good looking , has a nice voice, is a good dancer and is dressed smartly, the music is also a cool cross between soul and reggae.
Everything is a bit too perfect, too rehearse, it's lacking a bit of "Soul".
Good show but it could have been better.

Prince to Tour Europe next month (Oct 2010)

Anything in Paris Sir ?

Yes Mr Purple Yoda as some people call him will be back in Europe this october to play a few shows.

Here are the dates so far:
Oct 15: Helsinki, Hartwall Arena (tix between 69 & 129 Euros)
Oct 18: Norway
Oct 20: Forum, Copenhagen
Oct 22: MCH Multiarena, Herning

Oct 26: Antwerpen, Sportspaleis ( prices up to 267 Euros for VIP package with Dinner...)
More shows to be announced...

He's been rehearsing in Paisley Park for a couple of weeks now.
iI've also been told that Prince has moved into an " Hotel Particulier" in the richest part of Paris , the 7th district.

More info HERE ( In French only, sorry)

Killing Joke @ Bataclan , Paris sept 27 2010

(C) madame gateau
Pics from the show HERE
I've been told that the singer threw up on stage twice, Urgh !

SETLIST (TBC): many videos here
  1. Tomorrows World
  2. In Excelsis
  3. Wardance
  4. Change
  5. Bloodsport
  6. European Super State
  7. This World Hell
  8. The Fall of Because
  9. The Raven King
  10. Requiem
  11. The Great Cull
  12. Madness
  13. Fresh fever from the skies
  14. Asteroid
  15. Depth Charge
  16. The Wait
  17. Pssyche
  18. Encore:
  19. Pandemonium

Blonde Redhead @ C'est Lenoir, Black session #318, france Inter, Paris Sept 27 2010

Blonde Redhead @ C'est Lenoir, Black Session #318
@ France Inter, Paris Sept 27 2010

Killing Joke was playing the hot & sweaty Bataclan, we chose to see a more relax band in a nice place , the studio 105 of the Maison de la Radio with its confortable sofas.
Best conditions to see a gig when you're sitting down in a confortable red sofa with 300 other lazy bastards like us.
We already saw Blonde Redhead a few years ago ( at the Bataclan) but I don't know that much about their career or discography.
They started with very ambiant songs and then they've played some more noisy songs à la Sonic Youth.
One drummer in the back , the girl on the left on vocals and guitar the boy on the right on vocals & guitar + keys.
They're helped by some pre-recorded bass ( that was way too loud) and keyboards.
Lots of smoke on the stage and lights from the back ( remember it's a radio show broadcasted live) to create the atmosphere that goes with the music.
Cool set (with 2 additional songs that were off the air) even though it's harder to appreciate that kind of music when you've never heard anything before.

lundi 27 septembre 2010

Listen to Neil Young's "Le Noise" HERE

Listen to Neil Young's " Le Noise"

Neil Young's " Le Noise" is out today in France but you can listen to it by clicking on the cover above. Enjoy !
If you want to see Neil Young performing some of the NEW songs on his last tour click HERE for live videos.
Setlist, Pics of his last show in Paris1 , Part 2 ( click)

"Ladies & Gentlemen" screening @ Club de L' Etoile, Paris Oct 8 2010

Screening @ Club de L'Etoile, Paris Oct 8 8:00PM

On vient de me prévenir qu'en plus de la projection qui aura lieu le 07 Oct à la Géode, une autre projection payante se tiendra le lendemain 08 Oct au Club de l' Etoile dans le 17e arrondissement ( 14 rue Troyon) à 20h.
Reservation reseau Fnac

More info on Ladies & Gentlemen's screenings in Paris & France and dvd release HERE and @ CielEcran.

Yes we do speak French ;-)

dimanche 26 septembre 2010

Very rare Jimi Hendrix poster from Assas University in Paris 1967

Update: I've been told that this poster has NEVER been seen before, too bad it's not mine (it's on sale somewhere on the internet). It's not in perfect condition and is pretty small (60cm X 40)

Jimi Hendrix
@ Faculté d' Assas

Here's a very rare poster from his show @ The Assas Law University of Paris on March 4th 1967.
That was his second show for the night as he already played a show in a club in Colombes just outside Paris.

Check our review of the opening of the Hendrix Exhibition @ Renoma in Paris (with pics & videos)

samedi 25 septembre 2010

Ronnie James Dio "A photographic Memoir" Out in November

HardKase version (right)

Music photographer PG Brunelli is releasing a Ronnie James Dio photo book, available in two limited edition versions, starting at just £40 (plus postage and handling), "Ronnie James Dio - A Photographic Memoir" is released at the end of November 2010.
There is a standard version and a very limited "HardKase" version (£ 150 plus postage & handling).
£10 from the sale of the standard version and £30 from the sale of the hardkase edition will be donated to the Stand Up And Shout Cancer Fund, in honor of Ronnie James Dio.

vendredi 24 septembre 2010

Roger Hodgson @ Palais des Congres, Paris Sept 24 2010

updated with links to World Tour and to videos from the show.
nb: a few people emailed us that we wrote almost the same review as the one from the Olympia, yes it's true and we didn't do it on purpose.

Roger Hodgson
@ Palais des Congres
Paris Sept 24 2010

Great gig by Roger Hodgson, hard to do bad with so many fantastic songs
Early start for Roger Hodgson , he's on stage at 8:20 PM for a good 50 min then there's a 20 min intermission and back on stage for another hour.
The Palais des Congres is packed but not sold-out : there are still a few seats left at the very back of the venue.

Tickets are once again very expensive : between 60 & 90 euros for the best seats.
For this price you expect to see the artist with a full band unfortunately like last time at the Olympia theatre ( click for review & pics) Roger Hodgson is only playing with one musician on Keys/"Bass"/sax so we have stripped down versions of his songs.
[ check also our review with Pics from the show @ Fete de L'Humanité in front of more than 50 000 people]

It's not really a problem as Supertramp songs are great and Roger's voice is so recognizable and after all these years absolutely perfect.
Lots of talking between songs ( and in French for most part) which are played alternatively on electric piano, grand Piano or acoustic guitar.

Part 1 :
Take The Long Way Home (several songs on this link)
Give A Little Bit
Lovers In The Wind
Hide In Your Shell
Easy Does It
Sister Moonshine
C'est Le Bon
Breakfast In America
Along Came Mary
A Soapbox Opera
The Logical Song

Part 2 :
Child Of Vision
Only Because Of You
Lord Is It Mine
Say Goodbye
Know Who You Are
Don't Leave Me Now
Fool's Overture
Encore :
Two Of Us
It's Raining Again (other video)

Lots of very dedicated fans as usual including the Spanish & french Fan club.
We ven had a few kids singing on "It's raining again" see video
Between Rick Davies' Supertramp ( @ Bercy in Oct for two shows) and Roger Hodgson , easy to choose from , It's Roger.

" It's raining again":

Oh Yeah

Check HERE for the world Tour
Roger Remaining France Tour Dates:

September 27, 2010 - Opened more tickets for this show!
Toulouse, Casino, France Tickets

September 28, 2010 - Tickets on sale through FNAC and Ticketek
Bordeaux, Théâtre Femina

September 29, 2010 - SOLD OUT
Nantes, Cite des Congres, France Tickets

Jo Krasevich @ Gibert Joseph store, Paris Sept 24 2010

More Pictures from Oliver (click on link)

Jo Krasevich @ Gibert Joseph store
Paris Sept 24, 5:00PM

American Folk singer Jo Krasevich is playing a showcase this afternoon @ Gibert Joseph store in Paris after opening for Ray Lamontagne yesterday night @ Café de la Danse.
I've heard a few of her songs quickly on her Myspace page and I liked what I've heard.
Always better to see artist in vivo.
She's promoting her first album "Mery go round" featuring Doug Pettitbone (Mark Knopfler, Tracy Chapman) on guitar and Daniel Lanois who just produced "Le Noise" for Neil Young.(click for Pics & more from his last show in Paris)
She's been compared to Chrissie Hynde for her voice but I personnaly think she's closer to Suzanne Vega ( we love her @ ROCKERPARIS... well Patrice does; click on link for more).
We were treated to a 5-6 songs set from her new album including one unrealeased song ending with a great acoustic version of Neil Young's " Like a hurricane".
We ( Oliver and I) had a nice chat with her afterwards well... she should be soon ( hope so) @ an Oliver Peel session.

jeudi 23 septembre 2010

Philippe Katerine @ Studio SFR @ Studio SFR, Paris 23 Sept 2010

Philippe Katerine @ Studio SFR
Paris, Sept 23 2010

To promote his new album French singer Philippe Katerine is doing a few private shows for different medias & TVs, he played L' Album de la Semaine for Canal+ on Sept 20 ( We were @ OZZY) and tonight he's playing next to Madeleine church @ Studio SFR for OUI FM and SFR.
The show is broacasted LIVE on the radio and on the SFR website.
Katerine is a famous singer in France thanks to a couple of hit singles, he's also well-known for being a character and a singer with very funny lyrics a bit provocative and décalé.
First time we're seeing him on stage, ok he's always dressed in a funny way ( see pictures) his lyrics are also very funny ( for most of 'em) and the guy is also acting funny, Period.
But the music really sucks, I mean when you hear a song on the radio that's ok but for a whole gig that's really too much.
Hard to believe, it's so lousy, it's ruining everything.
First and... last.