samedi 31 octobre 2009

Rodeo Massacre + Nat Jenkins + Dan Smith @ Le Scopitone Paris Oct 31st 2009

Rodeo Massacre, Nat Jenkins & Dan smith
@ Le Scopitone Paris Oct 31st 2009

Dan Smith

Saturday night at new club Le Scopitone ( former Paris Paris ) to see 3 bands i've never heard of before ( invit courtesy of Philippe ).
The guest list is as long as my dick ( and it is very long ) and there are only 20 people max inside at 9 PM ( remember it's saturdaaaay ).

Dan Smith is first on the tiny stage alone on piano creating loops and samples and playing over it , a performance in itself.
Then we have Nat jenkins a funny looking guy ( well for the frenchies as he's looking like French singer Michel Sardou 20 years ago ) playing indie/folk/rock with his band.

Nat Jenkins

Rodeo Massacre watched by Ludwig

Last on stage, in front of a more compact audience, is Rodeo Massacre, these guys and the lovely blonde on vocals have probably listen to all The doors , The Seeds and Grace lick 's records to death before forming a band.
Cool psychedelia for a short set no encore.

without & with flash

Rodeo massacre :

vendredi 30 octobre 2009

Next Taratata recordings for November

Here are the next recordings for the "rock" TV show TARATATA (It's a french Jools Holland )
on Nov 10 , 12nd, 13rd.
Nothing really exciting.
Bookings on the site.

jeudi 29 octobre 2009

L' Album de la semaine next recordings with Ebony Bones & Sweethead

The next recording of canal+ Tv show " L' Album de la semaine " will be on Nov 2nd with new sensation Ebony Bones & on Nov 3rd with Queens Of The Stone Age 's Troy Van Leeuwen new band Sweethead.

Bookings NOW : click on Album de la semaine.

Tonight there's the world premiere of NIRVANA 's "Live @ Reading" DVD at the posh Club de l' Etoile (Paris 17th district ). It might be a nice bash as there will be canopes and free drinks + Goodie bags. Can't go I have a dinner tonight.

The Noisettes are also playing the Trabendo. They are getting lots of airplays now in France.

Martha High , Fred Wesley & Pee Wee Ellis ( from the JB's ) @ La Scene Bastille on Oct 30th .
Mariee sioux & Matt Bauer @ Café de la danse on Oct 31st.

The Dead Weather @ Olympia Paris oct 28th 2009

Contact : irockinparis (((at)))yahoo(((dot )))fr

The Dead Weather
@ Olympia Paris
Oct 28th 2009
SOLD-OUT Olympia for The Dead Weather. Scalpers are making a small fortune outside.
We didn't see the Support band as we were talking at the bar but the sound seemed too loud.
Not that much to say if you've already seen The Dead Weather @ Cigale (click for Pics setlist & review ) or Canal+ Tv show recording @ L' Album de la semaine ( click for review & pics ).
Same shit as usual , at the time I didn't know the record at all and was a bit surprised @ La Cigale , the day after at Canal+ I thought it was better.
Now I know the record ( and it is disappointing aprt from a couple of tunes ) and songs are much more better live than on cd but this band, is lacking good songs.
Don't get me wrong the show in itself was good , Allison is wild , Jack's a real killer on drums (most of the time ) or guitar ( a couple of songs ) but there's something missing.

Good show but it could have been better.
SETLIST to come soon ...

Message from Patrice Guino ,our lovely photographer : " Sorry for the lousy Pictures , the lightning was shite"

Warren Ellis from The Bad seeds was backstage.
More & more Allison ...

Jack on guitar
Goodbye Paris !

Candice's pass & Sionnan going wild outside
Official numbered poster of the show

mardi 27 octobre 2009

Sonic Youth @ L' Album de la Semaine Paris Oct 27th 2009

Sonic Youth @ L' Album de la Semaine Canal+
Paris Oct 27th 2009

MadameMime , Kim and Sionnan

After seeing Sonic Youth 2 days ago @ Palais des Congres ( Click for Pics review & video) in front of 3500 people , tonight it's much more intimate as there are only less than 250 people.
The studio is really packed tonight , there's even people on the stalls on the side which is usually always empty. So Canal+ tried to invite as many people as possible.
As usual for this TV show bands playing here are promoting their new album ( and they sometimes play a couple of oldies ).
Sonic Youth only played new songs , no encore : too bad , but the performance was neat and the sound and the conditions were PERFECT.
Soooo nice to see them in such a place , it's a bit like seeing them playing in your living room.
After the show we met all of them and we had the time to take a couple of Pics


I have found two GREAT videos on Youtube of their show @ Palais des Congres.
Silver rocket & Shadow of a doubt ( click to watch )

Them Crooked Vultures debut single " New Fang" audio HERE !!!

Here it is !
New Album out Nov 17th

dimanche 25 octobre 2009

Sonic Youth @ Palais des Congres Paris Oct 25th 2009

SONIC YOUTH @ Palais des Congres
Paris Oct 25th 2009

Lyrics to one song
Strange place to see Sonic Youth , The Palais des Congres is a concert hall situated in a posh area with confortable red seats like in a movie theatre , 3500 capacity all seated.
The place is packed.
I won't tell you anything about the support band as they've probably play side 1 of Lou Reed 's "Music Machine".

As soon as Sonic Youth took the stage people get down to the front so everybody had to stand up.
Sitting down at a SY concert : NO FUCKING WAY !

They've played almost all the new record ( see setlist for details ) and a few oldies.
They don't talk that much with the audience but we're used to.

Some people complained that the sound wasn't that good in the back , vocals were not strong enough. Performance was neat the band wasn't as wild as it used to.

It took me some time to appreciate the new cd and by playing most of it tonight it gave ( me ) another dimension to those songs.

Kids wanna rock

Hope to see them soon in Paris ( at the "104" in January ? )
Of Course they're playing " L' Album de la Semaine" on tuesday ( oct 27th ) for a 30 min+ gig of new songs.
Another Great set ! YO !


Soirée burlesque @ Les Taulieres Montmartre Paris Oct 23rd 2009

"Soirée Burlesque" @ Les Taulieres bar in Montmartre Paris
oct 23rd 2009 midnight

More Pics soon

After seeing Kasabian @ Bataclan nice way of ending the night with some sexy girls almost stripping & dancing on tables in this tiny bar in Montmartre over the music of DJ Jud.

samedi 24 octobre 2009

Kasabian @ Bataclan Paris Oct 23rd 2009

Kasabian @ Bataclan Paris
Oct 23rd 2009
After seeing Kasabian yesterday night for the " One Shot Not" tv recording for Arte (performing 3 songs acoustic ).
We are back for another dose of Rock'n Roll this time @ The Sold-out Bataclan.
They will be playing the bigger Olympia next year on Feb 08th 2010.
Lots of English in the audience, they're quite popular across the channel , they've opened this summer for Oasis on their Stadium tour.
And like Oasis they have great hymns to sing to.
The singer is the main attraction with a bright spotlight on him for the whole set while the others are concentrated on their instruments.
When you have the right songs you don't need that much and Kasabian has some great songs that you can sing with your mates on a friday night after a couple of lagers.
Great show, see setlist below for details.


" shoot the runner":