Tuesday, October 13, 2009

PEACHES @ L' Album de la Semaine Canal+ Oct 12th 2009 8 PM

PEACHES @ L' Album de la Semaine TV show Canal+
Paris Oct 12th


After seeing PRINCE playing for only 9 min @ RTL radio this afternoon we're heading to the north of Paris where all the major TV studios are located to see the crazy PEACHES.
She's proudly wearing a Mohawk and is making her way to the stage with the most ridiculous outfit I have ever seen.
With Peaches you know that she's not serious ( unlike a litle kid from Minneapolis ) so you just accept it with a good laugh. Her musicians are also wearing nice outfits , the drummer looks like a cave man escaped from the Flintstones , the keyboard player is dressed with a lizard skin and the beautiful and sexy blonde female keyboard & guitar player is dressed with some very sexy high heels leather boots and black underwear.
the music is now VERY electronic and minimalist to my horror as I hate that kind of music. Peaches used to be much more rock and subversive years ago, playing with giant dildos.
She's putting so much effort to attract attention with different outfit for every song that in fact you can only do one thing : appreciate the gig.
So we had lots of fun even though we prefer guitar-orientated bands.
Cool 30 min + set
Almost 9 PM time to head to the Cigale for PRINCE.