Wednesday, October 21, 2009

The Asteroids Galaxy Tour + Ladylike Dragons @ La Scene Bastille Paris Oct 20th 2009

The Asteroids Galaxy Tour + Ladylike Dragons
@ La Scène Bastille Paris Oct 20th 2009
Ladylike Dragons

Wow, I haven't been to this club for such a long time but I remember it well as I saw the reformed DOORS with Ian Astbury on vocals in this very same place.
First on stage is brand new indie rock french band Ladylike Dragons , cool set with a nice guitar player looking like Jimmy Page circa '69 when he was still in the Yardbirds.
You can hear that they're quite young but they have a nice stage 'precense' .


Invite only for this OUI FM showcase to promote Danish Pop/ Soul band The Asteroids Galaxy Tour.
The main attraction is the very sexy tiny blonde girl on vocals. The band sounds like a light version of Morcheeba or a soul Cardigans but a very poppy soul with brass.
They did a cover of Marvin Gaye's " Inner city blues". see setlist for details

I've never heard of them before listening to the single on OUI FM which is ok , live they're very entertaining thanks to their singer Mette Lindberg too bad the bass player is dressed like a dick.

Nice & enjoyable hour set.

Here's the single " around the bend " on video: