dimanche 18 octobre 2009

Fleetwood Mac @ Zénith Paris Oct 17th 2009

FLEETWOOD MAC @ Zénith Paris
Oct 17th 2009
Sold-out Zénith tonight even though there were lots of empty space in the pit
Why ?
A few stations were closed in Paris not too far from the Zénith so it was a nightmare to get there.
We were lucky that they started the show a bit later because of these tube problems , we get there just 2 min before they get on stage. " Ouf ! "
Lindsey Buckingham is the leader, singing most of the lyrics and doing all the guitars ( well there's someone almost hidden at the back doing other stuff ).
A real guitar hero with nice poses ( and nice guitar licks ) .
John McVie on bass is discreet next to Mick Fleetwood 's drumkit

Stevie Nicks is as sexy as ever, same gypsy look , she changed her wardrobe several times , same outfit but different colours.

" so sexy"
I'm not too familiar with their later repertoire as , there's only one FLEETWOOD MAC for me, It's Peter Green 's early incarnation of the band when they were playing blues and not the soft rock they would play later.

With no record to promote they've played all the hits

They had to start " Don't stop " 3 times as the poor Brett Tuggle fucked it up on piano.

Funny thing it is the first time ever that I 've seen a drum solo for the encore.

Mick Fleetwood went several times on the front and acted really like a madman each time

Great gig too bad they only played " Oh well" from the early incarnation of the band.

SETLIST ( NOT from Paris, but as they never change it , it should be the same )

  • Monday Morning (from Fleetwood Mac, 1975)
  • The Chain (from Rumours, 1977)
  • Dreams (from Rumours, 1977)
  • I Know I'm Not Wrong (from Tusk, 1979)
  • Gypsy (from Mirage, 1982)
  • Go Insane (from Lindsey’s Go Insane, 1984)
  • Rhiannon (from Fleetwood Mac, 1975)
  • Second Hand News (from Rumours, 1977)
  • Tusk (from Tusk, 1979)
  • Sara (from Tusk, 1979)
  • Big Love (from Tango In the Night, 1987)
  • Landslide (from Fleetwood Mac, 1975)
  • Never Going Back Again (from Rumours, 1977)
  • Storms (from Tusk, 1979)
  • Say You Love Me(from Fleetwood Mac, 1975)
  • Gold Dust Woman (from Rumours, 1977)
  • Oh Well (from Then Play On, 1969)
  • I'm So Afraid (from Fleetwood Mac, 1975)
  • Stand Back (from Stevie’s The Wild Heart, 1983)
  • Go Your Own Way (from Rumours, 1977)
  • World Turning (from Fleetwood Mac, 1975)
  • Don't Stop (from Rumours, 1977)
  • Silver Springs (Rumours outtake)

" Nice balls Mick"