mercredi 31 août 2011

Kasabian @ Sony in Paris, Sept 1st 2011

Kasabian secret show in Paris.
FUCK !!!
We couldn't go,we had a meeting before and it went on and on...and it ended @ 8:00pm
So sorry.
some Pics and a video too from this scret show HERE

mardi 30 août 2011

Kasabian @ L'Album de la Semaine for Canal+, August 31 2011

Kasabian @ L'Album de la Semaine, Canal+, August 31st 2011
First time for the new season for us @ famous Canal+ tv show L'Album de la Semaine, we were still on the seaside when The Kills played here last week on August 24.
Tonight it's packed and as we get there a bit late we're seating on the side stalls so we're not directly in front of them with the 200 strong audience.

setlist "Re-Wired" was played somewhere in the middle (?)

The band is starting with a new song that's already been played @ Festivals ( "Velociraptor") strangely enough they only played 4 new songs tonight (" Days are forgotten", "switchblade Smiles" already heard at different gigs too & "Re-Wired" ) with 6 old ones.
Usually @ L'Album de la Semaine, bands are playing 5-7 new songs, one for each day of the week, plus a couple of old ones.

Can't really judge the new songs as it's the first time that we're hearing them but they do still sound like Kasabian's.
"Re-wired" that was played for the first time ever in front of an audience seems to have a good hook.
Needless to tell you that the old ones were great.
The short set ended with "Fire" with everyone singing.

The band was nice to fans at the end of the show posing for pics and signing stuff.
Looking forward to see them tomorrow at the private show @ Sony HQ.

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Red Hot Chili Peppers Broadcast @ Grand Rex, Paris August 30 2011

No don't get mad they're NOT playing a small show @ Grand Rex tonight !

It's a "live" broadcast from their gig in Koln, Germany, it's also LIVE in 40 cinemas in France, check the list here. It's 19 Euros. 8:00PM.

There were talks for a secret show in Paris mid-Sept but it looks like it's be shelved.
For more info on the Peppers check the French website HERE.

lundi 29 août 2011

Anna Calvi + Deftones + Archive + Lykke Li @ Rock en Seine - St Cloud, August 28 2011

Anna Calvi + Deftones + Nneka + Archive + Lykke Li
@ Rock en Seine - St Cloud, August 28 2011

Anna Calvi

I don't khow how she's doing , it's probably her 7th show in Paris this year (she played @ L'Album de la Semaine in January 2011 @ Nouveau Casino in Feb 2011, @ Trianon in April, that show was broadcasted live on arte tv, @ Fnac Montparnasse on June 15 for a free show, @ Black session radio show on France Inter two days later and she opened for Grinderman @ Cité de la Musique in October 2010. And we probably missed one or two of her shows.

She only has one album out so she's playing the same songs again but always with a charming smile and perfectly. Even if we saw her a few times over here in Paris her show is still as enjoyable as the first time. Technically it's perfect , her guitar playing and voice is just perfect.
As usual the audience is very dedicated, you could hear a pin drop.
Great performance.

We thought that it would be the end of the festival for us but we decided to check Deftones before going home. Good point , I remember them from 15 years ago and I wasn't impressed.
It's not as heavy as i thought they were, it's very ambiant aprt formt he last two songs that were much more heavy.
Chino, the singer is still funny to watch running that stage from one side to the other and getting down in the photographer's pit to sing in front of the fans.
Very good show.

Nadéah (far left)

Now we have nothing to do, we heard music coming out from a marquee and Nadéah was doing a showcase there, too bad we get there as she was playing her last song (pics above far left).


We had a walk on the site to see what was going on, we stopped by the second stage for a few minutes for Nneka : easy listening reggae music, just boring.
Trentemoller were playing on the 4th stage: We stayed a couple of minutes , horrible electro music.

Archive on the main stage with an orchestra, we just stayed two songs, a bit boring.
Lykke Li

Another electro-pop artist with Lykke Li, enjoyable set, great voice.

Miles Kane + The La's + Concrete Knives + Cat's Eyes @ Rock en Seine - St Cloud, August 28 2011

The Vaccines + Cat's Eyes + Concret Knives + The La's + Miles Kane
@ Rock en Seine - St Cloud, August 28 2011

The Vaccines (far left) & some pretty Girls (far right)

Last day for the Rock en Seine Festival in St Cloud, we get there early but too late to see The Vaccines, well we only saw the last song.

Cat's Eyes
Went to see Cat's Eyes, the band from the singer of The Horrors with his wife on keys and vocals, they were playing on the 4th and smaller stage. Dedicated audience for a treat of 60's psyche with a bit of Joy Division thrown in, the sound was not perfect and it's not really the kind of music for a festival in daylight.
Hope to see them again in a club or a theatre.
The female singer from Concrete Knives fist-fucked by Security (far right)

French electro-pop Concrete Knives was playing nearby on the 3rd stage so saw them for a few songs before heading to the 2nd stage for The La's.
I remember now that they were opening for Arctic Monkeys @ Cigale in June.
Lively and cool electro-pop, not our style but entertaining.
The La's

The La's have just reformed so there were lots of expectations. Lee Mavers is on guitar & vocals, Gary Murphy on bass. I was expecting a full band as there is a drum kit in the back but after a few songs it is clear that they will play as a duet.
So we had electro-acoustic version of their songs, it looks like they just don't give a fuck.
Couldn't they afford a drummer and rhythm guitar player ?
The drum kit was used once, between two songs when Lee played drums for a couple of minutes for a jam (?!?).

Miles Kane

The third stage is packed for Miles Kane, he should have been playing on the second stage (and The La's here).
We already saw him a few months ago @ Canal+ tv show L' Album de la semaine ( click here for video) in March a day after his gig @ Point Ephémère club in Paris.
As they're getting on stage the kids are getting mad, the band is tight the sound is loud and clear.
When we saw them in March we thought they were not a "heavy" as The Rascals specially on cd. Live they fucking rock.
Great gig probably our favourite from the whole festival and Miles is always very nice, smiling to people, just having fun doing what he's doing.
Thumbs up, man.

Live acoustic from Rock en Seine: