Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Kasabian @ Football Tournament & Sony Store Paris June 3rd 2009

Kasabian Football Tournament @ Urban Football in Puteaux

Sony music France organised a Football Tournament with the lads just outside Paris in a nice complex.
I was there too late to see Kasabian playing but it almost turned into a complete disaster as the drummer hurt his ankle and had to see a doctor immediately.
Too bad the band is opening tomorrow for Oasis in front of 30 000 people but he should be OK.
Lots of journalists ( Les Inrocks , Rock & Folk ) and record company executives , the winning team was the one from a Football magazine " So Foot" .
Kasabian came back , minus the drummer, to shoot some penalty against the winning team... and lost.
The sponsor was offering a tv set and Marion , photographer for Rock& Folk, won the lot.
Lucky bitch ;-) the tv is probably worth a 1000 quid.
Marion won the lottery

En route to the countryside ?

Then we all left to the George V avenue to the Sony Store where Kasabian signed cds to a 100 fans and then we had an acoustic set in the basement.
The lads were really nice and chatty to everyone.
The atmosphere was really relax and things went smoothly thanks to the organisation.
Really cool to hear these songs in an acoustic form as I wasn't really convinced when they played the new songs a week ago @ L' Album de la semaine for Canal+
Setlist is below for an half an hour set.
Video 1 Signing Here

The Band

Signing & Rocking