mardi 30 juin 2009

The Dead Weather @ Cigale Paris June 29th 2009

The Dead Weather + Aqua Nebula Oscillator
@ Cigale Paris June 29th 2009
Aqua Nebula Oscillator

First on stage in a Hot & Sweaty Cigale ( Sold-Out along time ago ) is french Doom-Stoner band Aqua Nebulla Oscillator , This guys are heavy , the sound is messy but the music is really heavy and psyche : Hawkwind meeting the early Queens of the Stone Age. cool

9:00 PM the Dead Weather are playing the first notes of their concert, slow song to start with, maybe not the best to get into a gig.
Jack White is on drums & Vocals, Alison Mosshart ( from The Kills ) on vocals , Jack Lawrence ( from The Raconteurs ) is on bass and Dean Fertita ( From the QOTSA ) on guitar and organ.

I won't tell you anything about the songs as i've never heard anything apart from the single and I've just listen to it before the gig.

With Jack it's not really Chorus + Verse + chorus type of songs, they seem to be destructured , it's working on some and not on others.
It's a Blues orientated band like in the White Stripes but less heavy .

You can feel that it's Jack's new project even though he's on drums for the whole gig apart from one song that he's doing on guitar and vocals ( with Alison ) while Jack Lawrence was on drums .
This guy knows how to rock on guitar , there's no doubt about it.

Jack on guitar for 1 song

Banging !

Alison was like a lion in a cage for the whole gig , Jack L and Dean were more relax.

ALL PICTURES © Patrice Guino
Short set as they only played for an hour
Alison is Wild

Nice set but I expected it to be better.
We'll see tomorrow as they're playing famous TV show L' Album de la Semaine.

Thank You & Good night
Drum kit , guitars & Jack White posing Aftershow

Alison & Jack Lawrence relaxing Aftershow

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