lundi 30 novembre 2009

My Girlfriend Is Better Than Yours @ L' international Paris Nov 30th 2009

My Girlfriend Is Better Than Yours
@ L' International Paris Nov 30th 2009
Nothing to do tonight so I 've decided to check French band MGIBTY.
It's monday night but there's quite a lot of people in the basement of L'International club.
They've just released a new E.P. between acoustic guitars , vintage keyboards , electronica folk pop rock
This French duet has some nice songs ( even though they should work a bit more on some others) singing in English please ( with one song in German ???).
Maybe the girl on vocals should be more careful as she's sometimes singing flat.
They're doing a good job and are entertaining.
Remember they're French.

MUSE @ Stade de France second show added on June 11th 2010

MUSE will play a second show @ Stade de France on June 11th 2010
Tickets on sale soon

Their first show on June 12th is already sold-out.

Them Crooked Vultures @ L' Album de la semaine Canal+ Paris Dec 4th 2009 Some tix to grab


dimanche 29 novembre 2009

Charlotte Gainsbourg & Beck Live @ Grand Journal Dec 14th 2009

The title , almost, says it all
One song live for this Canal+ tv show to promote Charlotte's new album.

There will pe a private meeting with her @ Fnac Montparnasse in Paris on Dec 10th 8:00 PM, tickets were given out a few days ago so it's probably sold-out by now.

samedi 28 novembre 2009

KISS @ Hellfest 2010 + full line-up

Hellfest 2010 :

Simmons is already spitting blood

Everybody knew that KISS would headline the Hellfest 2010.
It is now confirmed.
What's funny is that Twisted Sister will also play Hellfest for their first show in France since...1986 (April 24th ) @ Casino de Paris.
Remember Jay Jay French ( TS ) played with one of the first line-up of KISS in the early 70's.

As you can see, apart from KISS & Twisted Sister, lots of shitty bands

Oh Yeah Forget to tell you that IRON MAIDEN will headline next year Rock en Seine 2010 Festival.

Tchiki Boum + Performers @ La Suite Paris Nov 27th 2009

Tchiki Boum & Performers
@ La Suite Paris Nov 27th 2009

? & Performer

Thank god it's Friday, but it's friday or saturday every night @ Rockerparis.
Anyway there was no gig planned tonight for us , so Mathilde took me to a squatt (an underground parking lot ) in the 13th district @ La Suite ( no relation with the posh club Av. George V ).
We also had the choice to go to see a screening on Johnny Thunders we prefered LIVE music to a dead Body.

First on was a shitty band , dressed funny but the music was crap.
Then we had Tchiki Boom, cool rock-surf band with some dancers ( see pic )

Tchiki Boum

Then it was time for a naked performer to escape his prison of plastic. ( Pic above )
As we were about to leave the premises, we saw a couple playing & singing a music I hate , 80's new wave but the lyrics to their songs were so funny ( talking about sex ) that we stayed for their performance as they didn't only play but acted too. ( see below )
Don't know why so many performers need to show their dicks and assholes to the audience at least they could be girls.

getting spanked with whipped cream
Fun evening.

jeudi 26 novembre 2009

Rickie Lee Jones @ FIP Radio France Paris Nov 26th 2009

Rickie Lee Jones @ FIP Radio France
Paris Nov 26th 2009

Just two days after playing an almost 3 Hour show @ Bobino (click for review Pics & video).
Rickie Lee Jones is once again in Paris for the third time , she played tv show One Shot Not on Nov 19th ( click for review and setlist ).

This time she's playing a LIVE radio show for Fip @ Radio France.
Once again conditions are perfect : only 250 people seated in confortable sofas like in a movie theatre.
Before getting on stage we could hear her interview ( recorded in another studio ).
The show was roughly the same with the exception that she "only" played for 11o min.
The setlist is a bit different ( No "Rebel Rebel" to start with ) but we had a great version of" Chuck E's in love" even though she messed it up.
Same band with Rob Wasserman on bass ( he's playing on a few records by Lou Reed and Elvis Costello ) & Sal Bernardi on guitar.
People have the power...

SETLIST : ( from Lucy in the web website )
1- Easy Money
2- Weasel And The White Boys
3- Chuck Is In Love
4- Last Chance Texaco
5- Sailor Song
6- Beat Angel
7- A Tree On Allenford
8- It Must Be Love
9- Ghostyhead / His Jeweled Floor

(on piano)
10-Living It Up
11-We Belong Together
12-impro / Pirates

(on guitar)
15-Remember Me
16-Nobody Knows My Name
17-Wild Girl
18-Autumn Leaves (Les Feuilles Mortes)

She's alternating between acoustic guitar and piano but no white strat' tonight.
Like two days ago @ Bobino , some very good parts and others less interesting.
She ended the set with French song " Autumn leaves" ( aka " Les feuilles mortes" originally sung by Yves Montand which was played during the interview)
Good show overall.
See ya all !
Handwritten setlist & Invitssss

Ronnie James Dio diagnosed with stomach cancer


RONNIE JAMES DIO has died today
more HERE

Ronnie with H&H in Paris June 2009

Ronnie James Dio diagnosed with stomach cancer.

"Ronnie has been diagnosed with the early stages of stomach cancer," Wendy Dio told
"We are starting treatment immediately at the Mayo Clinic. After he kills this dragon, Ronnie James Dio will be back on stage, where he belongs, doing what he loves best, performing for his fans.

See our review of Heaven & Hell in Paris in June with Pics & video. (click on link )

mercredi 25 novembre 2009

Rickie Lee Jones @ Bobino Paris Nov 24th 2009

Rickie Lee Jones @ Bobino Paris Nov 24th 2009
Just a few days after recording a tv show for Arte : " One Shot Not" playing two new songs.
Rickie Lee Jones is back in Paris this time to play a proper concert in a theatre I've never been before: Bobino in Rue de la Gaité, Montparnasse.
This street Rue de la Gaité ( "Joy street" ) is in the heart of Paris in the neighbourhood where all these famous painters ( Modigliani, Picasso, Soutine... ) used to paint. It's also a special street as it's the only street where there are sex-shop and theatres in this area.
Bobino used to ba a famous theatre where many French artists played : Brassens , Gréco, Fernandel , Renaud, Coluche... and then was destroyed in the 80's and rebuilt but it never was what it used to be... until now with Rickie Lee Jones.
No support band or real band with Rickie, just her with a bass player and a guitar player.
She wasn't happy at the beginning with the sound and complained for the first 4-5 songs then things get smooth.She remembered me of Lou " grumpy old man" Reed .
The voice is intact , crystal clear; She's playing most of the set on acoustic guitar, a few songs on the piano and some others on electric guitar ( a white Fender ).
Well , you really have to be into it to appreciate , if you don't know her repertoire it can be quite boring to a novice.
I don't know everything she did ( and the new record ) some parts were cool but others ...
There are too many soft songs, too bad the show started in a very nice way with David Bowie 's "Rebel rebel".
She's not like those new English bands playing barely for an hour even with 3 records under their belt as she almost played 3 hours with 'jus't one song as an encore.
Nice but it could have been better and ... She DID NOT play " Chuck E's in Love". NOOoooooo!!!!
Setlist with corrections

Next show in Paris on the 26th @ Radio France
( free show first come first serve basis )
Here's a video , sorry for the sound:

Thanks to Yaz

mardi 24 novembre 2009

Them Crooked Vultures @ L' Album de la semaine Canal+ Paris Dec 4th 2009

Yes that's right
Paris is NOT on Them Crooked Vultures' European tour 2009 but YES they will play in Paris on December the 4th @ tv show L' Album de la Semaine on Canal+.
Unfortunately it will be a private show not open to the public as the record Cie took all the tickets.
Invit' only.
Rockerparis will be there so stay tuned !!!

See our review with Pics and video from their gig @ Rock en Seine this summer.
Best live video available on the net HERE

Pains of being pure at heart @ C'est lenoir Black session # 307 Paris Nov 23rd 2009

Pains of being pure at Heart @ C'est Lenoir Black session # 307
Paris nov 23rd 2009

Setlist & invitationssss

After leaving Canal+ where we saw Soulman Black Joe Lewis & the Honeybears , we headed to Radio France next to the Eiffel Tower for a Black Session with New Yorkers : Pains Of Being Pure At Heart.
We get there just 2 minutes before they went on stage infront of another selected audience of 250 people confortably seated in red sofas like in a movie theatre.
The guys ( and the japanese looking girl on keyboards ) are quite young.
They are playing a mix between English early 80's indie rock and soft american college radio rock.
They have a few good songs including a couple of great ones ( which are sounding like the early Cure ).
Unfortunately most of their repertoire is sounding the same and the last 20 min of the hour show were pretty boring.

Huge billboards in front of Radio France to promote
Rickie Lee Jones' gig there.

lundi 23 novembre 2009

U2 to headline Glastonbury festival 2010

The band will top the bill on the Friday night (June 25).

Festival organiser Michael Eavis told the event's official website, "I promised the best possible line-up for the show next year and the confirmation that U2 will play their first ever Glastonbury – and their first major festival gig since the early 1980s.

"We've been trying for years... And now we've finally made it happen. I'm sure they will pull out all the stops to make next year's Glastonbury the most memorable ever."

Black Joe Lewis @ L' Album de la Semaine Paris Nov 23rd 2009

First album for Black Joe lewis & the Honeybears and first time in promo & in concert in Paris.
Nice it's @ L' Album de la Semaine where the conditions are perfect, a selected audience of a 100 people.
Black joe Lewis on guitar & vocals dead center, guitar player and bass player on the right , 3 brass on the left and as usual the drummer in the back.
All dressed in costumes à la Hives; Funny all the guys are white and are all wearing glasses apart from the sax guy who's black with no glasses on.
The music is soulfull 60's style and Black Joe Lewis has the voice of a whyskey "rock 'n roller" drinker. He did drink some between songs but that seemed a bit rehearsed to look cool.
Great groovy songs ( they've played 8 tonight ) with the exception of one lame one.
Even if Black Joe Lewis has a great voice, he lacks charisma , he's not acting like the leader of the pack which he should.

see him LIVE @ L' Album de la Semaine ( click for video from show )

As soon as they left the stage Who style , we left the studio to run to Radio France to attend a Black session on France Inter.

Sorry no setlist for this one ( or pics it's verbotten ).

samedi 21 novembre 2009

Troy Von Balthazar @ Oliver Peel session # 13 Paris Nov 21st 2009

Troy Von Balthazar @ Oliver Peel session # 13
Private gig in an appartment Paris Nov 21st 2009
Thanks to Mathilde , Oliver could get Troy Von Balthazar to play an Oliver Peel Session.
The appartment is getting smaller and smaller each time or is it that it's more and more crowded one session after another ?
Lots of new faces this time, couldn't fit anymore people in there.
Troy played a 50 min set of his songs ( including two brand new ones to feature on his next album ) on acoustic guitar.
SETLIST: ( from Oliver Peel ) check for more Pics HERE
01: Rainbow
02: Communicate
03: Heroic Little Sisters
04: Dots and Hearts
05: Dogs
06: Very Famous
07: Duncan
08: To A Girl With One Wing Gone
09: I Block The Sunlight Out
10: Wings
11: Valentine
12: Days Of Nothing

He told us it was the first time he was playing acoustic ever in front of an audience ( I've got my doubts about it ).
Anyway the atmosphere was really laid back even though it was a bit hot, there was so many people but thanks to Cecile there were lots of cold beers, soft drinks and lots of pastries and cakes to go with.
Once again there were people from all the world : China , Japan, USA and different parts of Europe.
The world is converging on Oliver's living room.

Troy & d' Artagnan
Everyone is listening religiously, specially the girls

Troy seems to enjoy this early gig a lot ( 6:00 PM ).
Nice to have a chat with new people ( I mean girls ;-)
Many people left for the Cigale to see Grizzly Bear ( Feist was a surprise guest at the end ) so we could chill out a bit and relax in the only sofa in the room after all these emotions.
Last but not least we ended the night way past midnight over a bowl of spaghetti.
Time for a drink & lonesome Jeanne meditating
Sold -out tonight @ Oliver's

Oh Yeah ! forget to tell that Chokebore ( Troy's first band ) will be back next year with a show in Paris France.
Sorry the light, the sound are complete shite I'll upload another one soon from another source.
This is a new song by the way :

The Brian Jonestown Massacre stream " Who killed Sgt Pepper" online

Click HERE to listen to the whole record
before its Jan 2010 released

vendredi 20 novembre 2009

One Shot Not recording with Rickie Lee Jones & ... Paris Nov 19th 2009

One Shot Not TV recording with
Air, Hindi Zahra, Richard Bona, Rickie Lee Jones, PSP

Full setlist & Simon Phillips' drumstick

Back to the 15e distric in Paris for the second day of the recording of Arte tv show One Shot Not.
Yesterday I didn't really know any of the artists , I spent a nice evening (between 8:30 & 11:00 Pm ) but nothing was fantastic.
Tonight is a bit different:
Air played songs from his last cd ,
Hindi Zahra
did a couple , she's a bit like Ayo but with more depth,
Bass player extraordinaire Richard Bona did a couple too and Hindi Zahra came back to sing a Bob Marley cover with him.
Rickie Lee Jones did two songs with Pino Palladino ( The Who ) on bass and Manu Katche on drums.
Last were PSP for Simon Phillips, Pino Palladino & Phillipe Saisse on keyboards for two instrumentals jazz fusion songs, the audience asked for more so they came back for another one.

Nice evening for this one , not really rock but very enjoyable

jeudi 19 novembre 2009

One Shot Not recording Paris Nov 18th 2009

One Shot Not recording with Fink, Gurrumul, Florence & the Machine,
Axl & the Farmers, Okou, Thomas Dybdahl

Paris Nov 18th 2009