vendredi 19 avril 2019

Jay Jay Johanson @ Fnac Forum 19 Avril 2019

Jay Jay Johanson @ Fnac Forum, Paris 19 Avril 2019
 Pour la sortie de son nouvel album Jay Jay Johanson nous livre un petit set de quelques titres àau rayon disque de la Fnac Forum.
Seulement accompagné d'un pianiste, Jay Jay nous livre quelques nouveautés, dont le dernier single au refrain sifflé ainsi que quelques tubes.
Toujours aussi attachant notre ami suédois.
Dans son style habituel pop-electro-jazzy.
Le tout suivi d'une séance de dédicace.
 En concert le 08 Mai au Café de La Danse.

mercredi 17 avril 2019

AC/DC's "Powerage" & "Highway to Hell" photo session, December 1977

updated June 12 2019

 AC/DC's Powerage & Highway to Hell photo session, December 1977
Only one session two record covers

Powerage album front

 "Powerage" New Zealand ( blue lettering) / "RnR Damnation"  single Japan
 Powerage back ( color variations) / Single

 "Rock N Roll Damnation" maxi single ( noir & Blanc) / réédition 45t 1980 / "HtoH" single from Benelux
some promo / press kit & stickers from Powerage

------------------Original session December 1977 -------------------------
By Jim Houghton (photo) + assistant unknown & Earl Steinbicker ( lightning)
Art direction Bob Defrin (Atlantic)

"Jim took the photo on Ektachrome film with a Hasselblad 500EL camera equipped with an 80mm Planar lens, using a  single Balcar studio strobe, umbrella reflector and a Calumet generator."

For the same session there were two different backgrounds or lightning, one most likely used for Powerage and the other for "Highway to hell"

 the two pics in the middle are almost the one from the album cover, we're getting closer but we're still missing the original pic from the cover.

 Powerage unused pics from session, some ended up on bootlegs and others in the press.

above new addition: Déc 2019
Never could find the original pic that was used for the cover of Powerage
Fantastic Australian promo poster

Stockholm, Mannheim & Dortmund concerts

 Promotional American poster for Powerage with quite similar background (grey) and shot used on the Highway to Hell album


different album covers (original pic heavily airbrushed)
On the original picture below, Angus eyes are almost closed

 Session with grey background/ lightning

 some more...

Some adverts
Some more
German Concert advert ( or poster ?) with original picture from the session -left- / Horrible original tee shirt -right-
Tapes & bootleg Pic disc

very cool recent billboard ( where ?)
Australian advert
 German poster ( wrong side)  included in German Tour edition of Highway to Hell


Highway to hell backcover with non- airbrushed Phil Rudd Tee shirt 
Session in Brooklyn Staten Island on the unfinished West Shore Expressway spring 1979


What happened to Jim Houghton ?

He vanished many years ago, not even his family knows where he is or if he's still alive

Jim Oughton other works:

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