mardi 31 août 2010

What the fuck is she smoking ?

Yoko Ono live @ MoMA in NYC for the VOICE PIECE FOR SOPRANO & WISH TREE:


lundi 30 août 2010

Band of Horses @ Black session, C'est Lenoir France Inter, Paris August 30; 10:00PM

Band of Horses @ C'est Lenoir, Black Session
for France Inter @ Maison de la Radio , Paris August 30 2010

Each time we saw Band of Horses these last few months it was in the best conditions possible.
There was L' album de la Semaine for Canal+ on then the day after a show @ Fleche d'Or in front of less than 500 people.
Last time was just a couple of days ago in daylight @ Rock en Seine festival in front of 20000 people. (click on links for Pics, setlist, review & video)
On all theses shows they've been playing new songs ... and finally the record is out today.
Not many changes in the setlist ( see Pic) same show, but what a show.
The more I see them the more I love them.
Love this pop rock with high voice and Aerian guitars....
Very good 60 min set.

Fly high !

The Black Angels @ L' Album de la Semaine Canal+, Paris August 30 2010 8:00 PM

The Black Angels have a new album out and once again they're promoting it @ famous Canal+ Tv show : L' Album de la Semaine.
Last time was in May 2008 ( if I remember well) just before a show @ Maroquinerie.
They came back this year @ Bataclan opening for Wolfmother in January 2010 ( click on link for Pics & video).
New album but same Psyche music heavily influenced by the 60's with heavy guitars.
8 songs set, they came back to redo more song(s) but we had to go as they started late and we couldn't miss Band of Horses @ C'est Lenoir.
Cool set even though some songs tend to sound the same.
sorry no Pics or setlist

Arcade Fire @ Rock en Seine , August 29 2010

Due to circumstances beyond our control ;-))) we were unable to attend the Rock en Seine festival this sunday.
Luckily we had our spies on the site.

Here's the setlist : ( courtesy of Oliver Peel, once again should I say)
01: Ready To Start
02: Keep The Car Running
03: Neighborhood # 2 (Laika)
04: No Cars Go
05: Haiti
06: Modern Man
07: Rococo
08: The Suburbs
09: Ocean Of Noise
10: Intervention
11: We Used To Wait

12: Wake Up

Yes I know yesterday the sound was complete shit for QOTSA, too much bass.

For Roxy Music & Beirut setlists , it's HERE

The Rolling Stones , Live @ Marquee London May 1971 Video footages available

Another live video concert from the archives

Click on pic for footages

The INA institute ( french official TV archives) is streaming 7 songs from The Rolling Stones, Live @ Marquee on May 1971 before their Tax Exile in France.
Other gigs are also available :
Aretha Franklin
Live @ Olympia in Paris
The Four Tops in Paris in March 1970 for a special live tv show
The reformed Velvet Underground @ Paris' Bataclan in 1972
Pink Floyd Live in St Tropez on August 8 1970 (2nd part)

The Libertines @ Reading Festival August 28 2010 Live Footages available

Setlist from Reading Fest:(click on link for BBC footages)
'The Delaney'
'Last Post On The Bugle'
'Tell The King'
'Boys In The Band'
'Music When The Lights Go Out'
'What Katie Did'
'What Became Of The Likely Lads'
'Can't Stand Me Now'
'Death On The Stairs'
'The Ha Ha Wall'
'Don't Look Back Into The Sun'
'Time For Heroes' , crowd crush
'The Good Old Days'
'Radio America'/'Up The Bracket'
'What A Waster'
'I Get Along'

Here's the last song : " I get along" live


dimanche 29 août 2010

Massive Attack & jello biafra @ Rock en Seine, August 28 2010

Contact: irockinparis((@))yahoo((dot))fr

Massive Attack
& Jello Biafra @ Rock en Seine
Parc de St Cloud August 28 2010

Massive Attack on the main stage, they're headlining tonight, it looks like the whole festival wanted to see them.
One of the most arrogant shit I've seen this year, after 3 songs we felt sick and we couldn't miss Jello Biafra.
Jello Biafra is headling the 3rd stage, the show had already started when we get there.
That is good shit and certainely not arrogant, straight heavy rock punk with a very entertaining Jello Biafra acting every sentence of his songs.
The guy's funny: makes me think of the way Johnny Rotten is acting on stage

Patrice , our photographer went to join a couple of his friends on stage and the lucky bastard was standing next to the guys from QOTSA who seemed to really enjoy the show.
Josh Homme ( from QOTSA) and Jello hugged eachother on the side of the stage before the encore.
Very good set, nice to end this day on a happy note.

Setlist Jello Biafra

And a video from the stage:

It fuckin' rocks

Jonsi, QOTSA & LCD Soundsystem @ Rock En Seine August 28 2010

Jonsi, QOTSA & LCD Soundsystem @ Rock en Seine
Parc de St Cloud, August 28 2010
Jonsi had trouble with his electronic equipment stuck in Portugal so he played an acoustic set ( on second stage) alone at the beginning then joined by his band on drums , guitar xylophone & bass.
He has the voice of an angel but it's a bit boring specially in a festival maybe we should him in a club to really appreciate.

We left after 5-6 songs to get a decent view for QOTSA

Things are really getting hot on the main stage, it's packed, the audience is very different no more teenager girls.
They've done a killer set, but down the front we're fighting for our lives, the pit is divided in two for the first 30 rows ( front to the back) which is the most stupid thing to do, people keep on pushing as they don't see there are crash barriers.
Many other festivals have a small pit not @ Rock en Seine , too bad.

Hard to appreciate a gig when you're crushed.

LCD Soundsystem on the second stage, some of the songs are interesting but others are really boring and very repetitive.
Not fan of electronic music so we left to the main stage to see Massive attack...

Two Door Cinema Club & Paolo Nutini @ Rock en Seine August 28 2010

Two Door Cinema Club & Paolo Nutini @ Rock en Seine
Parc de St Cloud, August 28 2010
Another of those English (sorry Irish) young indie-rock bands Two Door Cinema Club came out of nowhere and played a sold out Cigale in Paris a few months ago.
We were lucky to see them at the Fnac store for a very short acoustic showcase in front of 50 people in March (click for review setlist, pics & video).

They are even more popular now, the second stage is packed with once again lots of beautiful girls

The show is enjoyable even though the music is a bit average.
Exclusive Pics ( and video) from the stage courtesy of our photographer Guino Patrice.

setlist 2 Door Cinema Club

Here's a video for ya ( from the stage):

Oh Yeah

Paolo Nutini on the main stage, great soul voice, the music is OK but it lacks "soul".
The girls love him , enjoyable when you have nothing to do.