Saturday, August 28, 2010

Band of Horses, Foals, Skunk Anansie @ Rock en seine August 27 2010

Band Of Horses, The Foals, Skunk Anansie @
Rock en Seine
Part 1 August 27 2010, Parc de St Cloud

We came mainly @ Rock en Seine fest to see Band Of Horses , once again we're late , we've missed the first song.
Band of Horses played a couple of shows this year in paris, France each time infront of a very small audience : first one was for the Album de la semaine tv show ( capacity 150) on April 7 2010 and @ Fleche d'Or ( Capacity 400) the day after. ( click on links for review , setlist, pics & video)
They will be playing in a few days a radio show for France Inter ( C'est lenoir , Black session) once again in front of a selected audience of less than 300.
No need to tell you than we love them and we were not disappointed, great gig , The audience was really into them ,quite a surprise as they're not very popular over here.
They only played 2 songs from the last record maybe to please the frenchies with more welknown tunes.
Nice to start the day like this.

SETLIST ( From Oliver Peel)
01: Islands On The Coast
02: North West Apartment
03: Is There A Ghost
04: Laredo
05: The General Specific
06: No One's Gonna Love You
07: Cigarettes, Wedding Bands
08: Compliments
09: Ode To LRC
10: The Funeral

The rest of the bill for the Rock en Seine is very poor this year for our tastes no real big names.
It is now time for The Foals to play the very same stage ( we didn't go to see Kele , former Bloc Party singer as we hate electronic shit), we saw them this year at L' Album de la semaine Tv show and we hated it, nothing's changed, they're very popular now in france and the place is packed.
The singer really sings like Robert smith, funny but we still don't like this band.

Setlist (from oliver Peel):
01: Total Live Forever
02: Cassius
03: Balloons
04: Miami
05: After Glow
06: Alabaster
07: Spanish Sahara
08: Red Socks Pugie
09: Electric Bloom
10: Two Steps Twice

With Skunk Anansie , they too have guitars but they know how to use them correctly: Heavy.
Last time we saw them was here @ Rock en Seine a couple of years ago, this time they're playing the main stage
The sound is neat, SKIN is like a lion in a cage as usual runing from one side of the stage to the other, even singing in the audience for a couple of times; and the set is heavy.
That's what we like Heavy guitars.

Very good set
Part 2 with The Kooks, BRMC & Blink 182

A new song: