mardi 31 mars 2009

Elvis Perkins @ L' Album de la Semaine Canal+ March 31tst 2009


Elvis Perkins is a busy man after playing à Black Session yesterday for C'est Lenoir on France Inter radio . ( we were @ The Wampas )
He's doing the famous Canal+ Tv Show "L 'Album de la Semaine".
He will be in concert on April 2nd @ La Maroquinerie.
He's playing a sweet folk-rock music à la Bob Dylan with some nice keyboard à la Al Kooper, a couple of songs have brass.
Songs are really coool , not the kind to headbang to.
If you like this kind of laid-back folk-rock Elvis Perkins is for you.
Sorry no pics : it's forbidden
see ya on April 1st and 2nd in Bercy for METALLICA

NEW : Ben Harper @ Cigale on April 20th

Deep Purple @ Fete de L' Humanité Sept 12th 2009

The title says it all.

Heaven & Hell @ Casino de Paris June 23rd 2009

The title says it all.
First time in Paris for Heaven & Hell feat: Ronnie James Dio , Tony Iommi , Geezer Butler & Vinnie Appice

Les Wampas @ Casino de Paris March 30th 2009

Les Wampas + Les Brats @ Casino de Paris March 30th 2009

A sold-out Casino de Paris for the French Punk-Rock band Les Wampas

I've been a few times at the Gibus club a couple of years ago for the " baby-rocker scene" , and i can't remember seeing them but support band Les Brats were awful and some of their lyrics are really appalling.

Les Wampas are one of the "finest" rock band in France.
Seeing them playing live is always like Chritsmas. The atmosphere is really relax and it seems that everybody knows each other , their fans are like a big family. Quite surprising for a Punk band it's a 50% female audience.
They've played lots of new songs and their classics.

Didier Wampas crowd-surfing

Of Course Didier , the singer , went several times crowd-surfing while singing or playing guitar to the other side of the theatre even climbing up twice to the balcony to say hello and kiss people.

Didier is training for the Bouglione Cirkus ( left )

It's a tradition for the last song all the girls are getting on the stage , watch out if you're a man you'll be punch out immediately back into the pit.

Get over us little man !

We have a winner !

Les Wampas & 'The Queen of the Night' Régine
" La grande Zoa" :

lundi 30 mars 2009

Beatles' unrealeased footage Abbey Road Studio 2 July 30th 1968

Nice 5 min+ footage of the Beatles recording songs in the EMI studio 2 Abbey Road July 30th 1968

vendredi 27 mars 2009

Eagles Of Death Metal @ Bataclan March 27th 2009

Eagles of Death Metal @ Bataclan March 27th 2009

Sold-Out again in Paris

The Pigeons of Shit Metal as Axl Rose famously called them once are back in Paris for another sold-out gig two months after their show at the Nouveau Casino ( Jan the 27th ).
I only saw them once and it was at the famous Canal+ tv show "L' Album de la semaine"(click for the review & setlist ) and i thought they were very limited and a rip-off of the Stones even tough they were funny.
I've allways prefer a serious good band to a funny shitty band.

A wild audience in da pit

Tonight i've changed my mind , seeing them in front of an excited live audience is quite a difference.
Don't get me wrong they're still a bit limited , well i'm talking about their singer Jesse, can't say that about the monster drummer ( QOTSA ) , this guy is a fucking killer on drums .
Dave Catching
on guitars is cool and doing his parts properly. They have a funny Marky Ramone look-alike on Bass.
The songs are lively ( i'm not too familiar with their repertoire ) and you can really feel that these guys are having fun.
They did a nice version of Brown Sugar and a killer " New Rose" by The Damned which was the very first Punk records months before the Sex Pistols.
Nice evening
See ya Mother Fuckers !
Setlist +
Ridiculous pass-sheet for a band that is playing theatres.

EODM with a guest on vocals :

The Pretty Things + Guests @ Trabendo March 26th 2009

The Pretty Things & guests
+ The revellions @ Trabendo March 26th 2009

The Revellions

I've missed part of the first band so can't tell you that much about it but they seem OK
Then we had The Revellions from Ireland , good set , we're in the time machine Year 1966-67, the singer was a bit wild and a bit drunk too. Nice opening.
Our fellow photographer Patrice Guino for ONCE was NOT on the guest list, and you can't imagine how pissed off he was , but thanks to one of his mate could get in. ;-)
It's Funny when these things happen as it tends to annoy him greatly and make us LoL... anyway enjoy his pictures and fuck'em all.
The 3 Stooges

Nice to see The Pretty Things back in Paris , last time we saw them was at the 40th (?) anniversary of the Gibus Club a couple of year ago.
They have two new kids on drums and Bass.
Things haven't changed that much , still the same ol' blues rock, i really dig the guitar sound ( courtesy of Dick Taylor ) and Phil is as cool as ever.
Phil is showing us a magic trick ( left )
They invited guests to come and play with them , French singer Little Bob and French guitar player Henry Padovani (who was in the first line-up of The Police before Andy Summers ) for a couple of blues songs . See video of the second song below.
Once again a nice set and don't be fooled by the setlist below a couple of things are missing on it.
Jam with Little Bob & Henry Padovani

The Pretty Guests
SETLIST, May not be accurate & May relaxing after the show

The Pretty Things +Guests Little Bob & Henry Padovani :

mercredi 25 mars 2009

Iggy Pop + guests @ " La Musicale " March 25th 2009

Iggy Pop + Keren Ann , Emma De Caunes , Catherine Ringer , Benjamin Biolay , Peaches & Izia
@ "La Musicale" Canal+ March 25th 2009
Second day of recording for this french TV show that will be broadcasted on Canal+ on April 27th.

Things went much more smoothly than yesterday , they didn't have to do 2 or 3 takes of the same song and instead of staying almost 2 hours we only stayed for an hour.
Guests were more interesting and the show was more rock.

Setlist 1

Same as yesterday as we had duets once again :
  • For the first number " Les feuilles mortes" Iggy was solo , slow song , it's a poem from Jacques Prevert , french crooner Yves Montand made it famous by singing it.
  • First duet of the night with Keren Ann , cool song too
  • Iggy solo for what is his first single ( "Kings of the dogs" ) from his new album " Preliminaires"
  • Great duet with the beautiful MC for this show Emma De Caunes ( daughter of famous Antoine De Caunes ) on " You're the boss" originally sung by Elvis and Ann Margeret
  • Another great duet with Catherine Ringer ( from Rita Mitsuko ) on Screaming Jay Hawkins ' " i put a spell on You"
  • Benjamin Biolay did a cool one with Iggy
  • Peaches as always is a bit mad , the two seems to go on well ( Peaches played on several songs from Skull Ring )
  • Last guest was Izia ( daughter of French singer Jacques Higelin ) who already opened for The Stooges in Paris a couple of years ago. She's young , in her late teens , and has a nice rocking voice à la Janis Joplin. First song was dedicated to Ron Asheton , the late Stooges who died a couple of months ago , then we were lucky to be treated with a bonus song that wasn't planned " Gloria" by Van Morrison.
setlist 2

Great night and much more better than yesterday's recording.
One again Great job by Stéphane Saunier who organised everything.
This show is really one of a kind , seeing Iggy performing duets with all these artists and having the Primeur of hearing his new songs LIVE more than one month before it's out ( May 15th ) is a real privilege.

Oh ! by the way here's the artwork from Iggy Pop 's new album " Préliminaires":

There was a press conference @ the Hotel Regina in Paris the day after and Iggy Pop confirmed that he will NOT tour for this record .
So this tv show will be the only time he performed these songs.
How lucky we were.

Chickenfoot European Tour 2009

CHICKENFOOT with Chad Smith from the Red Hot Chili Peppers , Joe satriani , Sammy Hagar & Michael Anthony from Van Halen will play the Olympia in Paris on June 29th.

European tour dates are as follows :
Cork Live at the Marquee (June 23)
London Shepherd’s Bush Empire (25)
Paris Olympia (29)
Madrid, venue TBC (July 1)
Udine Lignano Sbbiadoro (5)
Hamburg Grosse Freiheit (7)
Copenhagen Vega (8)

Iggy Pop + Graces Jones ... @ La Musicale March 24th 2009


First day of recording for this Canal+ tv show " La Musicale" specially called "Nightclubbing".

Iggy Pop has invited a few guests, the stage is like Paris in the 50's as his new album is influenced by French writer Michel Houellebecq.
Around 300 people in this studio some seating down the front as in a café others seating in stalls.

Setlist 1
All songs are duets ( except as noted ):

  • First on stage with Iggy is singer Stephan Eicher for a good rock song.
  • Then we have AYO for Jacques Brel 's " Ne me quitte pas" , this one is just ok.
  • French writter Michel Houellebecq is singing one , the poor guy seems a bit lost on the stage.
  • Iggy is doing one on his own, reading Houellebecq's text over music.
  • China Moses ( daughter of Jazz singer Dee Dee Bridgwater ) is doing a great version of Cab Calloway's "Minnie the Moocher"
  • The poor girl Arielle Dombasle is doing " Rum and cola". What the fuck is that chick doing here ? Over here in France everybody's laughing at her , zero credibility. They had to do it twice , nice ! Sooo ridiculous.
  • Special surprise as Grace Jones is a last minute addition to the program ( she was at the Grand Rex a couple of days ago , see our review HERE ). Before getting on stage they both stayed behind a white curtain so we just could see their shadow and as the technicians were getting things ready , they both had a little bit of fun doing as if they were spanking and fucking eachother, we had a good laugh .They did a rehearsal version then a proper one. Grace just laughed in the middle of the song but Iggy told her to continue as if nothing had happened .They both went singing walking around the tables in the audience. Great even though they've done Grace Jones' version of the song which is not my favorite.
  • Iggy did " The Passenger" on his own with the band and went to sing in the audience. Fantastic as he hasn't played that song probably since 2003. It's a bonus as it wasn't planned.
  • They had to do another version of " nightclubbing" so Grace Jones was called back.
  • Recording ended with a boogie Woogie on Piano
Nice evening, Iggy was really relax , still one question tough , What the fuck was doing Arielle Dombasle here ???

Setlist 2
Sorry no pictures : forbidden
see ya tomorrow for the second part with Peaches , Catherine Ringer ( rita Mitsuko ) , Keren Ann & Benjamin Biolay .

mardi 24 mars 2009

NINJA 2009 Free EP to download

Trent Reznor's Nine Inch Nails & Jane's Addiction are touring the USA

To download a free EP of unrealeased songs from NIN , Jane's Addiction and Tom Morello's Street Sweeper go HERE

lundi 23 mars 2009

Iggy Pop @ La Musicale March 24th & 25th 2009

Iggy Pop will be in Paris on the 24th & 25th to record " a Canal+ tv show : " La Musicale" specially called " Nightclubbing II" with other artists including : CATHERINE RINGER, AYO, ARIELLE DOMBASLE ( ! ), KEREN ANN, STEPHAN EICHER, PEACHES, BENJAMIN BIOLAY & CHINA MOSES.

Don't forget that The Pretty things are playing the Trabendo on the 26th.

U2 @ Stade de France July 11th and 12th 2009:

Billboard in Paris

Grace Jones @ Grand Rex Paris March 22nd 2009

Grace Jones @ Grand Rex Paris March 22nd 2009.

Not really a fan of what she's doing but my mate Ray from Ray's gigs told me that the show was great so i went.
The Grand Rex was sold-out a long time ago, touts are everywhere outside this beautiful 2000 seats capacity theatre in the center of Paris.
Funny how she has become a gay icon now , with an audience of 80 % gay male in their 30's.
The show starts with Grace singing " nightclubbing" from the top of a platform.
It's hard to believe that she's 60 years old , she's got the body of a 30 year old woman.
The voice is fine and she wears a different outfit ( at least hat ) on EVERY song, so she's going backstage between every song but that's ok as she's telling stories and jokes while getting changed.

I'm not too familiar with her repertoire but i recognised " La vie en Rose" of course , " Love is the drug" ( in a very heavy version ) , " Slave to the rythm", " Libertango", "Pull up to the Bumper".
Many songs from her last cd "Hurricane" were played.

Nice tight ass

She went to sing one in the audience and had 50 people on the stage for another.
Light show was minimalist and the whole band ( 6 musicians and 2 backing vocals girls ) was all dressed in black so was Grace Jones for the whole gig.
It was a bit like a disco with confettis and lasers just like in the 80's.

French designer Jean Paul Gaultier backstage