samedi 31 janvier 2009

MORRISSEY naked for cover of new single "I’m Throwing My Arms Around Paris"

Here's the cover

"I’m Throwing My Arms Around Paris"

Franz Ferdinand @ studio SFR

Franz ferdinand will play:
Feb 2nd @ Le Grand Journal for Canal+

Feb 3rd L' Album de la semaine @ 4 pm
and @ Studio SFR @ 8pm

Here's the invitation for the Studio SFR

vendredi 30 janvier 2009

Thomas Dutronc @ trabendo Sessions Paris Jan 30th 2009

Thomas Dutronc is the son of french singer Françoise Hardy and actor-singer Jacques Dutronc
He's a great acoustic gypsy-style guitar player, amazing how sometimes he looks like his father , the voice is even very similar.
His music is a mix of Gypsy jazz à la Stéphane Grapelli and french " variété" .
The show was mostly boring to me.
His first record is selling like hot cakes in France , but it's not my cup of tea.

U2 @ Stade de France July 2009

Strong rumours are suggesting that U2 wil play the Stade de France on July 10th ( or 11th ).
A show at the Nikaia stadium in Nice ( south of France ) is confirmed for July 15th.

jeudi 29 janvier 2009

Cocoon @ Trabendo sessions Paris Jan 29th 2009

Cocoon @ "Trabendo sessions" , private gig for french tv Virgin 17.
After playing a sold-out Olympia , not so long ago , french indie-pop-folk duet Cocoon ( singing in English , please ) is playing in front of a selected audience of 200 people .

They have a huge hit here : " on my way ", they've only done one record and tonight we have the Primeur of a couple of new songs.
First time i'm seeing them so it's nice to be in such an intimate place.
Lots of talking between songs , to tune the guitar and to relax as the singer is telling us that he's so nervous about the recording. But they're doing fine so this chap shouldn't panic.
The atmosphere is very relax and everything is going very smoothly.
The music is really cool lots of slow songs , their fastest his their hit single " on my way ".
Funny how they're working like an old couple ( which they are not, so he says ) , they're quite young, talking to each other, telling a few jokes and even embarrassing each other to our delight.
It seems that a few naked pictures of both of them are circulating in private circles !!!
Anyway that's none of our bizness , even tought the girl is soooo cute we'd like to see this.
They don't take it too seriously so they 're playing a Tokyo hotel cover ( see video ).

Check their myspace:

Very good 90 min concert.
Don't miss them on their next shows at Paris' Cigale on May 19th and 20th
and special gig @ Maroquinerie on May 22nd

AC/DC 's Exhibition @ Proud Galleries in London

Pictures from the exhibition @ Proud Galleries in Camden London
from Feb 5th - May 31th


the early daze

mercredi 28 janvier 2009

Billy Powell Keyboardist for Lynyrd Skynyrd dead at 56

After the death of Stooges' Ron Ashton it's with great sadness that we've heard that Billy Powell , keyboard player in Lynyrd Skynyrd died of a suspected heart attack at his home in Prange Park , Florida.
Powell, who has a history of heart problems, called 911 emergency at about 12:55 am because he was having trouble breathing. When rescue crews arrived they tried to perform CPR but were unsuccessful in reviving the 56-year-old, reports the Associated Press.
He 's the fifth member of Lynyrd Skynyrd to die after Ronnie Van Zant , Steve Gaines , Allen Collins & Leon Wilkeson.

contact : irockinparis ( @ )

Kaiser Chiefs + Danananaykroyd @ Olympia Jan 27th 2009

Kaiser Chiefs and Dananananaykroyd @ Olympia Paris Jan 27th 2009

First band on stage in a SOLD-OUT Olympia is Dananananykroyd , they were already playing when i get into the venue. They sound a bit like Los campesinos with 2 singers, as you can see on the pictures they went down in the pit to sing and ask for " free hugs ".
Entertaining. - click on pictures for the full monthy -

Da-Nananana-ykroyd in the pit
and on stage
right in the nuts ... ergh sorry ! ...eye !!!

Then we have Kaiser Chiefs , they've always been very good live .
I'm a bit disappointed by the new cd, but sometimes you rediscover a record by having the songs played live. They opened the show with the first song from the new cd , good.
Then things started getting really hot 'til the last song.
The lightning is great and Ricky is , as usual , doing the show ; running from one side to the other,Jumping up and down ( see pictures ), having the audience sing every word . Even the people on the balcony are standing up and dancing. Ricky even had a girl on stage ( see video )
I'm glad they changed the venue to this theatre , the Zénith was too big for them , you fully appreciate Kaiser Chiefs in a club face to face.
This gig is probably not my favorite from the boys, i've seen them many times in clubs before, but everyone went home with a big smile on their face including me.
Bluesy / Greeny
Yellowy / ready
yeah YOuuuuuuuuu

Flying high
Flying high ...again

Vintage T shirt & setlist ( may be inaccurate i'll check tomorrow )

" Modern Way " :

lundi 26 janvier 2009

Franz Ferdinand @ Studio SFR & " L' Album de la semaine" for Canal+ on February 3rd & more ...

Franz Ferdinand will be very busy next week in Paris , On tuesday 3rd February they will play 2 shows :

1) Canal+ TV Show " L' Album de la semaine " at 4 pm. ( time confirmed )

2) Studio SFR for a private showcase at 8 pm ( announced a week ago in the press )

Franz Ferdinand will also play one song live @ " Le Grand Journal " for Canal+ on Feb 2nd.

Pete Doherty will be in Paris on Feb 2nd to play @ Taratata tv recording

OASIS will be in Paris too on Feb 3rd to play live on the same tv show " Le Grand journal" .

The britishs are taking over Paris

Eagles of death Metal @ L ' album de la semaine Canal+ Jan 26th 2009

Original setlist incomplete

The Eagles of Death Metal are in Paris tonight to play famous tv show " L 'Album de la semaine "
They also have a gig @ Nouveau Casino ( sold out ) on tuesday 27th.

Kaiser Chiefs are playing on the same day at the Olympia.

i'm just back from The Eagles of death metal ( AKA Pigeons of Shit Metal ).
Decent show from the boys. The singer is really a character looking cool and funny... allright he's limited on the guitar but it's ok for the Classic rock they're playing. I though they would be much more heavy ( so i was disappointed ).
They took it all , well most of it from the Rolling Stones , on a couple of songs The Glimmer Twins could sue their asses for plagiarism.
They have borrow the drummer from the Queens of the Stone Age , this guy is a monster and the music is so cool & relax( compare to QOTSA ) that he gives the impression that he could do the ironing while playing drums .
They've played their set and came back on stage to play 2 songs another time ( including " wanna be in LA" ) and added 2 others at the end of their set.

Bruce Springsteen @ Festival des vieilles charrues July 16th 2009

That's official :
Bruce Springsteen & the E street band will play in Britanny at the Festival des vieilles charrues in Carhaix on july 16th.
Other bands confirmed on the same day are Fiction Plane , The Killers + another still unknown band.
Capacity for this festival is only 43 000 .
For the moment that's his only show in France, and might the only one.

Bruce Springsteen European tour 2009 so far :
May 30 Pinkpop Festival Landgraaf, NED 3/7
June 2 Ratinan Stadion Tampere, FIN 1/26
9 a.m.
June 4 Stockholm Stadion Stockholm, SWE 1/26,
10 a.m.
June 5 Stockholm Stadion Stockholm, SWE 1/26
10 a.m.
June 9 Bergenhus Festning - Koengen Bergen, NOR 1/26,
June 10 Bergenhus Festning - Koengen Bergen, NOR 1/26,
9 a.m.
July 2 Olympiastadion Munich, GER check here
July 3 Commerzbank-Arena Frankfurt, GER check here

Despite a public onsale for Munich and Frankfurt listed as 1/26, we're told that "Tickets are on sale NOW at If you can't go directly to buy them, get yourself registered under Ticketalarm. You will than get an email allowing you to register for the tickets. This registration is binding and you will get a confirmation by email."
July 5 Ernst Happel Stadion Vienna, AUS 1/26
July 8 MHC Messecenter Herning, DEN 1/26,
10 a.m.
July 11
RDS Arena Dublin, IRE 1/30,
9 a.m.

July 19 Stadio Olimpico Roma, ITA TBA
July 21 Stadio Olimpico Torino, ITA TBA
July 23 Stadio Friuli Udine, ITA TBA
July 31 Estadio Municipal de Foietes Benidorm, SPA TBA

vendredi 23 janvier 2009

Pete Doherty @ Taratata Feb 2nd 2009

Pete Doherty will be in Paris to promote his first solo record "Grace/Wastelands" on Feb 2nd @ french tv show Taratata ( other artists including Keane , friendly fire + others...). Sold out.

Reminder : Pete will be @ the Bataclan for 2 shows on March 9th and 10th ( the first one is already sold-out ) Adam Ficek 's Roses Kings Castles will be the opening band.
Adam Ficek will also play a free show @ the Gibert Joseph store on March 11th.

I've heard a few things about David Bowie recording a new album in Berlin , how can the NME relate such a stupid thing just because someone who calls himself David Bowie posted on Twitter : "Cheers from a snowy Berlin! Working on some new material!" ?
NME where's your credibily gone on this ???

Also have mixed emotions on news about The Faces reforming or not reforming , the management denied it but some news coming from London are telling me that it's on for 2009.

Keziah Jones @ Trabendo Paris Jan 22nd 2009 RATP "Destination Musique "

Keziah Jones ' private show @Trabendo for the RATP ( Parisian transportation ) Destination Musique.
Invit' only for VIPs and competition winners.
The Trabendo is a 500 capacity club, so it is now a real privilege to see him playing in such a small place as he's filling up the Olympia Theatre ( 2500 Capacity ) for several nights.
His last album was a success thanks to a very good promotion ( and his talent ) Keziah Jones played 4 secret shows in the Parisian Underground,where he was supposed to have been discovered many years ago, I was at 3 of them.
The press coverage was massive.

see past reviews here: ( all with videos )

Invitation front side

He gave a catastrophic concert @ the Olympia in November , tonight he seems much more relax as usual he sometimes plays out of key, but that's allright .
He's in a good mood and he's talking with the audience. Interacting should I say .
He played a couple of songs on his own and has the audience sing.
Short set , just an hour including the encore with a very good version of his hit record " Rythm is love "
Nice gig but he could do better ( and certainly worse )

Invitation back side

Keziah Jones Blue-Funkin'
Here's a B-side:

There was an aftershow party afterwards for a 100 VIPs with champagne ans canopes, Keziah stayed there less than 2 minutes when he saw the crowd and made a quick exit , too bad.

mercredi 21 janvier 2009

The Faces are rolling for 2009

The Faces with Rod Stewart and Rolling Stones' Ronnie Wood are planning shows for 2009.
LA's Hollywood Bowl is confirmed and a big announcement will be made soon for some London shows...
So stay tuned to Rockerparis for more info ...

Check my english friend's website for what's going on in London:

More News coming from the NME 's website :
1) They've wrote ( which doesn't mean they recorded it ) a new album in 3 days .
2) Flea will be their bass player ( replacing the late Ronnie Lane ).

Well , i hope they will spend more time writing new material , 3 days is a little bit short to write a whole new cd and i don't know if Flea ( From the Red Hot Chili Peppers ) is the right choice for The Faces ( what about Glenn Matlock ??? )

Bruce Springsteen news : a few European stadium shows have been confirmed in Finland and Sweden beginning of June. and talks for a show in Nice ( south of France ) in July .

AC / DC news : Boxoffice for the Marseilles' show on June 9th will open Jan 27th.

King's X @ New Morning Paris Jan 20th 2009

It's been a long time coming...
18 Years to finally see King's X playing an headlining show in Paris France.
Last time they played here was in Bercy in 1991 opening for AC / DC.
Unusual place to see a "heavy metal" band as we are in the famous jazz club New Morning.
Needless to say that the show was sold -out a long time ago
The french audience listened religiously from the first second they were on till the last one , 90 minutes later. You could feel that the band was very happy to be playing in France last.
The sound is crystal clear and Doug has a fantastic bass sound.
Funny to watch the whole audience moving their heads to the beat of the drums, lots of press is also here tonight with many photographers to catch this historical moment.
Many people were left outside without ticket.
And they' ve missed something tonight. Their sophisticated progressive metal is perfect and they've just done a great show !
Thanks guys and don't wait 18 years to come back to Paris .
Power trio