mercredi 30 septembre 2009

Gigs for October in Paris

It's been very quiet for this week
Here are the next shows in Paris :

Sept 30th :
Au Revoir Simone @ Cabaret Sauvage
Starsailor @ Elysée Montmartre

Oct 2nd:
Tony Franck Photo Exhibition @ Fnac Forum 5:30 PM
Elton John & Ray Cooper @ Palais des Congres
The Cult @ Bataclan
Oliver Peel session with Mad Man & Leopold Skin

Oct 3rd:
Sean Lennon @ Point Ephemere
Tori Amos @ Palais des Congres

Oct 4th:
Roses Kings Castles @ disquaires ( 6 rue des Taillandiers near Bastille )
Green Day @ Bercy ( sold out )
SparkleHorse @ Trabendo

Oct 5th:
Stella McCartney Fashion show @ Palais de Tokyo 10AM
Graham Coxon + Dot Allison + Roses Kings Castles & Peter Doherty @ Zénith
Roses Kings Castles @ Belushi's ( 5 min walk from the Zénith ) @ 11 PM
Yoko Ono & Sean Lennon @ Le Grand journal Canal+ TV Show

Oct 6th:
CHANEL fashion show @ Grand Palais 10AM

The Dynamites feat Charles Walker @ L' Album de la semaine TV Show
Great soul/Funk Music, Bookings here : Bertrand 01 55 93 40 48 NOW

Jay Jay Johanson @ New Morning
Alexander McQueen fashion show @ salle Marcel Cerdan Bercy 8:30 PM

Oct 7th:
Mick Taylor ( Ex Rolling Stones ) @ Le Plan in Ris Orangis ( 10 miles outside Paris )

lundi 28 septembre 2009

AC / DC 's Backtracks Box -set The visual :

Updated Sept 29th :

Here's the link with lots of pics from the collector's box-set , the details for all the tracks on cd & dvd and so on....

The only thing I can say after seeing this : the so called "unreleased songs"... and the price they're selling it

How can you sell something like this ?
There's NOTHING at all in this boxset , all the so-called unreleased songs are all well-known songs that any AC/DC fans already have.
Not mentioning all the songs from the "Live at Donington" & " No Bull"
This limited edition boxset is also manufactured in the USA which means that there are taxes (30 euros ) and shipping (45 euros ) so : 75 Euros to add to the price .
Don't tell me that SONY couldn't have manufactured it in Europe.
Fuckin' crooks.

Here's the visual for the box-set , out in mid -November

vendredi 25 septembre 2009

U2 European Tour 2010

Yes, they will be back next year in Europe
Bono needs some more money
Remember the sucker doesn't pay taxes
U2 Ltd is registered in a Tax Haven
LOts of OOooOOOhh & AAaaAAhhHHhh for 2010

Frankfurt Commerzbank Arena (August 3)
Hannover Stadium (12)
Horsens Casa Arena (15)
Helsinki Olympic Stadium (20)
Moscow Luzhniki (25)
Vienna Ernst Happel Stadium (30)
Athens Olympic Stadium (September 3)
Istanbul Ataturk Olympic Stadium (6)
Munich Olympic Stadium (15)
Paris Stade De France (18)
Seville Olympic Stadium (29)
Coimbra Stadium (October 2)

mercredi 23 septembre 2009

Alison " VV" Mossheart before The Kills in Punk band Discount ( video )

Yes my friend before joining The Dead Weather with Jack White or The Kills with Jamie hince , the lovely Alison was singing in a florida punk band called Discount and they've done 3 records.
Here's a live video with Alison with short hair :

mardi 22 septembre 2009

The Big Pink @ L' Album de la Semaine Paris Sept 22nd 2009

The Big Pink @ L' Album de la Semaine
Paris Sept 22nd 2009

Back to the famous Canal+ Tv Show this time to see Indus-electro band The Big Pink.
Many people are talking about them across the channel.
Their debut album is out shortly over here but it's not the first time that they're playing in Paris , I think they've already played twice in the capital a few months ago.
Anyway this was my first time , i'm not really into that kind of music but they've done a good set.
They're not to electro or indus and have cool atmospheric songs, of course every "dark" band has a bass that sounds like the one in Joy Division so they do.
They have a cute japanese girl on drums , maybe they should turn the guitar up a bit as it's barely distinct in the mix.
They also should smile or communicate with the audience but I guess it's part of their trip.
Nice set

Kings Of convenience are playing a private show in a secret location tomorow for the Blogotheque. They will ply a proper show @ Bataclan in November.

Emilie Simon @ Fnac Forum Paris Sept 22nd 2009

Contact : irockinparis ( @ )

Emilie Simon
Showcase @ Fnac Forum
Sept 22nd 2009 Paris

French singer Emilie Simon is promoting her brand new album "The big Machine ".
It's a free showcase for 200 people ( first come first serve ) in the auditorium of french store Fnac in the heart of Paris ( Les Halles )
She's very talented , good looking and has beautiful voice.
Her first record was electro-pop so she has been called the French Bjork now I guess that people will call her the French Kate Bush as she has the same way of singing with the same high tone, this is even more true as her new songs are much more pop , played on the piano.
No more electronics.
Unfortunately she only played 5 songs ( around 30 min ) nevertheless i've appreciate every minute of it.

I think that I really have a crush on her , she's so cute. Look at this beautiful smile.
Message from Patrice: "sorry for the pics they're really crap "

We don't want to get into private matters but Emilie, if you're reading this, ALL our love goes to you ;-)

lundi 21 septembre 2009

Alberta Cross @ L' Album de la semaine Canal+ tv show Sept21st 2009

Alberta Cross @ L' Album de la Semaine
Paris sept 21st 2009

Anglo-swedish New York based band Alberta Cross is playing this famous Canal+ Tv show in front of a selected audience of 200 people.
They are here to promote their debut album out recently "Broken side of time"
They look like the guys from the Black Crowes and are playing the same kind of music : blues rock with a modern guitar disonnance sound even though they have a hammond or Rhodes older sound for the keyboards.
Songs are good but there's nothing really fantastic , they made me think of a band like 22-20's without the power or the talent for the composition.
Overall enjoyable.

Tomorrow Sept 22nd Emilie Simon is playing a showcase @ Fnac Forum & The Big Pink are playing L' Album de la semaine".

dimanche 20 septembre 2009

Ian Paice & Billy Cobham @ "Bag' Show" Trianon Paris Sept 20th 2009

Contact : irockinparis ( @ )

Ian Paice
& Billy Cobham
@ " Bag' Show " 30th Birthday
Sept 20th 2009 Trianon Paris

Ian is getting ready

Every year famous parisian drum store La Baguetterie is doing a clinic with famous drummers, to celebrate their 30th Anniversary , they've book a theatre in Pigalle.
It started really early , too early for me : 10:00 AM.
As you get into the venue there are drums everywhere and you can play'em but what's more interesting is that many drummers are playing on the main stage.
So many I can't name them but I 'm damn sure they were pretty good.
We came around 5:00 PM to see Deep Purple 's drummer , and also one of my favorite drummer: Ian Paice.

Ian surrounded with women

We ( I mean Patrice Guino , our photographer ) were lucky to secure an "all access pass" so we ( he ) could get backstage and ON the stage .
Second time for him this month to be ON stage with Ian Paice after Deep Purple's show at the Fete de l' Humanité on Sept 12th 2009 ( see review Pics and video HERE )
Ian was relax and signed autograph and posed for pictures backstage before getting ready doing little exercices to warm up.
Roadies set the drums right, he said hello to billy Cobham who was tuning his drums, too bad we don't have a picture of the two together, then he played just for us before beeing introduced to the stage.
He played a couple of minutes with some girls ( see pictures ) and then played on his own.
Needless to say he rocks , drum soli can be so boring sometimes but not with Ian Paice .

Best seat in the house: ON stage

Ian answered a few questions from the audience , here are some of answers :

1 )He doesn't really warm up before a show just little exercices for his wrists , " and 2 Jack Daniels !" was his answer.
2) He changed manufacturer in the 70's because Ludwig has been bought out by a bigger company and the drum kit were a lower quality so he turned to Pearl which was really making the whole drum kit themselves and not manufacturing some parts by other Cies.
3) Interesting thing about the "Fireball" intro, its played with a double bass drum because played with just one it lacked power, so as he didn't have a double-bass drum one at the time and The Who were recording in the same studio he borrowed one of Keith Moon's to play with.
4) He anwered other technical ones like with your arm you can bang harder but with the wrists it's faster and so on ...
That was VERY interesting.
He even revealed that he doesn't really use all of his Toms ,and that he can play with only 3 but he has more because it looked good.
he then show us that he could play with only one ( see picture below)

Impressive even with a kids' drumkit

Intro to "Fireball" :

Billy Cobham was next , he didn't do any demonstration , it was a proper concert , just instrumental with a neat french band.

This guy is very impressive from the stage ( dixit Patrice ) and even from the audience.
Very good Jazz-rock hour set.
Billy went to sign stuffs in the lobby after the show.

I would like to personnally thank all the staff involved with this event , these guys have work hard with technicians and MC running everywhere to be on time ( only 15 min late by the end of the day) Things went very smoothly for the whole day and the people working there were really nice

Lenny Kravitz , Keziah Jones , Ayo , Charlie Winston, Kasabian & Olivia Ruiz @ Peace one day Fest in Grand Rex Paris Sept 19th 2009

Lenny Kravitz , Keziah Jones , Olivia Ruiz, Charlie Winston, Ayo & Kasabian
@ "Peace one day" Festival , Grand Rex Paris Sept 19th 2009

The Grand Rex is sold-out tonight for this charity event for an organization I've never heard of before. Tickets are up to 110 Euros , so not the usual concert goer but posh well dressed people and lots of classy women in their thirties.
The bill is pretty lame apart from Kasabian & Lennyyyy .
Each band is playing 4-5 songs and in between , as the roadies are setting everything up for the next artist we have the lovely french actress Elsa Zylberstein to introduced short movies on this " Peace one day" organization.

Kasabian are first on this lovely stage in one of the most beautiful cinema in Europe.
4 songs , no hits , too bad... but people didn't seem to care a lot about them.
The singer has changed a lot he's beautifully dressed with short hair , he's looking like Brett Anderson from Suede , I hardly recocgnised him.
Cool set.
Saul Williams & MC Elsa Zylberstein

Saul Williams is taking the stage for some rap poetry.
Ayo is next , she's doing vey well in France and all her shows are sold-out , hard to believe as there's nothing wrong to say about her music but there's nothing good either.
The audience loved her.
You just have to admit that she's shining and is probably a very lovely girl but the music ...
Nevertheless her set was ok


Charlie Winston is also doing very well in France too with a couple of hits , impossible not to know his songs as every radio is playing them.
The music is as good as Ayo to me but his short set was fun, with people whistling his famous hit while he tried to talk between songs.
Intermission for 20 min

Charlie Winston

Olivia Ruizzzzzzzz ...

The only french singer tonight is the very boring and opportunist French female singer Olivia Ruiz, she tried to get people to stand up but wasn't very succesfull.
Charlie Winston & Ayo did better without raising an eyebrow.
Her band was good and rocking but the poor girl really sucks.

Keziah Jones

Keziah Jones is on his own with his acoustic guitar , no hits played either for him , cool guitar work. He' s the master of the blue-funk.
Nice set.

Then the moment all the girls are waiting for Mr Lenny Kravitz himself introduced by the foxy french actress Aissa Maiga, I think I'm in love.
Anyway Mr "Rock star" is late and for the first time this evening we had to wait 5 min.
All the girls ( I mean women ) are getting close to the stage

Aissa Maiga

Here it is , finally Mr Kravitz , surprising the audience with a very relax version of " Are you gonna go my way". HERE on video.

Second song played is " Let love rule " with audience participation , Lenny even get in the pit to sit down next to our fellow photographer Patrice Guino, the girls are getting mad.
Unfortunately the guy in charge of this organization is getting on stage ( with Elsa ) to speak for 5 min.
This sucker is a Bob Geldof wanabee , is he running for the Nobel Prize or What ? or is he trying to be more famous than Bono ?
All the short movies we saw tonight were all about Him , him & him doing this and that.
Can you hear me Paris ?

Lenny came back to play a very soft version of " Believe" and then good night .
Is that a fucking joke ?
Come on Lenny I'm sure you can do better.
Shortest set for this evening but far more better than any other artist including the Kasabian.
Best seat in the house

Craig Ross ( right )

Lenny & Bob Geldof wanabee + Elsa

Goodbye everybody , 3 songs is enough for me !

Keziah relaxing aftershow + rehearsals sheet

samedi 19 septembre 2009

Carl Barat & Adam Green @ Centre Pompidou Paris Sept 18th 2009

contact: irockinparis ( @ )

Carl Barat
& Adam Green @ Centre Pompidou
Paris sept 18th 2009

"Stage of the Art" is moving for this gig from the Palais de Tokyo to the Centre Pompidou.
The auditorium is like a movie theatre with confortable sofa holding around 350 people.
Lots of girls ( 90 % )

First is Adam Green on stage with full band and rocking ( video HERE ) for a couple of songs , then he's on his own on the acoustic guitar for a few others.

Adam Green introduced Carl Barat and they did a duet , then Carl is on his own for a few songs, we were lucky to hear 3 new ones ( see setlist for details ) then Adam joined in for another duet.

Adam Green is back on his own for a few songs and is joined by Carl Barat for a couple of songs including last one of the show a cover of " Kokomo" by the Beach Boys as it seemed improvised Carl went to the drums as he didn't know the lyrics to this song.

Sorry no setlist for Adam Green as he probably didn't have any as he asked the audience which songs they wanted to hear.

Adam was really intoxicated throughout the gig, fooling around as usual but this time a bit more , he tried to stick a couple together from the audience with a roll of gaffer tape, then did the same with microphones and his guitar to finally break it à la Pete Townshend ( video HERE )
He even tried to interrupt Carl singing ( video here )
It gave a little bit of animation.
But nothing seemed really rehearsed , it was a bit of a mess.
Carl even had numerous problems with his guitars

Overall good and funny show but it could have been better.

Aftershow party at the Cha Cha club nearby.

Part of the Setlist ( Carl )