dimanche 29 avril 2012

Miles Kane @ Cigale, Paris April 30 2012

Miles Kane @ Cigale, Paris April 30 2012
Miles Kane is back in the french capital for another show, after opening for Arctic Monkeys, three times in Paris ( @ Casino, where we were, @ Olympia, that was broadcasted live on Arte live web & @ Zénith in February this year).
He put on a great show but time was restricted as he was only opening, tonight Miles is headlining @ Cigale and the show was sold-out months ago.
It's packed with a 70% female audience in their late teens, The DJ is playing some cool tunes ,The Who's "I can't see for Miles" among many others.
The PA is playing George Harrison's "Wha Wha" when the band is getting on stage (video below), Miles is the last one and is welcomed with screams...

That little fellow's really rocking and rolling the theater, always a smile on his face.
It's probably the 5th time that we're seeing them and each time it's getting better & better.
I remember the first time we saw him playing as a solo artist (for the Canal+ tv show L'Album de la Semaine) just a year ago and we were a bit disappointed as it was less rock than The Rascals.

Things have changed, they are rocking like maniacs but still have that pop feel that is more obvious on the album.
Miles Kane is also a great composer with songs that you can sing along to, to the joy of the girls tonight, The band even get a couple of bras on stage and a few roses.
Maybe they could have played a few more songs, what about a couple of Rascals or Last Shadow Puppets ?
70 min max is a bit short.
We're not gonna complain the kid can deliver, one of our best show this year so far...
Another GREAT show by Miles Kane
setlist & merchandising "Je t'aime Miles Kane"

First song with Intro:

Miles Kane @ Inrocks festival in Nov 2011 @ Cigale,
@ Rock en Seine , august 2011
@ Album de la Semaine March 2011
Check our reviews of Arctic Monkeys @ Rock en Seine 2011, @ Cigale on June 16, @ L'Album de la Semaine on June 15 2011 & @ Zénith in 2009

Check also Check our reviews of The Last Shadow Puppets @ Olympia on August 26 2008 & @ Album de la Semaine for Canal+ the day after.

The Dandy Warhols @ Olympia, Paris April 29 2012

contact: irockinparis(((@))yahoo((dot))fr

updated : May 1st with setlist

The Dandy Warhols
@ Olympia, Paris April 29 2012

Early start @ The Olympia on sunday, we forget about it so we're making our way in the theater and the band is already playing their second second.
We've missed "We used to be friends" Fuck it !
It's not sold out but it's packed.
The Dandy Warhols have been off the radar for a few years now because of some average and poorly received records but they still have a big fan base in France.
Can't remember the last time we saw them, probably opening for David Bowie @ Paris Bercy or @ Bataclan where they've played for 3h30 min.
The musicians are all on one line in front of the stage including the drummer, as usual the lightning is crap (for our photographer) but perfect for the kind of music that they're playing.
Courtney is still acting like a diva but with a sense of humor, Zia still as cool & sexy.
Lots of songs that we're not very familiar with in the first part of the show, the last part is filled with more well-known and better songs.
Even tough it's not really the kind of music to pogo with , there were lots of pushing a a few crowd surfers down in the pit (?!?)
Cool 1h50 min gig but it could have been better

1. Mohammed

2. We Used To Be Friends

3. Not If You Were The Last Junkie On Earth

4. I Love You

5. Good Morning

6. The Last High

7. I Am Free

8. Holding Me Up
9. Enjoy Yourself

10. Sad Vacation

11. Burned

12. Well They’re Gone

13. Everyday Should Be A Holiday

14. The Autumn Carnival

15. Bohemian Like You

16. Get Off

17. Horse Pills

18. Wasp in The Lotus

19. Godless

20. Country Leaver

**** (rappel)

21. Boys Better


samedi 28 avril 2012

The Smashing Pumpkins' "Oceania": cover & tracklisting revealed

art work

The full track listing for Oceania is as follows:
"The Celestials"
"Violet Rays"
"My Love Is Winter"
"One Diamond, One Heart"
"Pale Horse"
"The Chimera"

vendredi 27 avril 2012

Journée internationale du jazz @ Unesco, Paris April 27 2012

Journée internationale du jazz @ Unesco, Paris April 27 2012

Featuring Herbie Hancock, Marcus Miller, Hugh Masekela, George Benson, Dee Dee Bridgewater, China Moses...

Herbie Hancock (far left), Hugh Masekela (left), Marcus Miller(right) Manu Katche/Hugh & Marcus @ rehearsals

First International Jazz Day @ Unesco headquarters in Paris.
All day event with lots of masterclasses feat. all those great Jazz musiciens or singers
First we had a speech by Herbie Hancock, UNESCO goodwill Ambassador & Irina Bokova the Director General Of the UNESCO.
Then we left for another room to attend Herbie Hancock's masterclass, in fact it wasn't really a masterclass, as he didn't play any piano, it was an interview, interesting nevertheless.
Dee Dee Bridgewater was next in the same room but we left for Hugh Masekela's masterclass, this was a real one, as he taugh us to sing a tune, that was fun.
Barbara Hendricks was next.
There was so many things going on at the same time it was hard to go and see everything as there were several rooms filled with musicians performing small gigs in each room.
There was also screenings of Montreux Jazz Fest footage, a photo exhibition, some jazz"talks"...

After having lunch nearby we went back for the Marcus Miller's masterclass, that was the coolest thing we saw today amix of question/answer and bass demonstration. Some music were played by Sly & the Family Stone, Graham Central Station & so on and Marcus told us in which way each bass player (Larry Graham, Stanley Clarke, Pastorius) influenced him... The impact of Miles Davis on his life...He had a standing ovation and even tough we had extra time with him, those 40 min we spent with him felt like 10.

We made our way to the main room to attend the rehearsals for the evening show where Marcus Miller was already playing with Hugh Masekela & Manu Katche on drums.

4:30 pm that was the end for us before tonight's show with Herbie Hancock & friends.

Evening show:
That was the main event for the day and a tough one to get tickets, thanks to the PR of the Unesco for this one.
Lots of musicians on the main stage , each band is playing one or two songs: Dee Dee Bridgewater, China Moses, Hugh Masekela, Bireli Lagrene, Dominique Fillon,Tania Maria, Barbara Hendricks...& many others. some good, some very good and some less interesting
We had an impressive Marcus Miller.
Herbie Hancock joined the house band for the last 2 songs doing one with Dee Dee Bridgewater & China Moses.
Of course taking pics was strictly forbidden except for the encore, cool as George Benson is a guest for a 10min+ rendition of "on Broadway" with the whole cast (but Barbara Hendricks).
great concert that was broadcasted live on Arte Live web

Herbie & George Benson + Dee Dee Bridgewater & China Moses

The whole cast "on Broadway"

Abstract @ Gibus club, Paris April 27 with SOBO+The Breeze+The Crazy Poodles+West Steamers+(No) Nudge


Abstract aime le Gibus et le prouve encore une fois avec un programme drôlement affriandant !
Où comment réviser sa géographie et son actualité rock'nrollienne en une seule et magnifique soirée.
Une montagne de plaisir !

19h00 Ouverture des portes

19h10 - 19h40: (No) Nudge (Maisons-Laffitte/Saint-Germain-en-Laye)
Avec deux N comme Nirvana, (No) Nudge se sont plongés dans le grunge à la vitesse d'un canard savant.
Des éclairs de poussière, des rayons fluorescents et surtout une mare de guitares expertes. On dira plutôt deux fois OUI !

19h45 - 20h15: West Steamers (Carrières-sur-Seine)
De l'ouest profond, West Steamers ont retenu la vapeur de la machine, l'éclat du diamant et l'apreté du sol. Ils en ont fait un rock teinté de blues conquérant et sauvage à venir se faufiler dans les entrailles de la terre.
Le Wild Wild West est de retour !

20h20 - 21h05: The Crazy Poodles (Aix-en-Provence)
Faut vraiment être fada pour faire du rock'n roll à cette vitesse là !
Abreuvés à l'anisette et secoués par le mistral, The Crazy Poodles savent déja tout faire et pas que des calissons. Chiens fous du rock français , ils veulent plus que des récompenses !

21h15- 21h50: The Breeze (Bordeaux)
Un vent nouveau souffle depuis l'Atlantique ! Doux et subtil, le rock made in The Breeze se chante principalement en français, se distingue par ses magnifiques envolées et ses éclats de verre. Prenez donc le large !

21h55 - 22h45: SOBO (Amiens)
SOBO ou comment le rock d'Amiens a trouvé en quatre lettres et trois secondes un souffle épique, une jouissance rare et une force incontrôlée. On pense notamment à The Horrors dans cet art de concilier grandeur et décadence en deux notes et une seule vision grandiose.

Préventes: 8 euros
Sur place: 10 euros

Le Gibus
18 rue du Faubourg du Temple
75011 Paris
Métro: République

jeudi 26 avril 2012

The Lemonheads @ Maroquinerie, Paris April 26 2012

The Lemonheads @ Maroquinerie, Paris April 26 2012

The Maroquinerie is quite full for Evan Dando & his Lemonheads.
Nice start with a few songs on acoustic guitar then the band is joining in to play the album "It's a shame about Ray". He also took some requests and played some of the most well known Lemonheads songs. Some of them were played with just Evan on electric guitar.
He suddenly stopped put his guitar down and complained that his monitor wasn't working properly and started again after a roadie quickly fixed it but Evan seemed on another planet for the whole set, playing with his eyes closed or fixing the ceiling.
The way he abruptly stopped every song really showed that he really didn't give a fuck, its too bad because the Lemonheads have some great catchy pop tunes and he really did a good job.
He left the stage after only 75 min , never to come back, no encore.
We all felt a bit cheated even though everyone enjoyed the gig.



Evan Dando solo acoustic:
Outdoor Type
Being Around
Big Red Sun Blues (Lucinda Williams)
Frying Pan (Victo
ria Williams)
Hard Drive
with band

Rockin’ Stroll


It’s A Shame About Ray


My Drug Buddy

Turnpike Down

Bit Part

Alison’s Starting To Happen

Hannah & Gabi


Ceiling Fan In My Spoon

Evan Dando solo electric:
Frank Mills

No Backbone
It's About Time
Impractical Joke (Smudge)

Half The Time

with band:
Mallo Cup
Down About It
Break Me
Great Big No

Great Lake Swimmers @ Fargo store, Paris April 26 2012 6:00 pm

Great Lake Swimmers @ Fargo store, Paris April 26 2012 6:00 pm

Great 5-6 songs set , on his own on the acoustic guitar before the show with the whole band @ Petit bain
He started with a Gram Parsons' cover before playing songs from the new album and a couple of oldies on requests

Lisa Hannigan + Zulu Winter @ Fleche d'Or, Paris April 25 2012 10:00 pm

Lisa Hannigan + Zulu Winter @ Fleche d'Or,
Paris April 25 2012 10:00 pm

Lisa Hannigan

It wasn't too late to go to the Fleche d'Or for the Pias nite after seeing Norah Jones @ L'Album de la semaine.
We were a bit late of course, but we could catch les last 4 songs of Lisa hannigan's set with her band. Most of the audience tonight came to see her and the place is packed.
Cool Irish folk-rock.

Zulu Winter

Different style with English band Zulu Winter, we're back into the 80's for some atmospheric pop-rock, funny how the singer sounds like Bono.

Norah Jones @ L'Album de la Semaine, Paris April 25 2012

Norah Jones @ L'Album de la Semaine, Paris April 25 2012

After seeing the Ting Tings @ Palais Royal for a 30 min set we went to an exclusive show by none other than Norah Jones.
She already played a 90 min set a few days ago @ France Inter that was broadcasted live to promote her brand new album "Little broken hearts".
This time it's in front of a selected audience of 200 people for canal+ tv show L'Album de la Semaine. Usually bands are only playing up to 7 songs , we're lucky she's playing a much longer set.
We don't have any of her records but we already saw her a couple of times: @ Espace Pierre Cardin for a private radio (RTL) show in Feb 2010 & @ France Inter for another private radio show in Dec 2009.
She's sexy, well dressed, has a beautiful and soft voice, even though she's not playing jazz anymore and has a "rock" band the music is still as soft as her jazz album.
Most of the time she's standing up and playing keyboards or on "electric" guitar, only to play one song on the piano.
She's trying to make it look as if she was in a rock band but Christopher Cross, who's well-known for playing American soft pop-rock ( we saw him @ Trianon last month) is playing Heavy Metal compare to Norah Jones.
Her songs are perfect lullabies to put your kids to sleep, there's only the single "Happy Pills" that is more up-tempo and "Black", produced by Danger Mouse & Daniele Luppi, that is sounding like a Serge Gainsbourg song from Melody Nelson, that are standing out.
The rest is soooo soft that it was like I took a whole tablet of downers before going to the show or maybe she did.
Coll 80 min set but too soft for us @ Rockerparis

Busy day:
The Ting Tings @ Palais Royal ( free show, it's outdoor & the weather's awful, not sure if we'll go , 6:00pm)
Lisa Hannigan @ Fnac Forum ( free show) 6:30pm & @ Fleche d'Or tonight
Nadéah @ studio SFR (Free show, Invit' only) 8:00pm

April 26:
Great Lake Swimmers @ Fargo 6:00pm, free show
Lemonheads @ Maroquinerie
Charles Bradley @ Cigale
Fred Wesley @ New Morning
Syd Matters @ Musée d'Art Moderne de la Ville de Paris (free show, invit' only)