jeudi 26 avril 2012

The Lemonheads @ Maroquinerie, Paris April 26 2012

The Lemonheads @ Maroquinerie, Paris April 26 2012

The Maroquinerie is quite full for Evan Dando & his Lemonheads.
Nice start with a few songs on acoustic guitar then the band is joining in to play the album "It's a shame about Ray". He also took some requests and played some of the most well known Lemonheads songs. Some of them were played with just Evan on electric guitar.
He suddenly stopped put his guitar down and complained that his monitor wasn't working properly and started again after a roadie quickly fixed it but Evan seemed on another planet for the whole set, playing with his eyes closed or fixing the ceiling.
The way he abruptly stopped every song really showed that he really didn't give a fuck, its too bad because the Lemonheads have some great catchy pop tunes and he really did a good job.
He left the stage after only 75 min , never to come back, no encore.
We all felt a bit cheated even though everyone enjoyed the gig.



Evan Dando solo acoustic:
Outdoor Type
Being Around
Big Red Sun Blues (Lucinda Williams)
Frying Pan (Victo
ria Williams)
Hard Drive
with band

Rockin’ Stroll


It’s A Shame About Ray


My Drug Buddy

Turnpike Down

Bit Part

Alison’s Starting To Happen

Hannah & Gabi


Ceiling Fan In My Spoon

Evan Dando solo electric:
Frank Mills

No Backbone
It's About Time
Impractical Joke (Smudge)

Half The Time

with band:
Mallo Cup
Down About It
Break Me
Great Big No