vendredi 20 avril 2012

Crocodiles @ Agnes B store, Paris April 19 2012 & Caandides @ Colette

Crocodiles @ Agnes B store, Paris April 19 2012 6:30 pm
Tight schedule, we're getting into the store just as Crocodiles is starting playing.
We are the girls from the band ? It's an acoustic set and there are just the guys.
Tonight it's packed, I've never seen so many people in the store for a showcase.
They do sound much more "English" when it's acoustic , I remember them from playing a Black session it was much more 60's Psyche.
They have some very good tunes, the attitude, very cool 5-6 songs set.
The singer from Poni Hoax is also playing a few acoustic tunes on another stage.
A DJ was getting ready on the main stage when we left the premises.
When we went to the Kim Fowley signing session we were given an Agnes B-Rough Trade bag with cds , this time its a white single 45 from Nicolas Ker & Jonathan Fitoussi.

Caandides @ Colette Music Box, Paris April 19 2012 5:30pm

First in this late afternoon is another Colette Music Box with 2 bands & a DJ.
This time we're feeded with fresh vegetables and some Spanish Ham, Musicwise as the show started very late because of technical problems we could only hear the first band Caandides for some pop-electro -rock, not our drug of choice, we left before Tristesse Contemporaine took the stage as we didn't wanna miss Crocodiles @ Agnes B.