dimanche 30 novembre 2008

Razorlight + Housse de Racket @ Bataclan Nov 30th 2008

French beauties from the first row & Johnny " Pete Townshend " Borrell

It looks like Razorlight are no more media darling or even the audience's darling as the promoter was trying desperately to fill up the Bataclan offering 2 tickets for the price of one on some websites selling tickets.
There's more people ( around 1000 ) than for Dirty Pretty Things a few days ago but the balcony is closed ( reserved for 20 VIPs in fact ).
French band Housse de Racket opened, they are a novelty act but are doing pretty good in France with a hit single so they are a bit more serious now. Only 2 guys : one on drums and one on guitar ( a fly V )and vintage keyboard , all dressed in white.
Nice set with their 80's sounding music ( especially the keyboard ).
After playing the tiny Maroquinerie ( capacity 500 ) a couple of months ago , Razorlight is back in Paris @ the Bataclan , they've already played here on their last tour and the place was packed. What Happened ?
All dressed in black now Johnny's rocking the girls down the front without doing too much , he doesn't strip anymore and now has nice clothes ( see picture ) , it's an improvement from last tour when he was dressed like shit with his ridiculous INXS white tee-shirt and white trouser -white sneakers .
They are a bit more rock on stage with a couple of blues orientated songs ( one of their songs sounds like "Gloria " ) and others with a WHO feeling . But they're still pop.
See picture for complete SETLIST .

The music is awright , not fantastic but entertaining.
They've added a guy on piano and a girl on keyboard and backing vocals to nice effect.
Good show but a bit too light for me.
NB : The whole show was recorded on video by a cameraman working for Razorlight from the balcony.

Razorlight 's setlist & stage plan

Last song of the show " Somewhere else " :

Here's another video from the Bataclan : " Burberry Blue Eyes"

Tomorrow night, hard to make a choice between The Bellrays @ Trabendo and The Rascals @ Maroquinerie : both bands are really good.

contact : irockinparis@yahoo.fr

samedi 29 novembre 2008

HEAVEN & HELL @ Hellfest 2009

Heaven & Hell Feat . Tony Iommi , Ronnie James Dio , Geezer Butler & Vinny appice have been confirmed for next year's HELLFEST near Nantes in France .
Other bands are Manowar , Anthrax + numerous other metal bands.
Hellfest Clisson June 19 -20 - 21st 2009

Isobel Campbell & Mark Lanegan are playing the Trabendo in Paris on Dec 3rd , get 2 tickets for the price of 1 here :

Tonight it's Razorlight @ Bataclan

vendredi 28 novembre 2008

PETE DOHERTY @ Maroquinerie Nov 28th 2008

UPDATED Saturday 29th with 2 NEW VIDEOS

Breaking News:
Roses Kings Castles will play the Truskel in Paris on Dec 3rd

Pete Doherty
solo @ Paris' tiny Maroquinerie ( 500 capacity ) , it's been announced a couple of days ago and was Sold-Out in a few hours.
Pete arrived at the venue around 8 pm for a quick soundcheck.
He was on stage and played one song ( Love's cover " Alone agian or " ) before introducing a french young guitar player ( Miggles ) who did 3 songs on his own . ( very average )

Pete came back on stage to do one more song ( " Beg , steal or borrow " ) before introducing the next support slot : A french trio ( The Nellingtons ) that was complete crap ( they even slaughtered " Mr Tambourine man " ). They were sooo bad that the audience started throwing shit at them .

Pete was welcome back for his concert straight after that shitty french "band" .
A few new songs , some oldies and a cover by the LA's ' there she goes ".
Nice atmosphere here , people requested songs he did them. He invited one of his friend to sing , WOLFMAN for a couple of songs, the poor guy was so out of it that he barely could open his eyes.
SETLIST from http://meinzuhausemeinblog.blogspot.com/
( Setlist corrected Saturday 29th 3:30 pm )

01: Alone again or ( Love cover )
02: Beg, Steal Or Borrow
Proper Set :
03: New Love Grows On Trees
04: East Of Eden
05: Down In Albion
06: Bucket shop
07: Palace of Bone
08: What A Waster (Libertines)
09: My Darling Clementine
10: Dilly Boys
11: Good Old Days (Libertines)
12: Don't Look Back Into The Sun (Libertines)
13: Fuck Forever (Babyshambles) [ video here ]
14: Death On The Stairs (Libertines)
15: Last Post On The Bugle
16: Unbilo Titled (Babyshambles)
17: For Lovers ( + Wolfman)
18: La Belle et La Bête (Babyshambles)
19: Back From The Dead (Babyshambles)
20: Time For Heroes (Libertines)
21: Can't Stand Me Now (Libertines) [ video here ]
22: Wolfman (with Wolfman) [ video here ]
23: There She Goes (The La's Cover) [ video here ]

The set was very short he only played for 75 min, so that was a let down, well... i mean he could have played a longer set. But Pete was as cool as ever talking to people, reading stuff they were throwing at him , he put a cartoon of him on his mic ( see picture ).

All pictures and video recordings © Guino Patrice

Another video from Pete Doherty & Wolfman : "Can't stand me now " + "wolfman " + " There she goes" cover from The LA's :

Don't forget to watch our video of Carl's Dirty Pretty Things live @ Bataclan a few days ago :

jeudi 27 novembre 2008

Motorhead @ Zénith Paris Nov 25th 2008

I arrived a bit late at the Zénith and had problems getting my ticket from the guest list ( Bastards ) so I missed the first 20 min of the show.
It's a small zénith ( 4000 ) but it's SOLD OUT .
For once with Motorhead the sound is clear and not too loud.
Beautiful stage set up with a drum riser and 2 screens ( a first for Motorhead ).
No Bomber tonight as Mickey told us , in his dressing room after the show , that it costs 10 000 dollars a show. It needs its own truck and 3 people to operate it .
Nevertheless with Motorhead it's "No mercy for the wicked" , a 300 mph show .
95 min of ultimate Rock ' n Roll for your ears .
A couple of new songs AND LOTS OF CLASSICS . ( see setlist )
Fuckin' AWSOME !!!

Motorhead's Setlist

We went ( with Gael ) backstage into Mickey Dee's dressing room with a few girls. had a chat with him for an hour. We all left to the Guinness Tavern in Paris for a few ( well lots of ... ) drinks.
Mickey joined the houseband for Noir Désir's "Tostaky" , a song he had never heard of ... and played it perfectly . He later played a Stones ' song ( can't remember which one ! ). We left him at 5 am outside the pub as they were taking a cab for another location , i needed to sleep a bit.
That's what i call ROCK 'N FUCKING ROLL

Rocking @ Guinness Tavern
Video from Paris :

Bruce Dickinson Press conference in Paris

Bruce Dickinson , lead singer in IRON MAIDEN is in Paris to promote the release on dvd of his movie " A chemical wedding " : http://www.chemicalweddingmovie.co.uk/
A story about Aleister Crowley's ressurection .
Screening @ 6 pm and press conference @ 8 pm ( we're gonna be late for Motorhead ).
Bruce seems to know A LOT about Aleister Crowley.
The atmosphere is very relax in this small private cinema in front of Europe 1 radio near the Champs Elysées .
Too bad I have to leave before the end to go to ... MOTORHEAD.

Review © Guino Patrice

Blabbermouth has used Rockerparis to inform metallers around the world about this conference.
check their site , there is the Trailer plus other stuff about the movie :

Franz ferdinand 's cover " Tonight "

Here's the cover for the new Franz Ferdinand cd " Tonight "

mercredi 26 novembre 2008

PETE DOHERTY @ Maroquinerie on Friday



Tickets on sale NOW on Digitick and tomorrow on other sites.


mardi 25 novembre 2008

Dirty Pretty Things @ Bataclan Paris Nov 25th 2008

Last show in Paris before the split @ Bataclan .

The marquee ( left ) and fan (right )

Dirty Pretty Things decided to split a couple of months ago and to finish their European tour.
They've never been on top commercially or musically , just above average. So Carl decided to give up. The perspective of seeing the last show in Paris didn't motivate Carl's fans as the Bataclan is far from being full , the balcony is closed.
A little bit less than a 1000 people tonight but lots of ( beautiful ) girls ( see pictures ).
I've never been a great fan of the DPT , they never could match the Libertines or Babyshambles who have ( had ) more commercial success.
DPT have too many average songs and the concert tonight didn't change my mind at all.
They rock but something is missing in their music.
Nice show but nothing that fantastic.
They've played extra encores including Nirvana's "In Bloom" and a couple of Libertines songs.
Just hope that Carl will come back with a stronger band , I met him a few times and he's one of the nicest & coolest musician i have ever met.
Charming Girl waiting for a kiss from Carl ?

SETLIST : from http://meinzuhausemeinblog.blogspot.com/
01: Wondering

02: Holly Go Lightly
03: Buzzards And Crows
04: Doctors And Dealers
05: Blood Thirsty Bastards
06: Kicks Or Consumption
07: Come Closer
08: The Enemy
09: Hippy's Son
10: Chinese Dogs
11: Gentry Cove
12: Plastik Hearts
13: Last Of The Smalltown Playboys
14: Gin & Milk
15: Deadwood
16: Truth Begins
17: B.U.R.M.A.
18: You Fucking Love It
19: France
20: In Bloom (Nirvana Cover)
21: I Get Along (The Libertines)

NB : Patrice our photographer has decided to take pictures of beautiful girls at concerts like his fellow friend from Germany Oliver who has a great site with lots of reviews and pictures of rock concerts from France and Germany.
Check this : http://meinzuhausemeinblog.blogspot.com/

Check our past review of DPT @ Rock en Seine in August 2008 with lots of pictures from Patrice Guino here :

lundi 24 novembre 2008

Marianne Faithfull @ Fnac Montparnasse Paris Nov 24th 2008

Late afternoon Marianne Faithfull is at the Montparnasse Fnac store to talk about her brand new cd " easy come , easy go ".
She's really relax and in the mood to talk, members from the audience asked a few questions and then she signed a few records.
Not that many people , around 100, so everything went smoothly.
Nice hour with this 60's icon.

Then we went to the Olympia for the first of 3 shows of Leonard Cohen in Paris.
160 euros for a ticket , no fucking way.

Leonard Cohen @ Olympia Paris

Here's an article from the BBC on my mate Ray Morrissey from London who has been to more thant 5000 gigs since 1973 and still rocking.
Check his site for the latest from London , check his database with all the gigs he went to starting 1973 with Queen opening for Mott the Hoople .

samedi 22 novembre 2008

Tracy chapman + Joseph Arthur @ Folies Bergere Paris Nov 22nd 2008

Solo acoustic tour for Tracy Chapman, in Paris tonight in this beautiful theatre Les Folies Bergere.

Joseph Arthur

Very nice surprise as i'm getting into Les Folies Bergere , someone is giving me a flyer telling me that Joseph Arthur is opening. Saw him last month with his band @ the Album de la semaine and i really appreciate his rock music.
Tonight he's on his own playing acoustic, the lightning is crap just one spot on him. Nice show , he's even taking requests. The audience welcomes him very nicely.
Here's a video from Joseph Arthur :

Tracy Chapman

First solo acoustic tour for Tracy Chapman in ten years. same lightshow as Joseph with a few lightbulbs hanging from the ceilings.
She' s got the songs , the voice and she's always telling funny stories between songs, some political ( on Obama ) some about her journey in Paris ... I had a perfect seat : first row in the first box on the left so the view was perfect. She doesn't overplay on guitar , just what is needed .
The atmosphere is quite hot as every of her song is welcome to rousing applause , she has very dedicated fans and it's no surprise that this show was long Sold-out ( she added another show at the Palais des Congres on Dec 19th 2008 Sold-out too).
So the show was perfect for me even though i don't know her repertoire that much.
She ended the gig with " talkin' about a revolution " and Ben E King 's " Stand by me ".
01. I Am Yours
02. Sing For You
03. For My Lover
04. Across The Lines
05. Crossroads
06. Something To See
07. The Promise
08. Subcity
09. Fast Car
10. House Of The Rising Sun
11. Give Me One Reason
12. Save Us All
13. Talkin’bout a Revolution
14. She’s Got Her Ticket
15. Stand By Me

Here's a good site on Tracy :

So now let's see what 's wrong with the lady : First : no pictures are allowed AT ALL. Security was very strict about it ( France television was only allowed to film one song and were not allowed to film when she's walking to the stage ( ? )). Second: no one is allowed to film support band in case you film the lightshow ( ??? What light show ? a few fuckin' lightbulbs ? ). She may seems nice on stage but she's been acting like a fucking diva. No one's allowed to approach her and when she gets somewhere the room is clear by her watchdogs .
What kind of fucking attitude is that !!!
The only time i've been given flyer prior to a show telling the audience that anyone taking pictures during her performance will be thrown out of the venue was at one of her gig a couple of years ago at the zénith. It was a First in more than 20 years of concerts .

A big thank you to our fellow photographer Patrice Guino , he has risk his life for you to take a few pics. so enjoy !

Bruce Springsteen " working on a dream " Out in January

Here is the cover of the new Bruce Springsteen album " working on a dream " to be out on January 26th 2009
Track listing : Outlaw Pete, My Lucky Day, Working on a Dream ,Queen of the Supermarket, What Love Can Do ,This Life, Good Eye, Tomorrow Never Knows ,Life Itself, Kingdom of Days, Surprise, Surprise, The Last Carnival, Bonus : The Wrestler, A Night With the Jersey Devil.

this week is gonna be busy :
Tonight 22nd Tracy Chapman @ Folies Bergere

sunday 23rd Alain Bashung @ Elysée Montmartre ,

Monday 24th Marianne Faithfull @ Fnac Store 5:30 pm + Leonard Cohen @ Olympia ,

Tuesday 25th Dirty Pretty things @ Bataclan , Ting Tings @ Album de la semaine , Mercury Rev @ EM , Leonard Cohen @ Olympia

Wednesday 26th : Leonard Cohen @ Olympia; Motorhead @ Zénith ; Blood red shoes @ trabendo & Bruce Dickinson doing a press conference at 7pm to promote a dvd of a movie he wrote on Aleister Crowley.

Thursday 27th : Puppetmastaz @ nouveau casino ( 3 shows 27,28,29 )

sunday 30th : Razorlight @ Bataclan

vendredi 21 novembre 2008

The BellRays + Charles Walker's Dynamites +The Puppini Sisters + Vigon + Kitty Daisy & Lewis @ La Musicale Paris Nov 21st 2008

Just back from the second recording of " La Musicale " . Both recordings will be edited for one TV Show broadcasted on Dec 23rd .
Tonight no big names like yesterday ( Seal & Tom Jones ) but it was a KILLER.
The BellRays , The Dynamites feat. Charles Walker , The Puppini Sisters , Vigon and youngsters Kitty daisy & Lewis .

First on are The Dynamites from Nashville featuring Charles walker ( introduced by MC Emma De Caunes as "Joe Walker" ). Great funk band à la James Brown .

Then we have the Mighty Bellrays , they don't need any introduction they fuckin' rock & soul but tonight is a special treat with two cool covers and an unexpected 3rd song that wasn't planned.
they're always great even though i prefer when they rock at 200 MPH.

Completely different style with The Puppini Sisters , these 3 girls are playing 40's style swing, great vocals nice outfit too.

Vigon , this French Maroccan singer is a bit of a cult figure over here , he released a few singles and an album on Atlantic in the 60's and then completely disappeared for 40 years. He's back now as his album is finally out on cd now 40 years after its original release. Voice is fantastic a mix between Otis Redding and Sam Cooke . he broke down the house with his covers of Ray Charles' " I can't stop loving you " and Bob & Earl's " Harlem Shuffle" ( covered by the Stones ) Standing ovation , better response from the 400 strong audience than Seal and Tom Jones put together yesterday . He was the only artist to have an Encore over these 2 days of recording with Otis' " I can't turn you loose" .
Listen to that : http://www.myspace.com/vigon

Last artists to play are 3 young english , 2 sisters and their brother : Kitty Daisy & Lewis in their late teens playing early rock ' n Roll with their dad on guitar and mum on double bass : It's a family affair . they 've done a very good set too.

I mean, it's hard to see 10 different artists playing different styles over two days and to like them all.
You know me i won't hesitate to say it if any of this bands were crap but they were all great.
Fantastic package for this Tv Show , Stéphane Saunier is always booking great bands for Canal+ on the " Album de la semaine ". He made the right choices for this one .

Here's the complete setlist :( based on technicians ' official setlist ).
Dynamites feat. Charles walker :
" Slinky " + " Cold sweat" .
The Bellrays : "you got the love " , " with a little bit of your love" + extra song " Santa's got a big old bag"
The Puppini Sisters : " boogie Woogie " , " Crazy in Love " + extra song " ? "
Vigon : "I can't stop loving you " , " harlem shuffle " + encore : " I can't turn you loose"
Kitty Daisy & Lewis : " going up the country " , " baby Hold me tight " , + song with brother on piano maybe " bugging blues " ???

sorry No Pictures it's forbidden

SEAL + Tom Jones + Eli Paperboy Reed + Alice Russell + Molly Johnson @ La Musicale Canal+ Nov 20th 2008

Nice bill for this Canal+ TV show " La Musicale" ( to be broadcast on Dec 23rd ) with :
SEAL , Tom Jones & less known artists Eli "Paperboy" Reed , Alice Russel and Molly Johnson.
The setting is a Cabaret with MC Emma De Caunes ( french actress and daughter of Antoine De Caunes famous in England for hosting the tv show Eurotrash with Jean Paul Gaultier ), Tables down the front, like in a cabaret, for VIPs and stalls in the back for the rest of us .

Many mentions were made of Obama's election and black and white mixing together , SO NICE but here you don't mix VIPs and normal punters. Around 300 people but lots of empty seats. They're dying to find people for tomorrow's recording .

It started very late and there were 15 min breaks between each band to move cameras from one stage to another so it was a real bore.

But the show was fantastic , each artist was absolutely great Seal started and played a few more songs that were originally planned ( see setlist ) , the guy seems very cool and he has an amazing voice .
Tom Jones
after busking in front of the RFH in London for charity yesterday is as smart as a Prince today in this Cabaret, playing 2 new songs and his hit " It's not unusual ".

Eli " Paperboy" Reed did his thing , he knows every of James Brown's tricks. Already saw him last month @ Canal+ 's " L' Album de la semaine ".
Listen to his songs here : http://www.myspace.com/elipaperboyreed
setlist part 1
Blond English soul singer Alice Russel played 3 songs including a very beautiful and very different cover of Gnarls Barkley's " Crazy " ( i've listened to this song so many times on the radio that i fucking hate it now ! ) Check her myspace she's doing a complete different cover of the White Stripes' " Seven nation army" : http://profile.myspace.com/index.cfm?fuseaction=user.viewprofile&friendid=53995913
Her voice is soulful and powerful, she sould be black.
setlist part 2
Jazz singer Molly Johnson ended the show in style with 2 songs.
Check here you' ll like her : http://www.myspace.com/mollyjohnsonmusic
Sorry No Pictures Totally forbidden

Tomorrow Same show with The Bellrays , the 40's swing vocal female group The Puppini Sisters, Rockabilly teenage trio Kitty Daysy & Lewis , funk singer Charles Walker & the Dynamites ( this guy opened for Etta James , James Brown , Wilson Pickett in the 60's ) and soul Maroccan singer Vigon ( He has a fantastic voice like Ottis redding had ).

mercredi 19 novembre 2008

KEANE @ RTL2 Paris Nov 19th 2008

Before playing tomorrow at the Zénith in Paris , Keane is playing a private show in the studios of French radio RTL2 in front of a selected audience of competition winners and VIP.
Around 200 people seated.

First there is a 15 min interview and then a 40 min show, i mean what can i say about this band ?
During the interview the singer said that the guitars were back,
What guitar ???
I've seen a guitar played on stage but i haven't heard it at all .
These guys have no charisma at all and the music they're playing is not that interesting , i though it might be good LIVE but no It really sucks but the girls love them.

Video of " is it any wonder ? " :

Tomorrow is very busy many gigs in Paris ,Nov 20th :
Todd Rundgren @ Trabendo ; The Yardbirds @ New Morning ; Girls in Hawaii @ Bataclan ;
Keziah Jones
is playing a private show @ studio SFR near Madeleine in Paris.

I' m going to a Canal+ TV Show " La Musicale" with Seal, Tom Jones, Alice Russel , Eli Paperboy Reed & Molly Johnson .
On the 21st same tv show with The BellRays, Kitty daisy Lewis , The Dynamites , the Puppini sisters & Vigon.

Oh forget to tell you that Pete Doherty was in Paris these last few days
staying in an hotel in Le Marais. He went to see the Kooks at the Zénith but i didn't see him.

mardi 18 novembre 2008

Chuck Berry & Jerry Lee Lewis Paris Zénith More Pictures...

( Young girls if you're looking for The KOOKS , scroll down this page )

Many people asked me for more pictures from " Les Légendes du Rock " @ Paris Zénith Nov 14th 2008. So here they are :

Chuck Berry

the infamous Duckwalk ( right )
Thanks Mate

Jerry Lee Lewis on his way to knock out the sound engineer ( right )

UPDATED NOV 18th with a new video of Jerry Lee Lewis performing "CC Rider" :
More pictures here: