Sunday, November 16, 2008

The Mabuses + Rachel Unthank @ Maroquinerie Paris Nov 16th 2008

First band to go on in an empty Maroquinerie ( 50 people ) is Rachel Unthank , 4 beautiful English girls ( a gorgeous blonde on piano , 2 lovely sisters on vocals and dance and a fatal brunette on accordion and violin ) in their twenties . They're playing traditionnal english folk songs.
Nice to hear completely different music once in a while.
Lead singer Rachel has a crystal clear voice. Very nice.
Robert Wyatt
loves them , they've played one of his song .
Rachel Unthank with sister Becky ( left ) Mabuses ' setlist (right )

When The Mabuses started the show more people had arrived ( around 100 ) , they've played to a devoted audience their Pop-rock-psyche .
Nice set too.

The Mabuses

Patrice Guino , our photographer, will upload more pictures from Jerry Lee Lewis and Chuck Berry tomorrow morning .