Sunday, November 30, 2008

Razorlight + Housse de Racket @ Bataclan Nov 30th 2008

French beauties from the first row & Johnny " Pete Townshend " Borrell

It looks like Razorlight are no more media darling or even the audience's darling as the promoter was trying desperately to fill up the Bataclan offering 2 tickets for the price of one on some websites selling tickets.
There's more people ( around 1000 ) than for Dirty Pretty Things a few days ago but the balcony is closed ( reserved for 20 VIPs in fact ).
French band Housse de Racket opened, they are a novelty act but are doing pretty good in France with a hit single so they are a bit more serious now. Only 2 guys : one on drums and one on guitar ( a fly V )and vintage keyboard , all dressed in white.
Nice set with their 80's sounding music ( especially the keyboard ).
After playing the tiny Maroquinerie ( capacity 500 ) a couple of months ago , Razorlight is back in Paris @ the Bataclan , they've already played here on their last tour and the place was packed. What Happened ?
All dressed in black now Johnny's rocking the girls down the front without doing too much , he doesn't strip anymore and now has nice clothes ( see picture ) , it's an improvement from last tour when he was dressed like shit with his ridiculous INXS white tee-shirt and white trouser -white sneakers .
They are a bit more rock on stage with a couple of blues orientated songs ( one of their songs sounds like "Gloria " ) and others with a WHO feeling . But they're still pop.
See picture for complete SETLIST .

The music is awright , not fantastic but entertaining.
They've added a guy on piano and a girl on keyboard and backing vocals to nice effect.
Good show but a bit too light for me.
NB : The whole show was recorded on video by a cameraman working for Razorlight from the balcony.

Razorlight 's setlist & stage plan

Last song of the show " Somewhere else " :

Here's another video from the Bataclan : " Burberry Blue Eyes"

Tomorrow night, hard to make a choice between The Bellrays @ Trabendo and The Rascals @ Maroquinerie : both bands are really good.

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