Friday, November 7, 2008

Greements de Fortune @ Fnac forum Nov 7th 2008

After a meeting in the heart of Paris , i went to the Fnac Forum store in Chatelet, a band was about to play in the store . didn't really pay attention as i've never heard about it. They started playing as i was looking for a couple of cds. What they were playing sounded really good so i went to see them.
Greements of Fortune , that's the band, is Funky and really grooving. As they were playing more and more people keep gathering around the stalls. I though they were really great, if Kool & the Gang could be half as good as this band it would be fantastic ( not the case as their last cd is complete crap ).
First I though they were English ( or american ) as the guys were speaking english between songs but then i felt that something was wrong ... in fact they're French.
Their songs are really good and they're tight. It was a surprise to discover such a great band when i wasn't expected it.
The guitar player is very good and knows how to play soft ( à la Nile rodgers ) or really heavy.
They've just played 5-6 songs for 30 min but they 've 'Funked' the place.
Check them here , they are great :
After listening to the songs on Myspace i'm a bit disappointed, live they are much more better than this ( listen to the last song to have a taste of what they are live ).
Very COOL !