Tuesday, November 18, 2008

The KOOKS + CSS + Mystery Jets + White Lies Festival des Inrocks Paris Zénith Nov 17th 2008

First row

Last day for the Festival des Inrocks , tonight it's the small Zénith but it's not sold-out, around 2500 people in here with a 70% female audience mainly between 14 and 18 years old , most of 'em very cute.

First band on is WHITE LIES , we arrived as they were finishing their last song so ...

Then we have Mystery Jets , they are making the effort to speak an almost perfect French , people seems to like them but they left me cold as ice, it might be because of the ridiculous outfit or the 80's style pop rock music.

CSS are next , this almost all female brasilian dance-rock band is very good on stage. i've seen them a few times and they've always been fun to watch.
On cd the music is not as exciting as it is Live. It's a pity.
CSS has a talented show-woman as singer and she's sexy .
Sad the lighning is crap most of their set is performed in the dark.
What the fuck was doing the light engineer ? , with this kind of music the lightshow should be like a bonfire for god's sake !!!

01: Jager Yoga
02: Meeting Paris Hilton
03: Left Behind
04: Off The Hook
05: Rat Is Dead
06: Move
07: Music Is My...
08: Give Up
09: Beautiful Song
10: Alcohol
11: Air Painter
12: Jamaican Flag
13: Let's Make Love And Listen To Death From Above
14: Alala

Lovefoxxx lead singer from CSS

Last on stage are headliner The KOOKS. The girls LOOOOOOOOVE them .
Second concert in Paris this year , first one was in a sold-out Elysée Montmartre on April 15th.
Their Pop-Rock is a bit similar to the Babyshambles with more radio friendly songs.
Nice encore : the singer is back on stage to play 3 songs on the acoustic guitar ( including a new one ) on his own before being joined by the boys for a few more tunes.
Very good gig.

01: Always Where
02: Matchbox
03: Eddie's Gun
04: Ooh La
05: Sway
06: Time Awaits
07: I Want You
08: One Last Time
09: She Moves In Her Own Way
10: Mr. Maker
11: Do You Wanna
12: Naive
13: Shine On
14: You Don't Love Me...
15: Seaside ( singer solo )
16: Jackie Big Tits (singer solo )
17: Princess of my mind ( singer solo New song )
18: Stormy Wheater
19: Sofa Song .

Setlists from this site : http://meinzuhausemeinblog.blogspot.com/

Here's a new song played at the Encore :

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