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TOP 10 Rock concerts of 2013 (and the worst) for ROCKERPARIS & the events of 2013 to remember.

TOP 10 Rock concerts of 2013 (and the worst) for ROCKERPARIS & the events of 2013 to remember.


1) BLACK SABBATH @ Paris Bercy Dec 02
It is our most recent memory, Fantastic gig by Birmingham legends, Bill Ward not included, too bad.
Always suspicious about OZZY's vocals on stage (live or tapes? ) Nevertheless they've rocked Bercy
No need to tell you it is one of our favourite band

2) BLACK CROWES @ Cigale June 27
Great come-back gig from the Crowes in Paris with a best of setlist
Without Blac Sabb playing in December , it would have been on top of the list.

3) THE WHO @ Paris Bercy July 03 (Part 2 here)
Quadrophenia is one of my favourite Who album, show was fantastic, perfect conditions for us, 5th row in the pit with people seating in front of us so we had a prefect view. Great sound, lightshow...

4) BRUCE SPRINGSTEEN @ Stade de France June 29
Another 3h+ concert by The Boss maybe not as fantastic as the concerts from last year @ Paris Bercy.
Hes' playing a stadium and it felt like a club gig !

5) CROSBY, STILLS & NASH @ Olympia July 04 & July 05
Once again almost perfect show for CSN, lots of great tunes, both shows were terrific.

6) ROGER WATERS @ Stade de France Sept 21 (part 2 here)
Last show on the 2 year tour for "The Wall" in Paris @ Stade De France. He played a few shows the previous year in Paris, we've been to 2 out of 4 in Bercy.
Roger is still miming almost all the vocals so it's not a concert but more a "show" but it's faultless.
Still have part of a brick at home

Short 30 min come back gig from Peter's Babyshambles  but it was rocking

8) SIXTO RODRIGUEZ @ Cigale June 05
Sixto's resurrection for this set after the catastrophe of his concerts @ Zénith the previous days

9) BOB DYLAN @ Grand Rex Nov 12Nov 13- Nov 14-???
Well it's hard to say anything, it was one of the event of the year, these 3 shows @ Grand Rex theatre, we've been to the 3 of them.
Is he a genious ? is he a real bastard that doesn't give a shit ? I Guess he's both

JB @ Album de la Semaine Nov 20 2013, MK @ Olympia Oct 30 & Hotel de Ville July 18, AC @ Gaité Lyrique Sept 26 & Album de la Semaine Sept 25

THE "let down" CONCERTS:

Peter Doherty & Babyshambles @ Zénith Oct 03 
Very average show By Peter & Co, blame it on Peter's being wasted once again too bad specially after the gig @ Republique.
@ Olympia Oct 22 Once again Peter was probably too wasted to turn up and the show was cancelled at 11pm
Sixto Rodriguez @ Zénith June 03 & June 04
We were expecting to see Sixto for the last 4 years, when we discovered his music a few months after he played the Nouveau Casino in 2009, all we had was a drunk old man lost on  stage, very sad.
Fortunately he came back to life @ Cigale a couple of days later.

CAT Power @ Olympia July 17
Don't like the new album and we couldn't really get "into" the show

Arctic Monkeys @ Album de la Semaine Sept 11
Great band but the singer's attitude trying to impersonate a crooner from the 70's is ridiculous and completely ruining the gig, too bad, some songs are great specially when Alex is on guitar for the faster songs. Too many slow songs either

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Jason Lytle (Grandaddy) & the Young Rapture Choir @ Gaité Lyrique, Paris Dec 14 2013

Jason Lytle (Grandaddy) & the Young Rapture Choir @ Gaité Lyrique, Paris Dec 14 2013
Winter Camp festival
Jason Lytle from Grandaddy fame is in Paris to promote his second solo album "Dept of Disappearance" released last year. It is the last day of the Winter Camp Festival and this show is a special project.
Jason is alone on the acoustic guitar + a drummer, bass player, 2 piano players, a classical quartet (cello, violins & Oboe) and the teacher of the school class on elecric guitar; and of course a choir of kids.
They have done a couple of shows last year after contacting Jason Lytle. Tonight the whole band is playing re-orchestrated songs from Jason Lytle solo album and a couple of Grandaddy's with some classical arrangements.
It's just amazing, the choir with 20+ kids is singing some of the verses on each song, they know all the lyrics and everything including the young  musicians is faultless. Which probably took sleepless nights and a LOT of work but it's worth it.
The result is amazing and the audience, with probably many parents attending welcome them to rousing applause.
Probably the most moving show we've attended this year enhanced by some classical arrangements to to the beautiful songs of Jason Lytle.
setlist and video below
Here's a great version of "He's simple, he's dumb, he's the pilot" (from Grandaddy The Sopthware slump" album) recorded that night.

Grandaddy @ Rock en Seine 2012

Walking Papers @ Le Petit Bain, Paris Dec 13 2013

Walking Papers @ Le Petit Bain, Paris Dec 13 2013
with Duff McKagan (Guns N Roses, Velvet Revolver)
Barrett Martin ( Screaming Trees, Mad Season)

For the 3rd time WALKING PAPERS is playing a club show in France, after playing the Nouveau Casino in Dec 2012 and the Fleche d'Or in May 2013 now WP is playing on a boat: "Le Petit Bain".
Devil Named Jones is opening with some blues rock.
Then we have Walking Papers, they do have some dedicated fans, mostly GNR fans even though the music they're playing has nothing to do with GNR. They do sound more like Seattle 's cult band Mad Season.
First 3 songs are really heavy then the band is playing more ambient songs from their debut album, we'll also get a new song. see setlist above for details
As usual Duff is the main attraction for the girls who still can't believe that they can touch him when he's  getting close to the edge of the tiny stage, he's playing with it getting the girls excited.

The band is having great fun playing all those songs and Barrett behind his drums is like a kid,Jeff Angel will even get as far as the bar at the back of the club to sing a tune.
All of this in a very friendly atmosphere.
After the set , the whole band is going to the merchandise table to sign stuff for fans, nice. 
from our friend Slash2baz

WP @ Nouveau Casino Dec 2012
WP @ Fleche d'Or May 2013