vendredi 30 avril 2010

Asia @ Casino de Paris April 30th 2010

ASIA @ Casino de Paris
April 30th 2010

John Wetton (Bass & Vocals), Steve Howe (guitar), Carl Palmer (Drums) & Geoffrey Downes (Keyboards) aka ASIA are playing the beautiful Casino de Paris near St Lazare.

These guys are in the business for more than 40 years and they have played one time or another in all these bands : King Crimson, Yes, Uriah Heep, The Crazy world of Arthur Brown, Roxy Music , Wishbone Ash, GTR, Buggles, ELP.
This is the original formation of ASIA.
It looks like nobody gives a shit in France. It's 8:00PM and there's NO ONE outside, I thought I was at the wrong place, in fact everybody is already in, the balcony is closed and the seated pit is far from being full.
There's probably 500 Fans, no more.
Once again tickets were really expensive between 60 & 80 euros, it remembers me of Don McLean last week and there was no one as well.
Maybe next time the promoter will keep prices down.
There's no opening band and it's an early start 8:15PM.
Well What Can I say ?
The atmosphere is dead, the sound is neat as you can guess these guys are killers in their own fields unfortunately the music is... complete shit for most of it.
The songs are so dated and a cliché from the 80's AOR for American radio stations.
The lyrics are stupid : "I'll catch you when you fall" and so on...
Hard to believe bands like this are still alive.
They also should make an effort to be dress properly.
Steve is having a short solo spot and we're having a duet between John and Geoff.
Carl Palmer is also having a short solo spot with a great drum solo.
After less than an hour there's an intermission.
My friends are telling me that the second part will be much better... and they were right.
For the second part they've done more songs from their first two records and it's much better more technical, more jazz-rock for some songs.
Steve is having a couple of tech problems but that's alright , his guitar playing is stunning.

The show wouldn't be complete without " Heat of the moment" closing the second set.
Even though the first part was laughable, the second set was really good.

Sorry no video this time.

Nudedragons AKA Soundgarden @ Showbox "Beyond the wheel" official live video footage


Editors @ Olympia, Paris April 29th 2010

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@ Olympia , Paris April 29th 2010
+ I Like Trains + Airship

The sun is shining over Paris, probably the hottest day of the year, difficult to go out tonight and being locked in a room full of people.
Many bands are playing tonight in Paris: She & Him with the lovely Zoey @ Alhambra, Eagle Seagull @ Fleche d' Or (click for Review setlist & Pics from this show + scroll down for review and video from their Black session a few days ago), the fake Marina & the Diamonds @ Divan du Monde & Editors @ Olympia.

We chose the latter as our photographer Patrice Guino just live 20 min from the Olympia Théatre.
Sorry we were there too late to see both opening bands Airship & I Like Trains ( in fact we just catch the last tr... song ).
The backdrop looks nice with several screens unfortunately they have a new light engineer and the singer had no lights on him for the whole set. On the previous tours ALL the lights were on him.

You all know now that on ROCKERPARIS we like when it rocks and the new Editors' album is far from rocking with no guitars and lots of 80's Keyboards and electronic shit.
So we have mixed emotions, we don't like the new songs even LIVE but the others sound very cool.
The good point is that the singer isn't doing as much as before on stage , he was about to turn into the new Coldplay singer.
The bad point is that songs are played one after another with no communication at all with the audience. Looks like these guys are working in a factory: do the job and then Fuck Off at home.
They didn't even answer to the first rows who were singing a " Happy Birthday" to one of the member of the band.
There was a good atmosphere downstairs in the pit but upstairs at the balcony it was dead ( but for one song ).


I've seen them a few times in Paris and this show was pretty average compare to the other ones.
They may selling out venues in Holland or Belgium playing in front of 8000 people but tonight it was far from being full upstairs with lots of empy seats.

Superstar Anouche

Here's the last song of the show:

Other videos from the show available HERE & HERE ( YouTube Channels)

jeudi 29 avril 2010

Anto Dust @ Truskel , Paris 10:30 PM

Anto Dust @ Truskel
Paris April 28th 2010 10:30PM
Another day another gig by "Pint-size" lady Anto Dust.
3rd time for us in 4 days.(scroll down for reviews)
Another acoustic show, i'm getting more and more into it and knowing the songs well for this 3rd show in Paris.
There's more people than yesterday which is a good point and she seems more relax and confident.
Pretty much the same set (and funny tiny voice) as the previous shows with a little bit of help from her friend on guitar for the last two songs.
And she's cute...LOL
Some girls have it all.
Couldn't end today in a nicer way for my 4th gig on this April 28.

Drive-by Truckers @ L' Album de la Semaine Canal+, Paris April 28th 8:00PM

Updated May 3rd:
This show should be broadcasted this week on Canal+, when available i'll put a link to watch a video from this gig... so stay tuned to ROCKERPARIS


Drive-By Truckers
@ L' Album de la Semaine, Canal+
Paris April 28th 2010 8:00PM
Setlist & drummer

Back at the famous Canal+ tv show L' Album de la Semaine to see , completely unknown over here, American band from Alabama ( and based in Georgia) Drive-By truckers.
It's their first time ever show in France, they've just arrived this morning and went straight to the recording studios for the sounscheck, they didn't even had the time to sightseeing.
Yesterday's recording with Foals was a real torture, this band sucks so bad.
Now it's time for some REAL rock'n roll.
Keys & Guitar/Vocals

Before coming to the show I've listened to 30 seconds of a couple of songs from Drive-by Truckers so I knew a bit what to expect.
In fact they're different from what I expected and... they were GREAT.
That's what I call ROCK'N ROLL with a southern feel.
Had a quick talk with a member of the audience , yeah baby , they're a heavier version of Tom Petty even though I don't think the band would agree with that.
Some people have labelled them Alternative country or Southern Rock , that could do but not entirely.
Guitar & Bass/Vocals

The musicianship is high , sound is neat and with 3 guitars they cannot be wrong, and they know how to use it specially the guy on the bottleneck ( Mr Red shirt above on the Pic).
They have a main singer ( below on the pic) but the other guitar player (in blue) and the female bass player are also singing lead.
Some laid back tunes , some heavier and even one boogie with some coool piano and Hammond organ ( played on a normal keyboard) on most of the songs.

Vocals/Guitar & Intruder from England

Too bad they only played 7 songs, they will be back in Europe in November
Can't fucking wait !!!

I don't regret not being @ Zénith for John Butler Trio & Robert Francis who I saw this afternoon playing live @ Virgin Megastore on the Champs Elysées.

Then we went to the Truskel to sse Anto Dust

mercredi 28 avril 2010

Robert Francis @ Virgin Champs Elysées, Paris April 28th 2010 3:00PM

Robert Francis @ Virgin Megastore Champs Elysées
Paris, April 28th 2010 3:00PM

After seeing John Butler Trio (review below) for a short 30 min set and a signing session , it is time for new sensation Robert Francis to play @ Virgin Megastore.

This guy is coming out of nowhere and suddenly his single is played in heavy rotation on all French radios. He can be thankfull to his record Cie for that.
Maybe it cost him his left arm or part of his royalties on the song ( yeah i know it is a taugh bizz).

I had my doubt before hearing him play, his single " Junebug" is getting on my nerves,
It is impossible NOT to hear it when you listen to the radio.
I was quite surprised as he's playing Typical Americana, That is the kind of " Classic rock" that I like.
He's much better on rockier songs than on cooler songs but when he's playing soli on his Les Paul guitar he fucking ROCKS.
Very good 30min+ set ( 7-8 songs)
Once again the show took place in a very relax & cool atmosphere.
He was chatty and took Pics with his fans after the show, 90% of them female teenagers
Not sure if the setlist below is the right one

setlist (?)

Too bad I can't make it @ Zénith, I'm already booked tonight to see Drive-By Truckers @ L' Album de la Semaine.(review tonight)

John Butler Trio @ Virgin Champs Elysées, Paris April 28th 2010 1:30 PM

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John Butler Trio
@ Virgin Champs Elysées
Paris April 28th 2010 1:30PM
(+ Robert Francis @ 3:00PM)
Lunch break to see John Butler Trio playing a set at the Virgin Megastore on the Champs Elysées in sunny Paris.
Lots of people, many of them teenage girls.
John has a fresh new haircut, gone is his long hair.
Always as cool and relax with his "new band" for this short 30 min set

It has always been a pleasure to see the John Butler trio on stage, a bit like going to see friends playing a gig.
Always nice and smiling, interacting with the audience.
After the gig there was a signing session, all band members were chatty & friendly with everybody, Before they went to the Zénith where they are playing tonight.

It was really over as Robert Francis is playing @ 3:00PM ( he is also opening for JBT tonight)


John thinking of ... & Setlist signed