mardi 29 juillet 2008

CHICAGO Casino de Paris July 29th 2008

" If you leave me now" &
"does anybody really knows what time it is "
Another video will be uploaded tomorrow.

New York Dolls and Sex Pistols "live in Belgium" soon on ROCKERPARIS

The Casino de Paris is welcoming CHICAGO
From the number of microphones on stage you can guess that a power trio won't be playing tonight in fact they are 8. The rhythm section , a guitar player , two keyboard players and 3 horns.
Can you believe that this guys have been together for more than 40 years ? Of course many have left from the original band and for this tour there are only 2 remaining original members, usually there are 4 .
With this Nostalgia act like with most of these "old bands" don't expect them to play their entire new cd. What people wants , it's the Hits songs.
Divided over 2 sets Chicago has to split them , "if you leave me now " sung by the bass player and "does anybody really knows what time it is " are part of the first set. Ok " if you leave me now" doesn't really sounds the same especially when the singer is struggling to match the original singer. Both keyboard players are also sharing vocals duties.
When the band is not playing some dumb AOR ballads ( excluding ' If you leave...) they're really GROOVING.
A couple of 'new' songs are thrown in , including one from their rejected record ( by their then label Warner Bros ) "stone of sisyphus" of 1993 which has just been released 15 years after its recording. You can understand why the record company wasn't happy with the result , it sounds like the worst of Phil Collins ( at least on record , live it's ok )
The second set is more groovy " I' m a man " is absolutely GREAT.
Show ended with a fantastic rendition of " 25 or 6 to 4 "

Hey Guys maybe it's time to get new shirts

setlist: 1st and 2nd set

Goodnight lads and see ya next year

"If you leave me now " &
"does anybody really knows what time it is " here :
" 25 or 6 to 4" :

New Tom Waits video from July 24th @ Grand Rex Paris

Hi there
here's a brand new video from the First show in Paris featuring
Mr TOM WAITS with " Make it rain".
Song is 8'30" long .

More videos from both nights here :
6 videos in all , 4 from the 1st night and 2 from the 2nd .

lundi 28 juillet 2008

AC/DC news. Breaking Announcement soon ...

see Tom Waits section on this site.

Here 's a picture of Angus and Malcom from March-April 2008 in the studio :
Check this French Website for news :

Angus Young, Malcolm Young, Brian Johnson, Cliff Williams and Phil Rudd will make a Breaking Announcement next Friday, Aug 1st, in a special video message on ACDC.COM. That will be the official start of the "Dirty Rhythm" promotion. [NDA: isn't it BLACK ICE ? ]

AC/DC's brand new album "Dirty Rhythm" [ ???] is set to be released October 28 of this year and will be sold exclusively through Wal-Mart Stores Inc. The first single "Runaway Train" will be released next month, on Aug. 24.

"Dirty Rhythm" Tracklisting: 1 Serious Nuclear Screamer 2 Run Away From Black Ice 3 The Ripper 4 9 Days In Spider's Trap 5 Rock 'N Roll Defenders 6 Love Madness 7 Long Way To Go 8 RAW 9 Heat It Up 10 Crawlin' 11 Tornado Suicide 12 Caught In A Riff
13 The Legacy

AC/DC's World Tour will kick off in New York City on Jan. 1, 2009.
Can we really trust this ?
Too good to be true , my favorite band is BACK !!!
A live DVD will be out on Sept 9th 2008 it's the Director's cut of "NO BULL"

I'm leaving town pretty soon to go on holiday , my last show in Paris should be CHICAGO tomorrow , if i'm not to lazy to go and then i'm off.
But before that we will go to Belgium to see the NEW YORK DOLLS and the SEX PISTOLS.
Hope i'll get nice pictures and videos ...

samedi 26 juillet 2008

THE BELLRAYS Paris Plage July 26th 2008


Free outdoor concert by the river left bank next to Bastille. Paris in the summer is full of free gigs , mostly jazz but tonight for -Paris Plage- we're gonna ROCK with The Mighty BELLRAYS.
Early start for support bands ( 5:30 pm ) .We arrived just in time, around 8 pm, to catch the last 2 songs of French rock band TANGER . Thir music is OK but they are singing in french which ruins everything.
8:40 sharp The BELLRAYS are on the stage and as usual, i've seen them many times , THEY FUCKING ROCK .
On their early records songs were like the Ramones fast and short. Now they've slow down a bit and injected some soul music into their rock. And it's even better than before. It gives you time to catch your breath between the fast stuff.
Lisa ( the singer ) is a real show(wo)man walking the stage like a lion in a cage. Her versatile voice adapts easily wether it' s a soulful ballad or a punk song.
People down the front are acting like they were at the Pistols in '76 at the 100 club.
The place is on fire with the last song AC/DC 's " Highway to Hell ".
Great gig !
Thanks to Patrice Guino for sending me the pics so quick and for once he shot the video , YEAH MAN .

One beer , Please !

Lisa from left to right .

AC/DC ' s " Highway to Hell " :

TOM WAITS Paris Grand Rex July 25th 2008


Setlists : 1st night ( left ) 2nd night ( right )

Setlist should be read as this :
July 24th:
Lucinda/Ain’t Going Down To The Well
Falling Down
All The World Is Green
I’ll Shoot The Moon
Cemetery Polka
Cold Cold Ground
Eyeball Kid
Way Down In The Hole
The Briar And The Rose
You can never hold back spring
Lucky Day (cut before the end)
Tom Traubert’s Blues
Innocent When You Dream
Lie To Me
Hoist That Rag
Bottom Of The World
Hang Down Your Head
Get Behind The Mule
Dirt In The Ground
Make It Rain

Chocolate Jesus
Trampled Rose
Come On Up To The House

July 25th :
Lucinda / Ain't Going Down To The Well No More
Rain Dogs
Falling Down
The Other Side Of The World
Lucky Day
God's Away On Business
Hold On
Eyeball Kid
Jesus Gonna Be Here
You Can Never Hold Back Spring
Johnsburg, Illinois
Tom Traubert's Blues
Innocent When You Dream
Lie To Me
Hoist That Rag
Heigh Ho
Lost At The Bottom Of The World
Hang Down Your Head
Poor Edward
Black Market Baby
Dirt In The Ground
Make It Rain

Way Down In The Hole
Jockey Full Of Bourbon
Anywhere I Lay My Head

2nd show for Tom Waits , almost same gig as yesterday , just a few changes ( 5-6 songs ) , the jokes were different involving 1) a spider and 2) baby Frogs he had injested in Paris after swimming in a pond which are happily living in his stomach.
Hard to get the setlists as he ordered his roadies NOT to give'em away. ( !?!)
Anyway our photographer PATRICE GUINO could manage to get pictures .

the encore ( 2nd song )

NEW VIDEO UPDATED JULY 27th " Eyeball Kid" :

Check here for more :

vendredi 25 juillet 2008

TOM WAITS Paris Grand Rex July 24th 2008

Hi Lads ,
Tom Waits Ah Ah Ah !!!
The hottest gig of the year in Paris
And here it is, on ROCKERPARIS Just for YOU ,
courtesy of Patrice Guino.
Check our VIDEOS too...

The Voice of Screaming Jay Hawkins , the attitude of John Belushi ( without the drugs ) for a great set of rock-blues-cabaret. Of course tickets were ridiculously expensive once again ( up to 140 euros ). For this tour it was more cabaret than rock.
He was standing up on a platform and didn't move at all from there only to play 3 songs on the piano.
Each time he was stomping his feet a cloud of "dust" was rising up to much effect.
We had the usual jokes between songs.
First time i was seeing him on stage and i wasn't disapointed.

Starting with THIS :

so stay tuned !

jeudi 24 juillet 2008

Nile Rodgers ' CHIC Paris July 23rd 2008

Here's a selection of some of the pictures from the CHIC gig at the Elysée Montmartre .
© Guino Patrice
Review later ...

Nile Rodgers In action !

The band ( left ) / Probably the sexiest girl i have EVER seen on a stage ( right )

Is that smile for me Honey ? ( right )

Nice "Tattoo" ( left )

He's DA BOSS ! Backstage

Can you believe your eyes ?!?
"Le Freak " C'est CHIC :

dimanche 20 juillet 2008

DIANNE REEVES Parc Floral Vincennes July 20th 2008


note : " Child is Porn " instead of " Child is Born " on the setlist
Even in Jazz they know how to be funny...

Hi There

She is considered one of the most important contemporary jazz singers and DIANNE REEVES Is playing for free ( at least for us ) @ Paris' Parc Floral of the Bois de Vincennes this afternoon.
I though it would be too Jazzy for me but absolutely not, the show was great, her voice is pretty amazing, the music is really cool too ...
Raoul Midon opened the show, we arrived too late to see him , we've been told he did a fine job and had an encore. He was invited back on stage by Dianne for a wonderful 13 min long version of the Temptations' " Just my imagination" .
The place was PACKED, impossible to get a seat down the front. So i will post a video later but it's shot from the back sorry ... of course our photographer PATRICE GUINO was front row ( bastard ! )

vendredi 18 juillet 2008

B 52 ' S PARIS BATACLAN JULY 18th 2008

Time for some nice electronic pop-rock with the B52s just after the Funky stuff from Bootsy Collins and the JBs.
The B52s haven't been in Paris for many years so the Hot & Sweaty Bataclan is SOLD-OUT.
Their music is not really my cup of tea, even if i liked a couple of their hit songs, but i 've been told that they were entertaining on stage.
And YES they were ENTERTAINING, their pop-rock sounds really good on stage , the feminine harmonies of both female singers Cindy Wilson and Kate Pierson are working perfectly in live conditions. The singer Fred Schneider ( you know the one with the weird voice ) is quiet funny to watch .
OK the music is not fantastic ( i mean not all of it ) but the 3 leaders down the front know how to put on a show , they're having fun and we're having fun .
Note : Monster drummer Sterling Campbell was behind the drum kit ( He's David Bowie's ).

So a very enjoyable night after all ...

Videos online, their single" Funplex " here :
and " Planet Claire" :

jeudi 17 juillet 2008

BOOTSY COLLINS Tribute to James Brown Paris Bataclan July 16th

Bootsy Collins & The Hardest Working Band Featuring, The Original JB Rhythm Section & Tony Wilson.
With Vicki Anderson , Martha High & Tomi Rae Brown

NEW ONLINE VIDEO (updated July 18th ) "Maybe the last time" here :

All pictures are from our mate PATRICE GUINO. He's da man...

Show started with House Band playing some JB covers.
Vicki Anderson

Soul Sister Vicki Anderson ( among all the girls James Brown had as backing vocalists she was his favorite singer ) sang " message to the soul sisters" .

Mr Brown' s in Da House / MC Danny Ray at work

Then MC Danny Ray introduced Tony Wilson. He's a fantastic singer and dancer , it's like having a young James Brown in front of you , pretty amazing ...
Tony" Young James "wilson & The Funky Divas United

Tomi Rae Brown ( James Brown former wife and Backing Vocalist ) sang a couple of tunes too.
Tomi Rae Brown

Tony Wilson came back for more funky stuff ... before Bootsy Collins left his bass guitar to introduced every musicians and the Funky Divas.
Bootsy Da MC...

...introducing everyone ( Clyde & Jabo )
Da Collins Bros French kissin' ( right )

Funky Divas Martha High and Vicki Anderson

Things are gettin' hot between Tony Wilson & Patti ( left )

Nice Hat Bootsy ! Sorry Honey ;-)

Tony Wilson gave us some more ... ( see video " please please please " )
Bootsy Collins ended the show on vocals with "get up, get into, get involved " and with a 15 min long fantastic rendition of " We want the Funk " , he walked out in the audience which went nuts.
That was it, once again A FUNKY GOOD NIGHT !!!

Bootsy on his way home ...

"Please please please " :

More to come ...
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