Wednesday, July 9, 2008

WILLY DEVILLE Paris Cigale July 8th 2008

Willy Deville is still popular in France as this concert at la Cigale is SOLD OUT ( all seated event )
I've got to tell you i went there more by curiosity than anything else and on the advice of a few friends because i do not really know what he has done musically apart from the "Hey Joe" cover he did a few years ago.
And that was a real surprise to me.
Support band was an african band in the style of Tinariwen ( can't remember their name ) which went ok.
Things started smoothly with the Mink Deville band playing Herbie Hancock's " Watermelon man " before Willie was introduced on stage.
His skin is as white as a wedding dress and he looks frail but he can deliver.
He's got the Voice , the Look and the attitude to go with ... and the sense of humor too.
He may be playing most of the show sitting on a bar stool with his lyrics in front of him but the whiskey fuelled voice is still intact.
The music is diverse from blues to rock to spanish influenced .
Only 2 songs from his most recent record were played, he stayed focus on his most famous songs including the " Hey Joe " cover .
After asking a few fans who saw him a few times over these last 20 years on the -Willie Deville scale- it was a really good show and that's exactly what i though.
Very enjoyable night .
I would like to thank personally Patrice Guino for the pictures once again , he was supposed to go to the Kings of Leon / Mgmt gig at the Zénith yesterday. After i asked him he switched to Willy Deville so he had to ask for a photo pass at the last minute and was turned down by the PR. So i felt a little bit guilty but he's full of resources and he's a rebel; His answer was
" Fuck'em i'll take pictures anyway " and that's what he did .
He's right " Fuck this vermine PR " we don't need any of their arrogant shit.
To whom it may concerned !

Oh , here's " Hey Joe" :

Here's another one :

More to come ...