Saturday, July 26, 2008

THE BELLRAYS Paris Plage July 26th 2008


Free outdoor concert by the river left bank next to Bastille. Paris in the summer is full of free gigs , mostly jazz but tonight for -Paris Plage- we're gonna ROCK with The Mighty BELLRAYS.
Early start for support bands ( 5:30 pm ) .We arrived just in time, around 8 pm, to catch the last 2 songs of French rock band TANGER . Thir music is OK but they are singing in french which ruins everything.
8:40 sharp The BELLRAYS are on the stage and as usual, i've seen them many times , THEY FUCKING ROCK .
On their early records songs were like the Ramones fast and short. Now they've slow down a bit and injected some soul music into their rock. And it's even better than before. It gives you time to catch your breath between the fast stuff.
Lisa ( the singer ) is a real show(wo)man walking the stage like a lion in a cage. Her versatile voice adapts easily wether it' s a soulful ballad or a punk song.
People down the front are acting like they were at the Pistols in '76 at the 100 club.
The place is on fire with the last song AC/DC 's " Highway to Hell ".
Great gig !
Thanks to Patrice Guino for sending me the pics so quick and for once he shot the video , YEAH MAN .

One beer , Please !

Lisa from left to right .

AC/DC ' s " Highway to Hell " :