mardi 30 novembre 2010

The album signed by John Lennon to Mark Chapman for sale

Mark chapman's signed Double Fantasy lp

Moments in Times Inc is selling ( for 530,000 Pounds) John Lennon's Double Fantasy LP that was signed to Mark Chapman a few hours before he killed John Lennon.

This Cie is also selling memorabilia regarding history such as Charles De Gaulle's letters, Al Capone's .38 Caliber, JD Salinger's letters,Napoleon proclaming his accession to the throne...

Also for sale is a letter from John Lennon to his assistant 6 months before his death expressing security concerns about " a front door that any nut can open".

Rock'n Roll legend Wanda Jackson to play private show @ L'Album de la semaine next week in Paris on Dec 06

Rock'n Roll legend Wanda Jackson who toured with Elvis Presley in the late 50's will play a private show for Canal+ tv show L' Album de la Semaine on Dec 06 2010.
Jack White from The White Stripes & The Dead Weather has produced her new album.

Bookings: call Bertrand 01 55 93 40 48

lundi 29 novembre 2010

System of a Down European Tour 2011 announced

Here it is and it's official:

6/2/11 - Italy, Milan, Milan Fiera Arena (on-sale Dec 1 @ 10am)
6/4/11 - Germany, Nurnberg, Rock im Park (AVAILABLE NOW)
6/5/11 - Germany, Nurburgring, Rock am Ring (AVAILABLE NOW)
6/6/11 - France, Paris, Omnisports de Bercy (on-sale Dec 14 @ 10am)
6/9/11 - Switzerland, Interlaken, Greenfield Festival (on-sale Dec 1 @ 10am)
6/11/11 - UK, Castle Donington, Download Festival (on-sale Dec 3 @ 9am)
6/13/11 - Austria, Nickelsdorf, Novarock (AVAILABLE NOW)
6/15/11 - Germany, Berlin, Wuhlheide (on-sale Dec 1 @ 9am)
6/17/11 - Sweden, Gothenburg, Metaltown Festival (on-sale Dec 2 @ 9am)
6/19/11 - Finland, Turku, Provinssirock (on-sale Dec 1 @ 9am)

dimanche 28 novembre 2010

Suede @ Elysée Montmartre, Paris Nov 28 2010

setlist Paris
contact: irockinparis((at))yahoo((dot))fr

Maybe if we're not too lazy on this cold sunday night
In Fact we couldn't go but we have some lovely friends who are shooting like they breath:

"Can't get enough"

Click on links for videos ( Thanks to Motley Mime & Uschi)
"Animal Nitrate", Another version
"This Hollywood Life" "She" & "Trash"
"So Young" & "Metal Mickey"
"So Young" (another version")
"The Drowners"
"The wild ones"
Enjoy !!!

setlist anyone ?

Isabelle Huppert, Lolita Chammah & Marc Fitoussi @ Fnac Montparnasse, Paris Nov 27 2010

Isabelle Huppert, Lolita Chammah & Marc Fitoussi
@ Fnac Montparnasse, Paris Nov 27 2010

To promote the release of movie Copacabana on dvd, The Fnac store in Montparnasse is organising a meeting with the two main actresses of the movie & the director.
Very interesting discussion about the movie (which is great) and about Isabelle's career.
Isabelle is here with her daughter who's playing her daughter in the movie.
The place is packed as it's saturday afternoon , the atmosphere is very relax as you can see on the pictures, the video should be online on the Fnac website soon.

jeudi 25 novembre 2010

Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark (OMD) + Mirrors @ Casino de Paris Nov 25 2010

Updated Nov 27 with top quality videos from StéphaneD (click on links to watch)
"Enola gay", "Tesla Girls", "Locomotion", "Souvenir", "Electricity"

Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark
+ Mirrors
@ Casino de Paris, Nov 25 2010


You're probably wondering what the Hell was I doing here, isn't not really Rock, Is it ?
Well I thought It might be funny to attend such a gig , theses guys are legend in their own field: Electronic Music from the 80's.

First we have the quartet Mirrors, all standing up on the same line, 3 keyboards and a drum kit, funny to see them playing with 2 fingers on their keys.
see video HERE & HERE
The music is horrible but it was funny to see ( as they remember me of a French comedy act -Les Inconnus- who was laughing at all those bands in a very funny comedy show) and better than expected.

Then we have 80's legend: O.M.D.
Very nice stage set up with great lightning, the sound is neat: loud and clear.
No guitars ( I miss them), a real drummer , two keyboards and a singer/bass player.
See setlist for details as I only knew 2 songs: "Souvenir" (here on video) & "Enola gay", both of these songs were HUGE hits in France when I was a kid.
Even if I hate that kind of music, it was enjoyable and always interesting to see one of the bands that started it all.
They're part of the music history.

Won't tell you that I enjoyed all the songs but the singer's is giving it all, walking the stage from side to side, shaking hands... and dancing like only they did in the 80's , a bit of a caricature (see video of "So in Love") but he's doing the show.

Much more enjoyable than I thought it would be.
It was their last show on the tour so lots of English down the front.
Funny when the singer told the audience that they won't wait another 15 ( or was it 18 ) years to come back and that the tickets won't be 70 euros.
That was his personal message to the promoter who was there watching, you can guess it was... Gérard Drouot. LOL
At least a band found out that he's charging too much for a ticket.


"Souvenir " & "Joan of Arc":

Great set !

Teenage Fanclub @ Point Ephemere, Paris Nov 24 2010

For Review, Video, Pictures and complete setlist check Oliver Peel's website.

mercredi 24 novembre 2010

Gorillaz @ La Musicale, Paris Nov 24 2010

contact: irockinparis((@))yahoo(dot)fr
(C) Canal+ La Musicale (click for more Pics) & SETLIST + Ticket

Just back from Gorillaz performing @ La Musicale, Canal+ Tv show.
The Recording took place @ Plaine St Denis in Studio 207 which is a big one as the production is pretty big, 1000 guests, mostly from the Music Biz plus cameras.
The stage is massive, It's a hube boat and they called it, The HMS La Musicale.
There is a huge machine-guns on each side and even a big Lighthouse on the side where Emma De Caunes is introducing the band before they get on stage.
Gorillaz is written in big coloured capital letters above the stage, there's also a bi
g screen above all this showing cartoons for the whole gig.
Lots of musicians for this project up to 25 for some songs all dressed as sailors or Captains.
This is a real gig on a real stage even though I think it's more a Musical with many guests : Bobby Womack, DeLa Soul & Others.
Hard to miss Mick Jones on guitar & Paul Simonon on bass both from The Clash, they were the only musicians that Damon introduced.
What to think of it ?
Well... overall good show as there's always something going on.
The songs I've heard before were not really my thing, it is way to electro o
r dance for me.
The band kept the hits for the Encore.
There are a few good tunes but other "songs" are made of a simple beat or rhythm repeated with a vocal melody over it, it's groovy but n
ot really the music I like.
Not my drug of choice but enjoyable.

The National @ Olympia , Paris Nov 23 2010

We were NOT there but our good friend Oliver Peel was , so we nicked his setlist.
Check his website for review & pictures.
SETLIST : (click on link for video)
01: Runaway
02: Anyone's Ghost
03: Mistaken For Strangers
04: Bloodbuzz Ohio
05: Baby We'll Be Fine
06: Slow Show
07: Squalor Victoria
08: Afraid Of Everyone
09: Available
10: Lit Up
11: Cardinal Song
12: Conversation 16
13: Sorrow
14: Apartment Story
15: Abel
16: Daughters Of The Soho Riots
17: England
18: Fake Empire

19: Lucky You
20: Mr. November
21: Terrible Love
22: Vanderlyle Crybaby Geeks

mardi 23 novembre 2010

Lloyd Cole & Small Ensemble @ Pop'In Bar, Paris Nov 22 2010

Lloyd Cole @ Pop'In bar
Paris Nov 22 2010

Before the gig & Rehearsals

A day without any gig so I was almost in pyjama when I received a phone call @ 8:00pm from Motley Mime telling me that Lloyd Cole was playing an acoustic gig at the Pop'In bar in Bastille @ 9:00pm.
Couldn't miss that especially that I'm leaving nearby.
I arrived there just in time to see the rehearsals before the show.
After telling all punters at the bar that the show is about to start, the basement room is filling up pretty quickly.
Very cool beginning with "Perfect Skin", as you can see on the Pics and video Lloyd is playing with two (American) guitar players.
The atmosphere is very relax ( Lloyd is in chatty mood and making a few jokes) and religious at the same time (when they're not playing you could hear a pin drop).
The band played a few songs from their back catalogue which I'm not too familiar with I must confess. I barely knew 3 songs, their most famous ones as Lloyd Cole had a few hits in France with his Commotions.
see setlist for details, there might be missing a couple of songs.
Really nice to see Lloyd Cole in such an intimate setting, it was the first time for me.
He's a great songwritter & songs are really catchy.
Red lightning & part of the audience with Lloyd

The show has been decided at the 11h hour as Lloyd Cole wanted to play a club to rehearse for his Tv recording for One Shot Not on Wednesday.

Thanks to the guys involved who made it happened after meeting him in a bar and thanks to Facebook , Twitter and word to mouth , the bar was full of fans who knew all the lyrics as you can hear on the video of the last song played tonight " Forest Fire" ( Courtesy of Uschi).
Great 50 min gig.
Handwritten setlist by Lloyd (in capital letters) / shop display nearby & "Gargouille" in my home... euh Castle.

"Heartbroken" & "Impossible girl":

Cool set !