Friday, November 5, 2010

Surfer Blood + Carl Barat + The Drums @ Les Inrocks festival, Cigale, Paris Nov 5 2010

Festival des Inrocks @ Cigale, Paris Nov 05 2010
Free Energy, Surf Blood, Carl Barat & The Drums

Surfer Blood

We arrived too late to see Free Energy which we already saw a couple of days ago @ L' Album de la semaine TV show for Canal+, we didn't really liked them but all my friends told me they were very good, much more better than @ Canal+
I guess I can trust them.

Surfer Blood

Surfer Blood is next, half of the songs are sounding like The Smiths or Morrissey , the other half like Vampire Weekend and we hate that shitty band, so part good, part average.
Even the singer is acting like Morrissey on stage.
They invited Free Energy to fool around on the stage for a song (see pic above)
Just above average.
Carl Barat with great lightning... not !

We saw Carl Barat a couple of days ago @ L' Album de la Semaine (click for review Pics & setlist) playing his new solo album. Some of it is quite good ,some of it is a bit too slow for us.
We were a bit disappointed by his performance.
Tonight it's night and day compare to Canal+.
First song from the new record " Je Regrette" with more balls, then his new single which is the fastest song on the album (here on video) plus some Libertines songs to rausing applause from the audience , great atmosphere and lots of pogoing in the pit. We had some quieter songs from the new album but they were fitting all right.
Carl Barat is much more involved and rocking.
Great set.


"Playing with the Boys":

Cool song

Last is The Drums, They are OK for 3-4 songs than teir pop-rock is getting boring, luckily the singer is acting like a ballet dancer playing tennis or maybe was he avoiding imaginary bullets, same with the guitar player from the left who's also acting strangely so they were funny to watch but the music...
The Drums
The Drums @ Cigale:

See Ya

Thanks to Marie for the Pass ;-)))