mardi 30 juin 2009

The Dead Weather @ L' Album de la Semaine Canal+ Paris June 30th 2009

The Dead Weather @ L' Album de la Semaine
Paris June 30th 2009

Setlist & Allison + Jack L on left

Last recording for the season before the holidays for the famous Canal+ TV show " L' Album de la Semaine ".
The studio is packed , around 200 people , lots of fans who were at the Cigale the day before ( see Pics and review + Videos HERE ). Thankfully it's not as hot as yesterday.
The band opened the set with the same song ( "60 ft all" ) which I think is not the best choice to start the gig with.
Anyway the band is on top form and after listening to the songs for the first time yesterday night live, I'm really getting into it and I have prefered this private show.
They 've played 10 songs ( see setlist above ) for 45 min.
They ended the gig with Jack on guitar on " enough water".
We could meet them briefly after.( see Pic )

The Dead Weather @ Cigale Paris June 29th 2009

The Dead Weather + Aqua Nebula Oscillator
@ Cigale Paris June 29th 2009
Aqua Nebula Oscillator

First on stage in a Hot & Sweaty Cigale ( Sold-Out along time ago ) is french Doom-Stoner band Aqua Nebulla Oscillator , This guys are heavy , the sound is messy but the music is really heavy and psyche : Hawkwind meeting the early Queens of the Stone Age. cool

9:00 PM the Dead Weather are playing the first notes of their concert, slow song to start with, maybe not the best to get into a gig.
Jack White is on drums & Vocals, Alison Mosshart ( from The Kills ) on vocals , Jack Lawrence ( from The Raconteurs ) is on bass and Dean Fertita ( From the QOTSA ) on guitar and organ.

I won't tell you anything about the songs as i've never heard anything apart from the single and I've just listen to it before the gig.

With Jack it's not really Chorus + Verse + chorus type of songs, they seem to be destructured , it's working on some and not on others.
It's a Blues orientated band like in the White Stripes but less heavy .

You can feel that it's Jack's new project even though he's on drums for the whole gig apart from one song that he's doing on guitar and vocals ( with Alison ) while Jack Lawrence was on drums .
This guy knows how to rock on guitar , there's no doubt about it.

Jack on guitar for 1 song

Banging !

Alison was like a lion in a cage for the whole gig , Jack L and Dean were more relax.

ALL PICTURES © Patrice Guino
Short set as they only played for an hour
Alison is Wild

Nice set but I expected it to be better.
We'll see tomorrow as they're playing famous TV show L' Album de la Semaine.

Thank You & Good night
Drum kit , guitars & Jack White posing Aftershow

Alison & Jack Lawrence relaxing Aftershow

1st video :

2nd Video:

dimanche 28 juin 2009

Neil Young & Paul Mc Cartney @ Hard Rock calling , Hyde Park London June 27th 2009

While I was attending Simone White & Jeanne's gig @ Oliver 's , two of my favorite artists were playing probably my favorite Beatles' song together in London :

" A day in a Life "

Neil Young & his Electric Band Feat. Paul Mc Cartney:

samedi 27 juin 2009

Simone White & Jeanne @ Oliver Peel session # 9 June 27th 2009

Contact : irockinparis ( @ )

Simone White
& Jeanne Madic @ Oliver Peel session # 9
Somewhere in Paris june 27th 2009


Only 2 days after the last Oliver Peel session with Milk & Fruit Juice and Tada Tata, we all gathered to attend Jeanne and Simone White 's performances for the Oliver Peel session # 9.
First to play is Jeanne , she did several instrumental "tracks" on accordion then one with her emotional frail high voice. Note that her accordion sounds nothing like a normal accordion, just image you're alone in the country side lost in a blanket of fog and you'll get the idea of what it sounds like.
Complete setlist ( and PICS ) On Oliver Peel 's blog.

Simone White

Then Simone White took the stage , I've been to many Oliver Peel sessions with many folk artists most of'em were good but this time, I have to say that Simone 's songs and quality vocals are first league. Alela Diane should worry.
There's a maturity in her compositions and her voice is subtle.
We were lucky to be treated with quite a long set, playing songs from her records , she has a second album out shortly.
Check her Myspace to hear her songs , I've discover a gold nugget tonight.
We should hear about her very soon, Rolling stone Germany has nothing but praise for her cd.

Simone & Jeanne + The beautiful people

" The Beep Beep Song" on video (click on link )

I have never seen that publicity before watch this and hear this , it's Simone White's song.

The Fleshtones @ Nouveau Casino Paris June 26th 2009

Fleshtones @ Nouveau Casino
Paris June 26th 2009

After two sold-out show at the Mécanique Ondulatoire in January of this year ( Show 1 , Show 2 Click on links for Pics & Reviews ) which were fantastic.
The Fleshtones are playing tonight @ the Nouveau Casino, unfortunately we had to wait a couple of friends so we couldn't see support band Kool Clebs.
Fleshtones with their Psyche-surf-garage are burning down the house once again.
The singer's mad , dancing , jumping, screaming and visiting the audience down in the pit.

Lots of fuzz guitar , grooving bass and kicking ass drums.
Songs are played one after another no time to hang around.
As you can see on the pictures the whole band came many times down in the pit to play their songs in front of their fans.
They invited on stage a couple of people including a young girl who 'played ' bass.

The setlist above is inaccurate as they've changed it and added a few songs.
Great set once again , these guys are having fun entertaining us and so we had.

vendredi 26 juin 2009

Mickael Jackson & Farrah Fawcett are dead ( + Sky Saxon )

Incredible News :

Mickael jackson died of a heart attack in Los Angeles

Farrah Fawcett died of her cancer .

2 icons dead on the same day

Sky Saxon from The seeds also died yesterday

Tada Tata + Milk & fruit juice @ Oliver Peel session # 8 Paris june 25th 2009

Tada Tata + Milk & Fruit juice @ Oliver Peel session # 8
Somewhere near the Eiffel Tower June 25th 2009

The beautiful people & Milk ( or is he Fruit juice ? )

Oliver Peel & Cécile are welcoming us tonight for an unusual Thursday night-Oliver-Peel session.
Some very good home made pizzas , cupcakes ( home made by Mathilde ) and macarons plus lots of rosé but not only as ...
The first band on stage is French pop-folkies Milk & Fruit Juice ,once again it's hot as hell in here ( they're doing a competition with the Bataclan for the hottest club ) but we're lucky to be treated with some refreshing pop-folk mainly played on Ukulele with a little help from their friends on guitar, percussion and backing vocals.
Don't ask me who's Milk and who's Fruit Juice , I haven't figure it out yet.
The fruit-juices or the Milkies ?

This Oliver Peel session #8 started very late as the girls from Sweden Tada Tata were stuck in the traffic.
Tada Tàtà played around 11 PM.
Short but very cool set of Electro Pop Folk mostly played on guitar & Ukulele and Music toys with the help of an Ipod for some backgound music operated by the master himself : Oliver.
These funny little Swedish girls are doing fine with some very nice harmony vocals.
They will be playing the Music for Toys Festival on june 28th @ L' international.

Baby girls with music toys
Tada Tata