Saturday, January 17, 2009

The Fleshtones + Tony Truand @ Mécanique Ondulatoire Paris Jan 16th 2009

Second show for opening band Tony Truand & The "Mighty" Fleshtones should i call them now.And ROCKERPARIS is here again, you 'll never get rid of us ...
It's really funny how impredictable that funny little french fellow can be , that guitar player is as tall as Malcom Young from AC DC and tries to play the tough guy, he's going into the audience to play some guitar and acting like a cunt pushing people and when someone is pushing him back , he wanna fight & leave the stage . Ridiculous. Hey dude ! get an attitude.

Tony Truand & Yarol Poupaud

Anyway , once again The Fleshtones , sorry .... The " Mighty " Fleshtones have turned the Mécanique Ondulatoire upside down & inside out.
They've done another GREAT show, the band has changed the setlist a bit and played a monster version of Grand Funk 's " Inside looking out " .
Another nice atmosphere with lots of sing along , once again it's chaos down the front, the singer's wild tonight he's going twice at the back of the tiny venue crowdsurfing ( see picture )
yesterday the band invited a young kid ( and his father ) to play some bass and guitar tonight we have two girls.
Tony Truand is called back to play a couple of tunes for the encore with The " Mighty " Fleshtones .
Another GREAT gig.
Band arriving & " What's next ? "

" take me away "

This guy can play ANYTHING !

Once again all pictures are from our fellow photographer © Guino Patrice , he wants me to tell you that he HAD TO use the flash ( which is an heresy to him ) as the lightshow was the shittest he has even seen. as they say in French " Dont acte " .