Monday, January 26, 2009

Eagles of death Metal @ L ' album de la semaine Canal+ Jan 26th 2009

Original setlist incomplete

The Eagles of Death Metal are in Paris tonight to play famous tv show " L 'Album de la semaine "
They also have a gig @ Nouveau Casino ( sold out ) on tuesday 27th.

Kaiser Chiefs are playing on the same day at the Olympia.

i'm just back from The Eagles of death metal ( AKA Pigeons of Shit Metal ).
Decent show from the boys. The singer is really a character looking cool and funny... allright he's limited on the guitar but it's ok for the Classic rock they're playing. I though they would be much more heavy ( so i was disappointed ).
They took it all , well most of it from the Rolling Stones , on a couple of songs The Glimmer Twins could sue their asses for plagiarism.
They have borrow the drummer from the Queens of the Stone Age , this guy is a monster and the music is so cool & relax( compare to QOTSA ) that he gives the impression that he could do the ironing while playing drums .
They've played their set and came back on stage to play 2 songs another time ( including " wanna be in LA" ) and added 2 others at the end of their set.