Friday, January 23, 2009

Keziah Jones @ Trabendo Paris Jan 22nd 2009 RATP "Destination Musique "

Keziah Jones ' private show @Trabendo for the RATP ( Parisian transportation ) Destination Musique.
Invit' only for VIPs and competition winners.
The Trabendo is a 500 capacity club, so it is now a real privilege to see him playing in such a small place as he's filling up the Olympia Theatre ( 2500 Capacity ) for several nights.
His last album was a success thanks to a very good promotion ( and his talent ) Keziah Jones played 4 secret shows in the Parisian Underground,where he was supposed to have been discovered many years ago, I was at 3 of them.
The press coverage was massive.

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Invitation front side

He gave a catastrophic concert @ the Olympia in November , tonight he seems much more relax as usual he sometimes plays out of key, but that's allright .
He's in a good mood and he's talking with the audience. Interacting should I say .
He played a couple of songs on his own and has the audience sing.
Short set , just an hour including the encore with a very good version of his hit record " Rythm is love "
Nice gig but he could do better ( and certainly worse )

Invitation back side

Keziah Jones Blue-Funkin'
Here's a B-side:

There was an aftershow party afterwards for a 100 VIPs with champagne ans canopes, Keziah stayed there less than 2 minutes when he saw the crowd and made a quick exit , too bad.