Thursday, January 29, 2009

Cocoon @ Trabendo sessions Paris Jan 29th 2009

Cocoon @ "Trabendo sessions" , private gig for french tv Virgin 17.
After playing a sold-out Olympia , not so long ago , french indie-pop-folk duet Cocoon ( singing in English , please ) is playing in front of a selected audience of 200 people .

They have a huge hit here : " on my way ", they've only done one record and tonight we have the Primeur of a couple of new songs.
First time i'm seeing them so it's nice to be in such an intimate place.
Lots of talking between songs , to tune the guitar and to relax as the singer is telling us that he's so nervous about the recording. But they're doing fine so this chap shouldn't panic.
The atmosphere is very relax and everything is going very smoothly.
The music is really cool lots of slow songs , their fastest his their hit single " on my way ".
Funny how they're working like an old couple ( which they are not, so he says ) , they're quite young, talking to each other, telling a few jokes and even embarrassing each other to our delight.
It seems that a few naked pictures of both of them are circulating in private circles !!!
Anyway that's none of our bizness , even tought the girl is soooo cute we'd like to see this.
They don't take it too seriously so they 're playing a Tokyo hotel cover ( see video ).

Check their myspace:

Very good 90 min concert.
Don't miss them on their next shows at Paris' Cigale on May 19th and 20th
and special gig @ Maroquinerie on May 22nd