mercredi 31 octobre 2012

The Rolling Stones' setlist Rehearsals in France Oct 31 2012

Some more surprises today for the last rehearsals before this long weekend:
  1. Bitch
  2. If you can't rock me
  3. Dead Flowers
  4. Get off my clouds
  5. Love in Vain
  6. I wanna make love to you (x2)
  7. Worried about YOU
  8. Sympathy (x2)
  9. That's how strong my love is
  10. Tell me (x2)
  11. Out of control
  12. Moonlight mile (x2)
Take Care

mardi 30 octobre 2012

The Rolling Stones' rehearsals setlist, Oct 30 2012

The Rolling Stones' rehearsals setlist, Oct 30 2012

One day after playing for bankers @ Théatre Mogador the band is back rehearsing
It started very slowly today, with songs from the early 60's, and later than usual then they rehearsed some songs for the very first time*.

  1. I wanna be your man
  2. Not fade away
  3. it's all over now (x2)
  4. Last time (x2)
  5. Before they make me run
  6. Street Fighting men
  7. Just my Imagination
  8. Lady Jane
  9. Angie (x2) *
  10. Gimme Shelter (x2)* [with Mick doing the female vocal part]
  11. Sway  (x3) *
  12. Heartbreaker (x2)*
  13. Moonlight Mile (x2)*

lundi 29 octobre 2012

The Rolling Stones @ Théatre Mogador, Paris Oct 29 2012

Contact: Irockinparis((at))yahoo(((dot)))fr

THE ROLLING STONES @ Théatre Mogador for Carmignac Gestion
Paris Oct 29 2012

"Il faut rendre à César ce qui appartient à César... 

Merci à Miss T&A pour les invits & ses amis gestionnaires.

  1. It's only Rock N Roll
  2. All Down The Line
  3. You Got Me Rocking
  4. Tumbling Dice
  5. Miss You
  6. You Cant Always Get What You Want
  7. Doom And Gloom
  8. Midnight Rambler
  9. Start Me Up
  10. Honky Tonk Women
  11. Jumping Jack Flash
  12. Brown Sugar 
The theatre was full tonight (all 3 levels) with numbered seat downstairs for vips and 1st balcony then unreserved for the rest.So I guess it was sold-out in this 1600 capacity theatre. Not sure if there was anyone on the top balcony, Haven't checked.
Security was tight, to get in and during the show, impossible to take pics , except for our photographer Patrice Guino, but he's the Man.
The band is on top form starting with it's only Rock'n Roll, no one seems to know the next song "all down the line" from where we were but downstairs down the front it was rocking with musicians from Americano-French band Moriarty, they could easily get tix for tonight as the bass player in the band is the son of M Carmignac who introduced the band on stage.
During "Miss you" Mick Jagger had a few problems with his ear'monitor and had it fixed by a roadie on the side of the stage: he was furious. so we had an extra guitar solo by Ronnie and of course a groovy bass solo by Darryl.
Once again Mick pushed Ronnie several times on the front of the stage.
Keith Richards ' playing is kept to a minimum which is very worrying.Ronnie is now holding the house together taking all the lead.
Bernard Fowler is back with the Stones (He rehearsed with them for the first time one day after the Trabendo on Oct 26, setlist below for the completists). -Now that I think of it I'm pretty sure that I saw Bernard backstage @ Trabendo-
Jagger is playing guitar on "Doom & Gloom".

The not so funny bit was when Mick Jagger talked about a letter M Carmignac sent to French President François Hollande (probably complaining about taxing the rich a bit more ) and Mick laughed with all those bankers saying that "he never read (or heard of any of ) Hollande's reply".
As soon as the name of Hollande was heard everybody booeed.
He also asked if Hollande has been invited to the gig ! With the audience laughing !
It really shows what a cunt Mick Jagger has become : a rich laughing with the rich
No surprise that's he's charging his fans so much for London & Newark, disrespectful for the working class who have bought and are buying his records. What a fucking shame !
The biggest Rock'n Roll band playing & laughing with bankers and brokers !!! so sad !

Anyway enough of politics it was a great show !!! Glad we could make it.
75-80 min set (?)

Article about the concert (in French), article about M Carmignac

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Rehearsals setlist for Oct 26:
First rehearsals with Bernard Fowler
Tumbling Dice (with Bernard singing lead vocals, Mick wasn't there yet)
She's so Cold
Let It Bleed
Wild Horses
Time Is On My Side
You Got Me Rocking
Beast of Burden
Paint it Black
If you can't Rock Me
Miss You
Sitting on the Dock of the Bay

dimanche 28 octobre 2012

Maxïmo Park @ Gaité Lyrique, Paris Oct 28 2012

Maxïmo Park + Animal Kingdom @ Gaité Lyrique, Paris Oct 28 2012

First we have Animal Kingdom at the tiny Gaité Lyrique, indie rock band from England. Not really our drug of choice.
The Gaité Lyrique is far from being full, I guess Maxïmo Park ain't the flavor of the month anymore, it's too bad as they've done a great kick ass rock set, starting very softly with the first part of the first song then exploding 'till the last riff of the last song. Great atmosphere specially the girls down the front who couldn't kept from grabbing his legs.
The singer is acting a bit like a maniac for the whole set (see video below).
Most of their short are very short, 3 min max and fast.
That's how we like it !
Entertaining !

jeudi 25 octobre 2012

The Rolling Stones @ Trabendo, Paris Oct 25 2012

UPDATED OCT 26 with more pics & videos
 Street Fighting Men ? Not Tonight !

The Rolling Stones @ Trabendo, Paris Oct 25 2012

Hard to believe that I'm at the tiny Trabendo club to see The Rolling Stones. We've already seen some famous band in this club, including The Strokes, Green day, Muse, Metallica.... but The FUCKIN' ROLLING STONES !!!
Dream Come True

We had to go through several security check points, for the tickets (twice) and search, you couldn't get in with your cell-phone or any camera...
I've never seen so many security guards, police in riot gear (?!?) and they've closed down the whole perimeter around the club. It looked like a military zone in Irak.
All that shit for 500 Rolling Stones fans most of them in their 50's? Bollocks !
Lots of familiar faces in the club, just 3 small backdrops in the back: including the cover of the new album above Charlie's drumkit.

9:15 pm , The band is getting on stage, we're just down the front facing Ron Wood.
They are all skin & Bones with gray faces and grief-written lines.Charlie's looking good and Keith Richards looks a zombie, Scary.
We're so close that we can see every line , every little muscle or vein on Jagger's face : Impressive, specially after seeing him/them only in Arenas or Stadiums.
Lightning is white and not that fantastic, sound is not too loud and perfect !

Route 66 is the first song played... in slow motion, I guess there's a bit of tension as it's their first official show since 2007.
Mick Jagger's is talking in french mostly, "I can't believe that we're still standing up" Yeah that's right specially regarding Keith Richards shadow, He looks scary and very frail; most of the time, there is no life in his eyes and from time to time there's a smile or a wink of an eye or a grin that shows us that there's still a bit of life in his body & brain. I've been told they had trouble finding an insurance Cie to sign them for a tour, I can understand why by looking at Keith.
The guitar playing is (still) perfect but kept to a minimum but isn't it his trademark ? Ronnie 's shining so is Mick.
He's playing the guitar on several songs "when the whip comes down", D&G" &"Miss ya".
You can see that several times they are relying on Chuck Leavell's direction to play a song.He's the Musical director and Mick Jagger , the conductor.
Ronnie's fooling around a bit and Daryl is faultless with some groovy bits, specially on "Miss You".

Fantastic version of "Midnight Rambler". "Doom & Gloom" is sounding very good on stage either.

Great 75 min gig, I would have never dreamed to see the Stones in such a tiny club and (almost) front row.
Now it's done, hallelujah !!!

More Pics from the show HERE
(c) Rolling Stones & Rocks Off

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mercredi 24 octobre 2012

The Rolling Stones @ Trabendo on Oct 25 ?

UPDATED Oct 25 2012

Latest news:
The Rolling Stones have recorded a video today (Oct 24) so no rehearsals.

From what I've been told:
No rehearsals on Oct 25
YES There is a short warm-up show @ Trabendo on Oct 25 & tickets were sold this morning @ Virgin Megastore on the Champs Elysées , only 350 tix sold, the rest are invit'

MEA CULPA my informers told me it was only a video shooting

They are shooting the end of that video in public @ Trabendo club

There were a couple of competition organised this morning on two radios: RTL & OUI FM to win tickets.

mardi 23 octobre 2012

The Rolling Stones' Rehearsals in France, setlist for Oct 23 2012

From my spy at the Barn, setlist for today's rehearsals Oct 23:

  1. Route 66
  2. IORR
  3.  Shattered
  4. When the whip comes down
  5. Little red Rooster (x2)
  6. Doom & Gloom (x2)
  7. Miss You
  8. Tumbling Dice
  9. Start me up
  10. Jumping Jack Flash
  11. Brown Sugar
  12. All down the line
  13. Respectable
  14. You can't always get what you want
  15. You Got me rocking
  16. Let it bleed
  17. Honky Tonk Women
  18. Paint it Black
  19. Worried about you (x2)
It looks like there are no rehearsals tomorrow Oct 24 & the day after (Oct 25).
Maybe shooting a video somewhere else ?
Show @ Mogador will be private for bankers only

Another interesting article about sites reselling tickets for concerts at mad prices with the promoter's help , in order to get more money, of course this applies to The Rolling Stones' shows in London & Newark

Here's a video from English Channel4 about ticket touts:

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lundi 22 octobre 2012

The Rolling Stones' Rehearsals in France, setlist for Oct 22 2012

From my spy @ The Barn in France, here's the setlist for today's rehearsals Oct 22:
  1. Tumblin' Dice
  2. Route 66
  3. It's only R 'n Roll
  4. She's so cold
  5. When the whip comes down
  6. Champagne & reefer
  7. Miss You
  8. Tumbling Dice (again)
  9. Start me up
  10. Midnight rambler
  11. Jumping Jack Flash
  12. Doom & Gloom
  13. Shattered
  14. She's so cold (again)
  15. Some Girls (X2)
  18. Just my Imagination
Rehearsals  (with Setlist)  of Oct 15 is HERE
Rehearsals (with setlist)  of Oct 16 is HERE
" I wanna be your man" audio from rehearsals is HERE
 Rehearsals  (with Setlist)  of Oct 11 & 12

RS 'Should' be playing @ Mogador...

Interesting article on how Ticketmaster (... Sorry Ticket-bastard) are acting as touts and directs fans to "sister site" charging more than 20 000 euros a ticket.

More news from the Premiere of Crossfire Hurricane in London on Oct 18 (StonesNews.)

Jefferson Starship @ Bataclan, Paris Oct 22 2012

Jefferson Starship @ Bataclan, Paris Oct 22 2012

We get to the Bataclan very late so we missed the first 30 min, it's an all seated event and the balcony is close and there were lots of people on the guest list (Competition winners...) so I guess no more than 500 people. It  looked like a senior reunion as I haven't seen anyone under the age of 50... apart from Me ;-))) and politely clapping at the end of each song.
Nice lightning , very good sound, the musicianship is high.
I have to say I haven't really ever heard what this band has done, I was here out of curiosity without any preconceived mind.
They have played songs from the Starship many of them sounding very commercial, a bit like Meat Loaf, typical American Soft Rock from the 80's, some other songs were more acoustic Folk à la Eagles and they ended their 2 hour set with the Airplane, typical 60's sound à la Byrds.
Musically it sounded very good, even if I'm not too fan of their 80's soft rock songs that are sounding completely daté.
Visually they should make an effort, guys are looking like and dressed like my local plumber and the girl on vocals, she has a stunning voice, is from time to time ridiculous with the way she's "playing" the songs.
The acid probably kicked in at the end of the show as the senior audience all stood up for the Encore songs , there were even two guys who jumped on stage before being kicked out by security, funny !
Good show but the feeling of seeing the local band playing at the bar next door.

samedi 20 octobre 2012

SLASH @ Zénith, Paris Oct 20 2012

 SLASH  @ Zénith, Paris Oct 20 2012

Jesus ! Slash has never been so popular in France, the 6500 seats capacity Zénith is long sold-out and scalpers are selling tickets outside for almost twice the face value. Hard to believe, there was a time ( for the Snakepit records, 1995-2000) when he was only playing the 1500 capacity Elysée Montmartre. Slash has been in France very often these last two years:
 @ Stade de France with AC/DC on June 18 2010

@ Hellfest in Clisson June 19 2010
@ Bataclan June 20 2010 with Alice Cooper as a guest
@ Zénith on July 12 2011.

We didn't catch the support band Ginger from the Wildhearts but had some nice seats in front of the mixing desk dead center. Lightning was ok but the sound was perfect, not too loud and very clear.
We never really took the time to listen to the new album and were not great fans of the first so even though the band is giving it all on stage, can't tell you that the new songs sound fantastic Live.
Myles Kennedy is doing a great job, he has his own little platform on the front of the stage, not too sure about the way he's singing Guns N Roses songs, trying to impersonate Axl's vocals, no one can.
Slash on guitar is faultless maybe I would have prefer a shorter version of "Rocket Queen" (10 min), as the blues jam in the middle was a bit too long.
We had a ballad "Far & Away" (here on video) played for the first time ever Live. so Thanks for choosing Paris for this première.
Lots of young people down the front that are going crazy everytime a Guns song is played.
Glad to hear that SLASH is still playing songs from the Snakepit and Velvet Revolver.
The bass player is singing "Out to get me" and he's rocking.

Great show but we have to say that Axl's version of Guns N Roses sound a million time better on stage.

Cool that we could meet Slash briefly after the show.


SETLIST with links to videos (Courtesy of our friends @ SLASHFRANCE)

Standing In The Sun
Back from Cali
Been There Lately

Mr Brownstone
Rocket Queen
Bad Rain
Far and Away
We're All Gonna Die
Out Ta Get Me
No More Heroes
Blues Jam / Anastasia
You're A Lie
Sweet Child O' Mine

Fall To Pieces
Paradise City