mercredi 30 novembre 2011

Paul McCartney @ Bercy, Paris, Nov 30 2011

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UPDATED DEC 02 with much more links to videos (only missing a couple of songs)

Paul McCartney
@ Paris Bercy, Nov 30 2011

Nearly two years after his last show @ Paris Bercy, Paul McCartney is back in the french Capital. No new album to promote so we have a Best of setlist.
Even if the show is quite the same from the previous tours : same musicians and basically the same songs in the same order but we have a few very good surprises tonight with songs that are played for the first time ever in Paris , like "1985" "come and get it"...
It's only the beginning of the Tour (3rd show) but we had a special treat with "Michelle" & "San Francisco baby blues" that were performed for the first time on this tour.
Otherwise same show as usual : paul is alternating songs on bass, electric guitar, ukulele, piano...
He also had 3 people on stage to sign them autographs, it looks like those fans were picked up randomly from the first row in the audience but all of them had a special pass so they've payed (600 euros) to attend the soundcheck,that took place minutes before they opened the doors for the general audience.

2h55 min show
in our Top 10 for 2011
No need to tell you that we LOVE Paul McCartney & the Beatles on ROCKERPARIS, it's after attending such a great concert that we can see the gap between a Macca concert and Ringo Starr & his "All Starr" band.
Ringo was in Paris @ Palais des Sports this summer and his show was so ridiculous compare to Paul's.
Looking forward to see Macca back @ Bercy for another great show but with a rather different setlist next time.
Soundcheck Pass / Merchandising

Pass sheets & autograph

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mardi 29 novembre 2011

Lenny Kravitz + Raphael Saadiq @ Bercy, Paris Nov 29 2011

Lenny Kravitz + Raphael Saadiq @ Paris Bercy, Nov 29 2011

Raphael Saadiq

Firts on stage is Raphael Saadiq and his band for a mix of Soul & Blues that kept the audience entertained for the 45 min he was given.
Nice set.

The last time we saw Lenny was @ Bercy in May 2009 with Chris Cornell opening, he also played a charity show @ Grand Rex for the Peace one day Fest in Sept 2009 but he only performed 3 songs.
Tonight it's sold-out, he will play another gig in June 2012 in this very same arena.
Lots of beauties everywhere, Lenny is always attracting beautiful girls.

We haven't heard the new album but the single sounds like a b-side of a 70's song by Stevie Wonder and his previous record "It's time for a love revolution" was really crap.
So we have doubts about tonight's show.

The stage is beautiful: Pyramide shaped with a screen in the back, it started with some rock songs : first a new song then " always on the run" and "American woman".
There's a powerful lightshow and Lenny is making sure to be in the spotlight all the time even when his musicians have a solo spot.
He's the star.
Craig Ross is doing a great job on lead guitar and there is the charming Gail Ann Dorsey on bass, from the David Bowie Band, she has also played with Gwen Stephanie and many other artists.
There is also a horn section for extra flavour.
For the last songs of the set Lenny is getting more and more rock with a stunning version of "Are you gonna go my way" (Here on video).
For the Encore only Craig and Lenny are back to play a couple of acoustic songs just in front of the first row of the audience. Cellphones are out.
1) Come & get it
2) Always on the run
3) American woman
4) It ain't over till it's over
5) Mr Cab driver
6) Black & white america
7) Fields of joy
8) Stand by my woman
9) Believe
10) Stand
11) R'n R is dead
12) Rock star city life
13) Where are we running
14)Fly away
15) Are you gonna go my way
16) Push (acoustic )
17) I belong to you (acoustic)
18) Let love rule
For the last number after an almost 10 min & very groovy version of "Let love rule" Lenny is taking off his jewelery and is getting down into the pit from the front to the back and is walking up the stairs to go into the stalls for a full tour of Bercy.
Only to come back a few minutes later to the stage to say goodbye.
Needless to tell you that the girls are wetting their pants.
saying Hello to a few friends

Great gig !
pass sheet

lundi 28 novembre 2011

Jean Louis Aubert @ Bercy, Paris Nov 28 2011

Jean-Louis Aubert @ Paris Bercy, Nov 28 2011

Fin de tournée pour l'ancien chanteur-guitariste de Téléphone dans un Bercy plein à craquer.
On remarque quelques caméras pour filmer le tout dont une "luma", c'est quand même plus sympa de sortir un dvd "Live à Bercy" plutôt que "Live au centre expo de Reims".
La scène est assez dépouillée avec juste un grand écran au fond et le groupe assez étoffé : deux batteurs, un clavier, deux guitaristes et un bassiste accompagnés par 3 cuivres.
Le concert commence de la manière la plus improbable qui soit par un titre acoustique tres lent, la suite est dans le même registre électro-acoustique. il faut attendre la fin du premier tiers du concert pour que le groupe se lache un peu et que Jean-Louis Aubert prenne enfin une guitare electrique. Le public relativement calme se lève enfin lorsque les premières notes du standard de Téléphone (Humour) "Argent trop cher" se font entendre.
C'est lorsque tout le monde est chaud bouillant que Jean Louis fait tomber le température pour se mettre au piano même si c'est pour nous interpréter un autre tube de Téléphone et c'est bien dommage.
Le dernier tiers du concert redevient plus enjoué et rock avec "Juste une illusion" et "Temps a Nouveau" mais c'est déja le moment des rappels.
"Ca c'est vraiment toi" est joué dans une version longue de près de 10 min avec soli de guitares à profusion (ici en vidéo).
Le concert se termine avec un Jean-louis seul à la guitare acoustique pour une tres belle version de "Voilà c'est fini".

Un bon concert malgré un départ difficile et assez lent, il est clair que le rock de débuts est bien loin et que Jean -Louis préviligie les titres de sa carrière solo plus accessibles au grand public.

dimanche 27 novembre 2011

Last concerts for november in Paris

Nov 28
Jean Louis Aubert @ Bercy
Nov 29
Lenny Kravitz @ Bercy (sold out)
Kaiser Chiefs @ Olympia
Sallie Ford @ L'Album de la Semaine

for Bookings, call Bertrand NOW on 01 55 93 40 48, it's free

Nov 30
Paul McCartney @ Bercy (sold out)

Out in Paris...with Elie Wiesel, a few Samuraï and some crazy other shit !

Musée du Quai Branly/ Elie Wiesel / Louvre /Drouot-Montaigne/ Espace Culturel Louis Vuitton

Même pas peur !

Details of a Helmet

Busy week-end , it started on friday with a late visit of the Exhibition "Samurai, Armor of the warrior" @ Musée du Quai Branly with a personal guide plus some aftershow performances with some crazy japanese musicians & some other stuff. Real Cool !
Elie Wiesel (far left), Monkey @ Louvre

We did some crazy shit on saturday but we can't talk about it, apart from Other Lives cancelling their showcase @ fnac store.

On sunday morning we had a meeting with Nobel Prize laureate Elie Wiesel talking about his new book and some religion...Yes I know we're getting very serious.

Later we went to the Drouot-Montaigne exhibition with some interesting Pics, sculptures... here are some samples below with Barbie travelling and some double sided pics of the Beatles among others.
Barbie by Fabrice Sandré---Patrick Rubistein (Beatles/All you need is love -Paris/NYC)

Last but not least with went to the upper floor of the Louis Vuitton store to see (and hear) a very conceptual musical exhibition with different pieces of art from different artists that was really cool, you could even be part of it by making music yourself with some of it... we did and we had a great time.

@ Espace Culturel Louis Vuitton

Listen to the Music !