vendredi 30 septembre 2011

The Travelling Band @ L'International, Paris sept 29 2011

The Travelling Band @ L'International, Paris sept 29 2011

The Travelling Band, Folk band from Manchester, not to be confused with a CCR cover band, are playing the International club in Ménilmontant. As always @ L'International it's a free gig and drinks are cheap.
The weather has been wonderful this week in Paris, better than this summer, it's 10:00pm and it's still more than 25°C outside, perfect weather to have dinner on a terrace but tonight we preferred to get stuck in the basement of the club to attend this gig.
5 guys on stage with cool vocal harmonies à la CSN.
Most of their songs are folk but sometimes they did get angry and ended some of their songs like a heavy rock band which is the stuff that we like @ Rockerparis.
Or maybe was it because part of the audience in the back were talking too loud, we don't know but they should have listen to this band more carefully as they did a very good set

Folking & Rocking

jeudi 29 septembre 2011

Metallica & Lou Reed "Lulu" Deluxe Edition revealed

Metallica & Lou Reed "Lulu" Deluxe Edition revealed

The deluxe version of "Lulu", which will come in a tube-shaped container measuring 13 centimeters x 1.24 meters, will include the following:

* 2xCD digipack package
* A large 1.2 m x 1.6 m poster (with song lyrics)
* 3 photographs by Anton Corbijn (50 cm x 50.8 cm)
Source : Blabbermouth
For more on Lulu
Listen to "the View" here (full song)

mercredi 28 septembre 2011

The Specials @ Olympia, Paris Sept 27 2011

The Specials @ Olympia, paris Sept 27 2011

Marquee & setlist (c) Mathilde Chevrier

mardi 27 septembre 2011

Ryan Adams @ L'Album de la Semaine, Paris Sept 28 2011

Ryan Adams @ L'Album de la Semaine, Paris Sept 28 2011

setlist & A/S

Solo acoustic performance of Ryan Adams @ Canal+ tv show to introduce his new album, to be out next month, before his show @ Trianon on Nov 02.
Probably of the the longest session we ever attented @ L'Album de la Semaine.
Atfter Les Guignols de l'Info ( The local spitting image) we had to wait for more than 20 min before Ryan took his seat on the stage.
He then played 10 songs, some old some new, see setlist for details.
It was a real pleasure to attend a gig in these conditions, it was as if he was playing in your living room.
Unfortunately he had trouble with his acoustic guitar, an old one that's on every record he did.
Before each song he had to tune it and it took each time 2-3 minutes.
He did "New York- New York" on the piano.
After playing his ten songs he left the stage to come back 5 minutes later to re-play 6 more as he wasn't satisfied with the result, in fact 5 songs plus a cover of Iron Maiden's "Waysted Years" which sounded as if he wrote the song.

Great gig, Ryan is very talented, songs are great, the guitar playing and the voice is perfect.
He's always cranking up jokes between songs like Neil Young but the constant tuning that took ages was a real pain in the ass.

Looking forward to see him at the Trianon with a new acoustic guitar.

Theophilus London @ L'Album de la Semaine, Paris Sept 27 2011

Theophilus London @ L'Album de la Semaine, Paris Sept 27 2011


New american artist Theophilus London is doing promotion for his new (first ?) album @ L'Album de la Semaine.
I've been told it was Rap so I was a bit afraid, in fact not really, there's a real band with a drummer, bass player, two guitar players and a very sexy Asian girl as a DJ.
It's a mix of Hip Hop-Funk-Soul and rock, some of the songs are sounding a bit like N.E.R.D when they were doing some cool music a few years ago ( For "Fly or Die" ).
For the second song we had a super-hot & sexy female singer for some additional vocals.

Funny that we had to wait a couple of minutes between EACH song because Mr London needs to change his clothes for every fucking song. The band kept us entertained with some jam.
Even The guys in the band (minus the sexy DJ) changed clothes once.
Much better gig than expected.

He's playing @ La Machine du Moulin Rouge on thursday Sept 29

lundi 26 septembre 2011

Metallica entire Rock In Rio performance available for streaming, Sept 25 2011 Rio de Janeiro

Metallica @ Rock in Rio 2011
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil Sept 25 2011

Not only Metallica's full show is available for streaming, you can also watch performances by The Red Hot Chilli Peppers, Slipknot, Motorhead, Katty Perry, Elton John
01. Creeping Death 02. For Whom the Bell Tolls 03. Fuel 04. Ride the Lightning 05. Fade to Black 06. Cyanide 07. All Nightmare Long 08. Sad But True 09. Welcome Home (Sanitarium) 10. Orion 11. One 12. Master of Puppets 13. Blackened 14. Nothing Else Matters 15. Enter Sandman Encore: 16. Am I Evil? 17. Whiplash 18. Seek & Destroy

Miossec @ L'Album de la Semaine, Paris sept 26 2011

Miossec @ L'Album de la Semaine, Paris Sept 26 2011

French singer Miossec is playing famous Canal+ tv show, we can tell he's Rock'n Roll. He did the rehearsals 5 minutes before the show was supposed to start, they did one song and that was it. Perfect.
It seems that he has problem walking as he's using his mike stand as a crutch for the whole set like Daniel Darc from Taxi Girl.
Musically it's between Chanson Française and rock , a bit like Hubert Felix Thiéfaine with some nice lyrics even though for one song we couldn't understand a bloody word he was singing.
With HF Thiéfaine probably one of the only French singer worth checking.

Usines & Art en Ivry @ Ivry sur Seine, Sept 24-25 2011

Usines & Art en Ivry @ Ivry sur Seine, Sept 24-25 2011
Ivry sur Seine looks like L.A. ( left), PJ Harvey painting (center), Bunny rabbit in wood (right)

Week-end of modern art for ROCKERPARIS.

Friday night was the Varnishing-day in one of the former factory converted in studio-loft for artists, it's like beeing in Brooklyn or L.A. (check the Palm-tree).
Ivry sur Seine is a shitty industrial town just outside Paris but they have converted lots of factories into lofts, artists are living and working there and I have to say that it's really a cool place to visit even though the area sucks badly

Mathilde Chevrier's frames with sweets (far left), The Studio-Loft (right)

Lots of people this week-end, this is a very popular and recognised event in the art world.
One of our friend Mathilde Chevrier has some of her frames made out of sweets stuck into resin on display in one of the studio. Click on link to check her work.

Cédric Delsaux Pics

We've also discover a more established artist Cédric Delsaux who's taking pics of industrial & building landscapes and for some of them is mixing robots and spaceships from Star-Wars into them.
The result is amazing and "George Lucas-approved".

samedi 24 septembre 2011

Rachael Dadd + Ichi + Emma & Chris @ Oliver Peel session #40, Paris Sept 24 2011

Rachael Dadd + Ichi + Emma Gatrill & Chris
@ Oliver Peel session #40, Paris Sept 24 2011
Emma Gatrill

Probably the penultimate session @ Oliver's near the Eiffel Tower before Oliver Peel moves to another place ( NEXT ONE ON Oct 06th, YES IT'S ON THURSDAY ) with Headlining act Rachael Dadd from Bristol.
The appartment is rammed tonight with lots of English & Americans and, as usual, lots of beautiful girls.
First on "stage" is Emma Gatrill, she has a tiny voice that's suits perfectly with her tunes on guitar or harp.
Ichi from Japan

Then we have Japanese multi-instrumentalist Ichi with certainely the most funny and unusual gig we ever attented @ Oliver's. He's playing lots of different instruments (see Pics) including the most unusual ones like playing with a type-writter or steel-drums with ping pong balls ... and water.
Surprising and entertaining
Rachael Dadd & friends

Last but not least is Rachael Dadd with some folk music on guitar, ukulele or banjo.
Very traditionnal with Irish influences.
She also has some guests musicians with Emma & Chris + Ichi.
She already played @ Oliver's on March 27 2010.
some of the beautiful people

Once again a complete success, lots of people , lots of food and drinks, a very good atmosphere.
It was a premiere too as we had a couple of people that nearly fainted because of the heat.
some more...& the artists (far left)

We had an after-show session down in the courtyard with Emma who played us a couple of more songs on harp.
The night ended with more drinks and pasta for all until the early morning.

Aftershow concert with Emma/ cat's getting all the attention/ en route...

Review @ Oliver's + Pics to come shortly.

jeudi 22 septembre 2011

Next shows in Paris for September & October 2011

Check first before going to all these shows, Thanks

Sept 24:
Rachael Dadd @ Oliver Peel Session (private session)
Sept 25
Mina Tindle + Anne Flore @ Parc de Belleville (4:00 pm - Free Show)
Sept 26
Miossec, tv recording for L'Album de la Semaine
Sept 27:
The Specials @ Olympia
Theophilus London, tv recording for L'Album de la Semaine
Sept 28
Ryan Adams, tv recording for L'Album de la Semaine
Sept 30
Black Lips @ Cigale CANCELLED
Jean Louis Murat @ Fnac St Lazare (free show)
Oct 02:
Charlie Watts @ New Morning ( 2 shows @ 6:00pm & 08:00pm)
Oct 03
Charlie Watts @ Théatre Alexandre Dumas in St Germain en Laye ( 30 km west of Paris)
Oct 05
Tori Amos @ Grand Rex
Wishbone Ash @ New Morning
Oct 06
The Goastt ( feat. Sean Lennon) @ Café de la Danse
Oliver Peel session
Oct 07
Brett Anderson @ La Machine du Moulin Rouge
Judy Collins @ Divan du Monde
Oct 09
Steve Hackett @ Cigale
Oct 10
Status Quo @ Olympia
Oct 11
Joan Baez @ Grand Rex
Billy Cobham Quartet @ New Morning
Oct 12
Joan Baez @ Grand Rex
Kitty Daisy & Lewis @ Maroquinerie
Oct 13
Alela Diane @ Trianon
Oct 14
Crosby & Nash @ OLympia

R.E.M. split up, 1980-2011

R.E.M. call it a day

Official statement:
"To our Fans and Friends: As R.E.M., and as lifelong friends and co-conspirators, we have decided to call it a day as a band. We walk away with a great sense of gratitude, of finality, and of astonishment at all we have accomplished. To anyone who ever felt touched by our music, our deepest thanks for listening." R.E.M.

mercredi 21 septembre 2011

Mr Big @ Bataclan, Paris Sept 21 2011

Mr Big @ Bataclan, Paris Sept 21 2011
What the Fuck ?
When do a Rock'n Roll show start @ 8:00 pm sharp ?
We've missed the first two songs.

With Mr Big the musicianship is high, with Billy Sheehan on bass, Paul Gilbert on guitar & Eric Martin on vocals + Pat Torpey on drums.
We were standing on Billy's side and with his 6 speakers behind him (see pic below) We can tell ya that we heard some bass and more bass that you can imagine !!!!
Mr Big is the typical American Hard rock band from the early 90's before grunge.

We've been talking about Van Halen recently as they are going to play Paris Bercy on May 28 2012, Mr Big has connection with them as Billy Sheehan was considered for bass in Van Halen & Eric Martin was close of being their singer after David Lee Roth's sacking in 1985.
I haven't heard any of their records for many years but we saw them in 2009 at this very same venue and we liked what we saw.
Don't need to tell you that I hardly remember any of their songs, well just a few ones.
The band is impressive because of the musicianship of both Billy and Paul and between some of their songs with have some cool bass and guitar soli.
Eric Martin is also a great showman.Always a smile or a wink of an eye for a member of the audience, à l'Americaine.
Of course they don't forget to play their N° 1 slow song " To be with you" which was a huge hit in 1992, funny to see that Eric Martin hasn't changed, as young as ever. The voice is still there too with some great backing vocals by all of them.
For the Encore they're playing Deep Purple's "Smoke on the water" ( click for great video)and they are switching their instruments: Pat is on bass, Eric on guitar, Paul on drums and Billy on vocals for the first part of the song, then Eric is switching for bass, Billy on guitar & Pat on vocals.
Nice treat
Last song is David lee Roth's "ShyBoy" (here on video).

Very good 2h10 min set
setlist Mr Big @ Bataclan, Paris


Last song "Shy Boy":

Check our previous review of Mr Big @ Bataclan on Sept 16 2009