mercredi 21 septembre 2011

Mr Big @ Bataclan, Paris Sept 21 2011

Mr Big @ Bataclan, Paris Sept 21 2011
What the Fuck ?
When do a Rock'n Roll show start @ 8:00 pm sharp ?
We've missed the first two songs.

With Mr Big the musicianship is high, with Billy Sheehan on bass, Paul Gilbert on guitar & Eric Martin on vocals + Pat Torpey on drums.
We were standing on Billy's side and with his 6 speakers behind him (see pic below) We can tell ya that we heard some bass and more bass that you can imagine !!!!
Mr Big is the typical American Hard rock band from the early 90's before grunge.

We've been talking about Van Halen recently as they are going to play Paris Bercy on May 28 2012, Mr Big has connection with them as Billy Sheehan was considered for bass in Van Halen & Eric Martin was close of being their singer after David Lee Roth's sacking in 1985.
I haven't heard any of their records for many years but we saw them in 2009 at this very same venue and we liked what we saw.
Don't need to tell you that I hardly remember any of their songs, well just a few ones.
The band is impressive because of the musicianship of both Billy and Paul and between some of their songs with have some cool bass and guitar soli.
Eric Martin is also a great showman.Always a smile or a wink of an eye for a member of the audience, à l'Americaine.
Of course they don't forget to play their N° 1 slow song " To be with you" which was a huge hit in 1992, funny to see that Eric Martin hasn't changed, as young as ever. The voice is still there too with some great backing vocals by all of them.
For the Encore they're playing Deep Purple's "Smoke on the water" ( click for great video)and they are switching their instruments: Pat is on bass, Eric on guitar, Paul on drums and Billy on vocals for the first part of the song, then Eric is switching for bass, Billy on guitar & Pat on vocals.
Nice treat
Last song is David lee Roth's "ShyBoy" (here on video).

Very good 2h10 min set
setlist Mr Big @ Bataclan, Paris


Last song "Shy Boy":

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