Thursday, September 17, 2009

Mr Big @ Bataclan Paris sept 16th 2009

Mr Big @ Bataclan
Sept 16th 2009
Back to the eighties tonight with Mr Big , the last time they've played in Paris was probably 15 years ago.
Same original line-up , incredible : Eric Martin hasn't changed , he's still looking like a teenager even though he's in his forties.
Billy on the left playing his bass like a semi-god , Paul on the right the "Lucky-Luke" of the guitar & Pat keeping the rythm

Billy Sheehan in action !

Pat Thorpey banging his drums
The sound , in the front is neat but the lightning is shit ( That's probably why, our fellow photographer, Patrice Guino had to used the flash which he really hates doing ).
Anyway the band is on top form , always smiling and happy to be back , finally in Paris after all these years.
Many songs from their first records , some of them sounding very 80's ( meaning aging not too well ) and a few soli from each musicians in between but contrary to other bands these guys are so good in their fields that you never get bored.
Billy Sheehan is such a fantastic bass player., Amazing
Of course they've played the hits (" To be with you" , " wild world" ) and " Shy boy" ( Here on video ) from Billy's David Lee Roth fame years. Show ended with the Who 's " Baba O Riley" ( Here on video too )
Paul Gilbert is taking a bite .
Great gig but sometimes I felt like not being at the right place with all these geezers in their late thirties down the front trying to revive their youth.

Eric Martin on his knees

Signing stuff...
signing more stuff ...

Setlist signed
" Shy Boy" Part 1

"Baba O Reiley " ( Part 2 )