dimanche 20 septembre 2009

Ian Paice & Billy Cobham @ "Bag' Show" Trianon Paris Sept 20th 2009

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Ian Paice
& Billy Cobham
@ " Bag' Show " 30th Birthday
Sept 20th 2009 Trianon Paris

Ian is getting ready

Every year famous parisian drum store La Baguetterie is doing a clinic with famous drummers, to celebrate their 30th Anniversary , they've book a theatre in Pigalle.
It started really early , too early for me : 10:00 AM.
As you get into the venue there are drums everywhere and you can play'em but what's more interesting is that many drummers are playing on the main stage.
So many I can't name them but I 'm damn sure they were pretty good.
We came around 5:00 PM to see Deep Purple 's drummer , and also one of my favorite drummer: Ian Paice.

Ian surrounded with women

We ( I mean Patrice Guino , our photographer ) were lucky to secure an "all access pass" so we ( he ) could get backstage and ON the stage .
Second time for him this month to be ON stage with Ian Paice after Deep Purple's show at the Fete de l' Humanité on Sept 12th 2009 ( see review Pics and video HERE )
Ian was relax and signed autograph and posed for pictures backstage before getting ready doing little exercices to warm up.
Roadies set the drums right, he said hello to billy Cobham who was tuning his drums, too bad we don't have a picture of the two together, then he played just for us before beeing introduced to the stage.
He played a couple of minutes with some girls ( see pictures ) and then played on his own.
Needless to say he rocks , drum soli can be so boring sometimes but not with Ian Paice .

Best seat in the house: ON stage

Ian answered a few questions from the audience , here are some of answers :

1 )He doesn't really warm up before a show just little exercices for his wrists , " and 2 Jack Daniels !" was his answer.
2) He changed manufacturer in the 70's because Ludwig has been bought out by a bigger company and the drum kit were a lower quality so he turned to Pearl which was really making the whole drum kit themselves and not manufacturing some parts by other Cies.
3) Interesting thing about the "Fireball" intro, its played with a double bass drum because played with just one it lacked power, so as he didn't have a double-bass drum one at the time and The Who were recording in the same studio he borrowed one of Keith Moon's to play with.
4) He anwered other technical ones like with your arm you can bang harder but with the wrists it's faster and so on ...
That was VERY interesting.
He even revealed that he doesn't really use all of his Toms ,and that he can play with only 3 but he has more because it looked good.
he then show us that he could play with only one ( see picture below)

Impressive even with a kids' drumkit

Intro to "Fireball" :

Billy Cobham was next , he didn't do any demonstration , it was a proper concert , just instrumental with a neat french band.

This guy is very impressive from the stage ( dixit Patrice ) and even from the audience.
Very good Jazz-rock hour set.
Billy went to sign stuffs in the lobby after the show.

I would like to personnally thank all the staff involved with this event , these guys have work hard with technicians and MC running everywhere to be on time ( only 15 min late by the end of the day) Things went very smoothly for the whole day and the people working there were really nice