Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Bart Davenport ( Kacey Johansing ) @ Brachfeld gallery Paris sept 14th 2009

Bart Davenport @ Brachfeld Gallery
Paris Sept 14th 2009
(+ Kacey Johansing & others ... )

After seeing The Cribs Featuring Johnny Marr at the Canal+ tv show " L' Album de la Semaine" we went straight to the ( posh ) Brachfeld gallery in the third distric of Paris ( where all the fancy clothes stores and art gallery are situated ) to see Kacey Johansing , who's a VERY talented young folk artist.

She played an Oliver Peel session in July and a few other shows in Paris in the summer.
That was her last show before going back to sunny California tomorrow morning.
Unfortunately we were there too late to see her play. At least we could kiss her goodbye ( see you in May 2010, Love ! )
The gallery is packed with lots of posh and beautiful american girls, and some french too, in designer clothes .
We only could catch Bart Davenport 's performance.
Never heard of that guy before and I was stunned by the quality of his songs , his voice and his guitar playing.
It was like travelling in space and time to the Laurel Canyon at the end of the 60's with James Taylor, Carly Simon, CSN & co...
Absolutely GREAT !
I've listen to his record it's as good as bands like America or the Eagles.
Very nice evening.